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[-Suggestion] Add "Not Owned" option for Runes

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Hey, long time player, first time poster. As my list of runes grows, I've come to the conclusion that have a "check box" for the runes that you do not have a full set of would help players out quite a bit.

I myself have gotten all of the main stream runes by now as I'm sure a lot of players have as well. This feature would help out the players more than those of us that are pretty much finished. I know nothing about coding or anything like that, so not sure how feasible this would be just thought I'd throw the idea out there if you guys aren't already looking into it.

By having this check box it would be just like looking at the champ or skin list in the store then being able to refine it further. Currently, when you're not 100% sure if you have all the runes of that set you need to click on the rune itself after digging through the list to see the message "You already own 9 of these runes". I know this wasn't possible before the patch that did put that message up but I figured it might be viable now.