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The Shop

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Jacca Knoff

Senior Member


The Shop needs to be more clean.
Some things just need plain removed. I'm just going to list a few, some worse than others.

Boosts: It shows XP boosts still? I'm level 30. XP boosts shouldn't even exist since leveling faster just means you won't know what you're doing hence the term "Experience". This isn't an MMO You don't need to get to level 30 to enjoy the game, You need to stay level 16 and learn it.

The Themes tab: Completely worthless and could of easily been done with a filter in the skins tab. There's only ONE champion with a theme, It's just clutter that forces us to scroll down to get to tabs that are even less useful.

Purchases Tab: Same problem as Themes but worse. The data stored here is worthless because it doesn't go back far enough, I can look up RP purchases in my email with more accuracy than that and it doesn't show past a month of purchases. Really? You're going to show me RP I purchased 24 hours ago and only 24 hours ago? Even when you already sent a receipt to my email?