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Getting tired of losing

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don't lock first. if you really care about winning you will learn that locking first is a horrid decision. from your resposnes you seem to care more about being able to make excuses to play as an ADC than about being able to win.

I'm starting to think this is the case as well. He constantly tries to justify building glass and playing ADCs and shifting the blame on everyone else instead of looking at what he's doing and trying to win. Just read his other thread about Rammus xD

Xander, if you have any intention on winning (and/or getting better) you're going to have to be able to take the advice from other people here. These threads do nothing but show that you're really hardheaded and unwilling to play with a team mindset.

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I'm getting tired of losing dominion games. Almost every time, I am the best player in the lobby (points-wise I mean) and yet my team still loses. I get the most points? Doesn't matter we lose. I get the most captures? Doesn't matter we lose. I get the most kill? It doesn't matter. We lose. Why? Why am I losing every time?

Then when things actually do look up, I get afkers. Had two afkers in a game earlier today in fact. Then another afker in a recent game.

I don't get this. Why is my team always trash?

Should I go in with a full five? I search alone. I had a win ratio that was something like 50 to 30. Now it's 52 to 48 because I have lost so many games.

Well, of course what you personally do won't singlehandedly win or lose the game a big enough time to be worth mentioning, but what champs do you play?

What i see a LOT in Dominion.. is that it's very obvious a ton of tards play this game either as a trash mode or to try a new skin or whatever else on some champ they know isn't really viable right now in SR. Also, a lot of pubs multi-instalock things which are bad individually let alone if you have 2 or 3 of them. Like oh I dunno.... Ashe Annie Anivia or something. Basically any champ that Xin Zhao will jump on and kill before they land back on the ground seem to be champs that pubs LOVE to lock in Dominion as if they're going to do anything.

Btw when people do this (like 3-squish instalock) I just troll now and pick something bad for fun because I don't expect to win. Try it sometimes, it can be surprising how fun it is. Today the pubs instalocked Ashe Veigar Ezreal Corki so I was like lul and locked Sivir. We lost of course but it was more fun than tryharding and picking Jax for some team comp that couldn't win.

Oh also on one last note what is NOT picked probably 75% of all games I see is a bottom chosen to win the bottom lane (or at least safely hold it all game.) This is invaluable to a team. If you really care about winning-- yes, it's boring, but learn to play Singed, Heimer, Zyra or similar and go bottom. No one "wants" to go bottom generally speaking but if you want to win, do it because the pubs are all going to lock their favorite glass cannon squishy and then who goes bot will be a game of chicken as everyone crowds the top half of the spawn point. So chances are someone non-optimal winds up going bottom and losing the node for the entire game.