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Custom Chat Rooms Not Functioning

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Senior Member


I play this game with a group of friends from another site. We keep a custom chat room up all the time so we can find games, even if our normal friends list isn't hopping with activity. Since the Mac client popped, I've never seen anyone in the chat. I thought I was just catching the room at times of low activity, although I did notice the room name wasn't appearing in the tab at the bottom of the client.

Today I had a friend check. There are two of them in the room. When I try to connect, I can now see the name of the room, but I am the only one listed in there and we cannot communicate with each other at all.

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Victor von Doom



When I join a custom chat, I cannot see the name of the room, and I cannot see anyone else in the chat - I believe I didn't join anything at all. However, when I had a friend check, he told me that he could not join any chat rooms either, and he is not using the Mac client.

I think chats are just buggy and it might not have to do with beta testing. I have no idea though.