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I SEE YOU - But I probably shouldn't be able to! (Animation glitches)

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Animation glitches in fog of war

I have recently noticed that the animations for some things, which should not be visible in fog of war, are all too visible to me. I'm running league on an Inspiron N5110 using an Intel HD3000 integrated graphics card, if that helps. My game is up to date, as are all the drivers, etc. on my PC.

Examples include:
> I can see wraiths from the jungle bleed in fog of war when there is an enemy attacking them.
> I can see corki's little exploding vision-gaining thing in bushes when they are in fog of war WELL AWAY from my team (i.e. nobody in lane, not even mins).

I don't really have files on it, persay, but I could have a look at getting some (I presume I'd go after the dxdiag file things mentioned in the instructions for bug reports?)

Other than that, anyone else having this? I can't really complain since it does help me out but I figure that's a bit unfair of an advantage when really it shouldn't be happening.

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I've seen this a bunch recently. It lets you know someone is there. You don't even have to be close. EX: everyone is in lane, but I can see the jungler fighting blue buff because the attack animations are visible through the fog of war.