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Hide and seek rules w/ banned items

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Game Name: Hide and seek w banned items

HIDE AND SEEK with Banned items

Basic Rules with item restrictions to minimize hider cc spell damage.

Time: 35 mins.
5 lives.
Killing a seeker = -1 life.
Seeker at less than 100 health has 10 seconds to "b" before seeker team loses 2 minutes plus 2 minutes for every 10 seconds spent chasing hiders thereafter.
Hiders cannot "b" or walk back to fountain.
Seekers wait till 2 mins to leave fountain.
No hider may auto-attack WHATSOEVER (exept when taunted) (and may not use abilities that apply on hit like Parrrley).
All cc allowed, no strictly damage abilites.

Banned items for hider team:

-Any item that has +AD or +AP stats
-Sunfire Cape
-Atma's Impaler

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Koraji yo



Giving the seek only -100 health to go B is horrible, they'll just die if they're told to go B at that health, 300 or 200 is really the only fair thing. 300 will give more of an advantage to the hiders while 200 gives more of an advantage to seekers, but 100 is just ridiculous.

There's a lot that you don't have listed that make just about every game bogus..
Like having nothing against nuke cc... without that the hiders can just camp seeker spawn and nuke cc them to death over and over... not fair.. but not against the rules as long as it's a stun\slow\ect.

Also have nothing about hiders, no restriction to say seekers can't camp hider spawn.. somebody will end up doing that, ticking everyone off, then everyone in the game is cheating. Gotta be really specific with rules in hide n seek or else everyone just starts cheating.

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Senior Member


any "YOU MUST GO BACK AT XXX HEALTH" rules are terrible for the seekers if there isn't anything to go with it. Some "hide"rs just spam chain CCs on the seekers until they get low and have to B. That's not hiding at all.

I'd say: NO items are banned, and no abilities are banned, and seekers have to go back to base at below like 15% health, BUT only if they haven't taken or dealt damage in the last 10 seconds, and they can only be forced to go back every 3 min