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Bug - CTD: mouseover HUD issue

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I started the client tonight after a fresh boot of my PC, got into a game and when I went to spend my first skill point I moved the mouse over the HUD and the client crashed. I restarted the client and this happened again. I attempted a few more times to play, the client also crashed when I used Ctrl+E to spend a skill point and a other instances of moving the mouse over the HUD.

During the crashes I also reset my router and updated my video drivers. The crash occurred after each update. I have never had an issue before and have not attempted to play a second match to see if the crash could be recreated under a different champion.

As far as the steps for the noted crashes:

Started Game Client
Logged in
Clicked "Play Game" and then "Accept" when queue popped
I selected Jax and clicked "Lock In"
Game Started
I purchased 5 Health Potions and Cloth Armor
Moved mouse over the Skill Point button for "E" / "W" / Various HUD positions, and tried CTRL+E to spend skill point during successive attempts to play the match.
Client Crashed

Below are the crash reports that I remembered to keep track of.

Crash Report #27732826
Crash Report #27732913
Crash Report #27733085
Crash Report #27733220

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Junior Member


I am having this issue, even after repair it persists. I can also confirm that multiple champions (I used corki and sonna) cause this issue. Bumping for a response.