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The Rise of the Tempest

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is about the story of the League Champion Kennen. The reason I decided to do this is because I was interested in...I won't reveal my villain yet! But I do know that he is interesting because this antagonist is shrouded in mystery and I feel like I need to bring him into the light by writing this story. And why Kennen as my main character? Because he is my favorite champion.

What I found out while I was tying out the story is that it is very hard to create dynamic characters. Some of the very well known dynamic characters are like Teemo. Teemo is the welcoming yordle when not in combat and an unrepentant foe when he is in combat. Some are just flat characters like Swain, Sion, Xerath, and others. In fact, many League Champions are flat characters unless I give them finesse characteristics. Tristana, one of my protagonists, is only conceived as a happy-go-lucky yordle unless I give her other characteristics. So is Swain, the usual arrogant and proud general. But with this fan fiction about Kennen, I hope I can make a great story that can be equal to others such as Dragon Rising, Wounded, Pheonix Sun, The Rose of Deceit and many more great meaningful stories.

The fight scene and love scenes are very hard too. Unlike the movies where they choreograph them, the fight and love scenes in novels are chaotic in a sense. They're not like Pokemon; the feeling of the characters as well as the situation apply to many love and fight scenes in many novels. And that is how I hope to replicate it. Hopefully by through constructive criticisms and advises from the readers of this story that my story can be polished and come out great to you all!


It is 10:30 PM. Or so Jericho thinks. I missed my dinner, Jericho Swain thought as the carriage rolls down the rocky road. It is raining and the Master Tactician could not see anything outside his window, only pouring water and darkness.

I bet the yordles already ate the sundae - he surmise - I guess we're going to eat leftovers once we arrived at the League.

Swain's friend and colleague, Emilia LeBlanc, is lying down on the seats with her head on the pillow. With a desire to pass time, he picks up a newspaper and scans through the pages. As he shuffles through a few pages, looking at daily news and occasionally chuckles about Kinkou jokes, an article called the The State of War in the Political, Military, and Economic Views catches his eye. The article is an interview between journalist Grant Abadeen and the Demacian Fleet Admiral Rachel Mevanen.

"So Mevenen. You talked about how a city-state's military is influenced by politics and economy. Tell me, if there would be an imbalance in either the political status or the economic status, how would it affect the nation as a whole?" Grant questioned.
"A nation runs on three aspects. Military, politics, and economy. If a nation goes to war against another without a full military, political will, or an economic plan, the nation will fall," the Demancian admiral answered.

Yes, everybody should know that, Swain continues to read on.

"You talked about how a city-state's military is influenced by politics and economy. Tell me, if there would be an imbalance in either the political status or the economic status, how would it affect the nation as a whole?" Grant questioned.
"A nation runs on three aspects. Military, politics, and economy. If a nation goes to war against another without a full military, political will, or an economic plan, the nation will fall," Heimderginer answered.
"Can a nation fall into collapse from within?"
"Indeed, through civil war. There would have to be an imbalance in the political status of a city-state in order to start the civil war. The second Rune War was caused when the heirs to Demacia started to fight over for the throne. It quickly escalated into becoming a global war."
"Can any nation fall like that so easily?"
"Of course. There has been some studies about Noxus and its political, economic, and military status."
"Interesting. So what about Noxus?"

Yes. What about Noxus? Jericho ponders.

"I have been hypothesizing about a Noxian Civil War. Remember that Noxus is a stratocratic government."
"You mean a military government?"
"Yes. The only possible way that Noxus can tear itself up into a civil war is if there is a general or admiral within Noxus that has the political will and military talent like Jericho Swain."
"I don't follow."
"Noxus is a military government. The positions held there are military commanders. Swain currently is the Grand General. Anybody with military talent and an ambition can start a civil war. Take the League Champion Talon for instance. He still owes his allegiance to the late General Du Couteau. If General Du Couteau is still alive and for whatever reason defects to Demacia, Talon and the rest of his armies that he commands will follow. My theory is that the armies swear their allegiance to the generals, not to Noxus."

The thought of a Noxian Civil War unnerves the Master Tactician. He has been in power for some time. He has seen the loyal soldiers dying in the name of Noxus. How could they ever betray their own country to follow some other general? The though of betrayal is illogical in his sense. Noxus is strong and there is no way that his country can fall apart simply like that. Swain immediately closes the newspaper and disturbed by that thought, he looks at the jokes section to clear it out.

Time has passed and even Swain could not keep his eyes opened. He was drifting towards sleep. A sudden jolt from the carriage shakes him back awake. For a short time, Swain is on high alert, looking constantly through the window. But the dark, gloomy, rainy horizon and the rocking of the carriage causes Swain to slowly fall asleep.

The carriage stops. Swain is still asleep with his head resting on the window. It is still dark, he does not know the time, and it is still raining. Swain is deep asleep when LeBlanc nudges him out of his sleep. "Wake up," she whispers. "We're here already?" the half-awake Swain asks. LeBlanc shakes her head. He checks the window through the curtains. The rain has been heavier. LeBlanc knocks on the wall behind her. "Driver?" she asks. No response. "Driver?" she asks again. Still no response. She pounds on the door loudly. "Driver!?" she screams. No response. Jericho decides to asses the situation. He opens the door, grabs the umbrella, and steps outside. As he steps outside, lightning flashes showing a pool of blood under Swain's feet. The two are alarmed by this and feared for the worst.

Swain inches closer to the driver. "Be careful out there," LeBlanc warned. But just as Swain is about to touch the driver, he swings his cane around fiercely. He strikes at the hooded figure, turns around only to see another hooded figure in front of him. As the figure pulls out his sword, a magical force sends it flying outward on the side. LeBlanc then rushes out of the carriage and warns him, "They're assassins!"

Swain glances at the driver who received deep wounds in his face and chest. The assassins lost their element of surprise. With their initial engagements with the Master Tactician resulted a loss, the two are forced to attack them head on. And this is the fight Jericho wants.

"LeBlanc. Engage the one on the right. I will engage the left."

Swain's enemy charge at him with a diagonal slash but the Master Tactician was quick and cunning and in a split second, he dodges the incoming slash. Wasting no time, he counterattacks with a quick strike on the head using his cane. His assassin falls down to the mud. Swain senses an early victory but his prediction falls short when the assassin comes back up to engage him once more.

LeBlanc's assassin opens a dark book and starts chanting a spell. She recognizes the words coming out of his mouth. The ignition spell. How classic, she thought in her mind. Using the distortion spell, she lunges at her opponent with great speed. In response, the mage assassin concocts a shield spell that blocks her distortion but the deceiver has more tricks up in her sleeve. LeBlanc quickly throws out a Sigil of Silence at the mage. The shield spell blocked the distortion but it could not block the silence spell and the mage is knocked back into a certain distance from her. Another Sigil of Silence shoots out of the staff to silence the assassin once and for all but in one quick spell dash, he barely escapes.

With each attempting blow the assassins throw, the Noxian champions counter with their strikes and lunges. At one point, Swain's enemy attempts to make a jump slash at LeBlanc, which she dashes below the jumping assassin and strikes him from the behind. But there is no real advantage to either side. The Master Tactician realizes that each counterattacks he and Emilia makes tires themselves. Worse, the attacks of the assassins intensify with furious speed. With no alternative solution, Swain can only think of a retreat.

"Grab the horses," says Swain, "We have get out of here!"

As the two make their escape, Swain takes one glance at his enemy assassin. His broach. It holds a Noxian symbol. This does not make sense, thought Swain in his mind. He temporary halts to get a better look see at his enemy. Lightning flashes and in the bright thunderous light shows something different about the Noxian symbol. But with time wasting, Swain and his horse gallop out to safety.

What Swain can remember from that broach his assassin carries was an oddity to him. It bore a two swords instead of the standard ax and hammer. The gem is white and in the middle is a black ominous flame. He could not shake away the thought. "Who were those men?" Emilia asks.
"I don't know," Swain replies, "my answers will lie within the League itself."

As they gallop in the torrential rain, lighting and thunder flashes.

End of Introduction

NOTE 1: I hated the title from the previous thread where I was supposed to introduce my main story. So I decided to make a new one (don't know if it's against the rules or not) so that there could be a correct title for the story. Plus, I can't edit the title for some reason. I can delete this thread if I can change the title to whatever I can make it to. The problem is, I don't know how... The link is here to the old thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=28654606#post28654606


Reading as I go.

Please consider revising this section of the story. Not only did you copy the same part of the dialogue, you also then changed who answered (Demacian vs Heimer), still with the exact same words.

You talked about how a city-state's military is influenced by politics and economy. Tell me, if there would be an imbalance in either the political status or the economic status, how would it affect the nation as a whole?" Grant questioned.
"A nation runs on three aspects. Military, politics, and economy. If a nation goes to war against another without a full military, political will, or an economic plan, the nation will fall," the Demancian admiral answered.

Yes, everybody should know that, Swain continues to read on.

"You talked about how a city-state's military is influenced by politics and economy. Tell me, if there would be an imbalance in either the political status or the economic status, how would it affect the nation as a whole?" Grant questioned.
"A nation runs on three aspects. Military, politics, and economy. If a nation goes to war against another without a full military, political will, or an economic plan, the nation will fall," Heimderginer answered.

Your passage of time was a bit jarring. It is now thirty minutes from now / It is 1AM. I don't know how to explain it very well. It just felt odd. Sorry :/

Your fight scene wasn't a half bad attempt. Felt a little game-ish, but using League champions in a fight are kinda difficult (and, usually, fight scenes are harder to write anyway).

Okay, now that I've finished, the plot isn't bad from what is revealed. It's enough to make people want to keep reading, so good job.
I hope my nitpicking didn't offend you. People helped me by noticing those stuff and made it better, so I want to return the favor. I'm curious enough to want to keep an eye on your work. Best of luck writing, and I look forward to more ^_^

Thanks from AerithRayne, I fixed the time!

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Chapter 1

Swain's book room is dusty everywhere. Shelves filled with ancient texts, scrolls, and occasional comical joke books take up the walls. The atmosphere is seems quiet. There is a giant arch-shaped window where outside, rain continues to pour down. The carpets, couches, and desks are Noxian themed. The floor and the ceiling are dark purple.

Inside the room are Shen and Akali, Kennen's longtime companions. The Fist of Shadows and the Eye of Twilight are pacing back and forth, as the Heart of the Tempest sits still with his legs crossed. Next to the giant window is the leader of the League, High Councillor Marcus Aurelius. Sitting in one of Swain's chairs, his mood is not a jubilant one, as he crosses his arms and legs, eyeing on the little yordle. Outside Swain's office are the screams of panicked champions and summoners. Never has Kennen been more in trouble than ever before.

"You have gone too far this time, Kennen!" Akali starts to rant, "Your pranking antics have to stop!"
"How many times do I have to say 'I'm sorry'?" the yordle groans.
"Sorry does not even comprehend what you did at dinner, Kennen!" Marcus Aurelius raises his voice as he stands up to approach to Kennen, "look at what you have done! Every champion is running amok thanks to the stunt you pulled!"
"I didn't do nothing wrong!" He nervously chuckles but the stern eyes of the ninjas and the High Councilor shuts it.
"Well, let's see," Marcus starts to list, "you put blood sucking termites in the deserts, you let loose Baron Nashor at the entire mess hall, and you filled Katarina's bras with itching toothpaste."
"It's not that half-bad!" Kennen retorts.
The Kinkou ninjas and the High Councilor quickly gave him a stern look.

"Kennen, when we entered the League, your duty is to ensure balance to the world, not to play cruel pranks at other people," Shen states. He stops pacing back and forth to take observation at the yordle now mumbling to himself in a peevish attitude. Kennen says no word.

A drenching Swain enters the office. Besides him is Tristana, one of the few champions that has not been affected with all the chaos happening in the halls. Swain's pet raven Beatrice sits on Tristana's head. The Master Tactician closes the door behind him. There was a moment of silence as thunder and lighting flash at the giant window. Outside, he can hear the screams of Jarvan IV echo, "Stop touching your boobs and help us!"

"So," Swain enters the conversation eyeing on the yordle, "Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest. He who is to Course the Sun. Sitting in the middle of my office," he pauses for a moment, then continues, "what did you do this time?"
Shen starts to answer, "He put blood sucking termites in the deserts, let loose Baron, and-"
"And made Katarina scratch her own bosoms?" Jericho finishes.

One can hear Emilia LeBlanc scream on the top of her lungs, "I did NOT come back to the League soaking wet and tired, just to fight that smelly overgrown beast!"

"What are we going to do, Kennen?" Akali demands. "We're already tired punishing you again and again. Do we have take you out of the League for you to learn your lesson?"
"No, no, no! Please!" Kennen plea.
"The League prohibits that, Akali," Swain says.
"Maybe not, but I'm ready to get rid of him through execution," Marcus says with a nettled expression.
"What!? No! Please!" Kennen grabs Shen's legs.
"What are we going to do with you then!?" Shen raises his voice. Kennen starts to whimper.

Silence fills the room. The rain intensifies even more and thunder booms from the distance. At the outside halls, screams and battle cries of champions ring throughout the office. Nashor's snarl can be heard.

"I'll choose the punishment this time," Jericho volunteers. The people around the room turn and look at him. "I've been in the military before," he continues, "I know how to deal with immature beings like him."
"It's gone from desperate to completely desperate," Akali says.
"Shen. Akali." Then he turns to the High Councilor. "My good High Councilor. All of you must rest."
"What about Baron?"
"The champions can deal with that mess. Kennen. Tristana. Do not move. I will put on my nightgown."

The ninjas and the High Councillor exit the office and close the door behind them. Swain enters through the other door to his bedroom to change. Kennen and Tristana are alone. No one else is in the book room right now. Whether she knows it or not, she fells that Kennen needs a company. Kennen turns around to see Tristana's sweet face looking back at him.

As she approach Kennen, he remembers the first time he laid his eyes on the Megling Gunner. When he first entered the League, he remembered seeing Tristana with her rocket launcher walking across the hall. She was weary but energetic from the last battle. He could see her sitting down in the halls, fixing her hair to make it straight. She was fixing her weapon when Tristana noticed that she needed a screwdriver to fix it. Seeing that as the perfect time, Kennen rushed to the engineer's closet and grabbed the tool that she needed. But as he came back, he was heartbroken to see Teemo lending her a screwdriver of his own. As Teemo and Tristana worked together in fixing her launcher, Kennen looked away from a distance, behind a column, hoping that Teemo would leave. But they exit the halls together, leaving an invisible Kennen out in the cold. But tonight, it is only him and her. He has to talk to her somehow, but he does now know how to start it.

The two couldn't help but smile like little kids in a playground. Then she places her hand over Kennen. "I wanted to say hi but everybody was onto you. Sorry about that."
"That's okay," he replies solemnly.
"Hey. Don't be so blue."
"It's turning into a lousy night."
"It will get better."

The two spoke nothing else. The air is quiet. Even the outside has no noise, which could probably mean that Baron is gone. The storm outside quell to just gentle raindrops. Kennen tries to slowly touch her hands but at the last minute withdraws his hand away from her. "What is it Kennen?" she asks. He didn't answer.

"CAW! He's in love!" Beatrice breaks the silence.
Kennen throws a fit, "Will you shut up!?"

Swain enters the room in his midnight green nightgown. Beatrice circles around the room slowly and and descends to Swain's shoulders. Jericho looks at the young ninja with keen interest.

Jericho, in an crescendo voice, sentences out Kennen's punishment, "I will tell you this, Heart of the Tempest. I am in the Noxian military. The punishments and my own are fierce and unrepentant. Whatever punishments the League and the Kinkou Order do not hail to what Noxians do to their own prisoners. Releasing Baron Nashor to wreak havoc would have equaled into a death penalty, especially for a yordle. You would have been chained! You would rot in prison with nothing to eat but your own feces and urine! Then once miserable, they will take you to the edges of the city! They will bring out the whip, flog your back four hundred times and four hundred more! Your blood would have been dripping on the cliffs of the city! You beg for mercy; you will only receive pain! Your flesh would have been feast to the carrion birds once you lay DEAD or DYING!" He then reaches for his cane and points the end to the yordle. "And I could do it now. In front of Noxus, in front of your Kinkou Order, in front of the League! Know, oh Heart of the Tempest!-" He pauses for a moment and raises his cane.

Kennen closes his eyes, with fear quaking every part of his body, waiting for the cane to strike him. Tristana goes in front of the ninja, waiting to receive the blow that will descend from Swain's countenance. But Jericho never intend to punish the young yordle. His sentence is said; he has Kennen begging for mercy. Satisfied, he puts the cane down on the table. His countenance diminishes and his voice transitions to a relaxed, fatherly state. "Know, Kennen, that I will not punish you tonight. You're an innocent boy with a great duty to serve Valoran. Do not forsake your duty with the kind of attitude and behavior you showed right now to your fellow comrades and the High Councillor." He turns to Tristana and gives her the money. "Thank you for taking care of Beatrice." His head now focus on Kennen. "You are not punished. Though I cannot send you back to your room. There are patrolmen and Alistar walking in the very halls right now. If you're caught by them, the Kinkou will know. You will have to stay in my office for the night."

The yordles could not believe it. This is not the Noxian who would normally deliver punishments without mercy. For Tristana, it would be insane for a Noxian, who normally are anthropocentristic citizens, to give yordles a sigh of relief. For Kennen, he is glad that he won't be punished. Both of them, with their own reasons, thanked the Master Tactician. Tristana leaves the room but not before quickly glancing at Kennen, who is mesmerized at how cute and energetic her face is. When she closes the door, Kennen is alone, with a giant human looking at him and a mocking raven.

"Where am I supposed to sleep?" Kennen asks.
"There's the couch," Swain replies, pointing to the purple couch on the corner.
"But what about the bed?"
"I'm not sharing it," he says. Then he finishes with a "night!" before slamming the door quickly.

Kennen and Beatrice are all alone. He isn't tired yet but he cannot leave the room or risk getting caught by summoners and a giant Minotaur. With nothing else to do, Kennen reaches into the book shelves, sits down, and starts reading Boram Darkwill: The Dark Legacy by the famed Ionian commander, Gaisun Caetzu.

End of Chapter 1

I felt like at the last parts of chapter 1, I started to rush it. Constructive feedback is appreciated.

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Chapter 2

Because the cafeteria was destroyed last night by Baron Nashor, all the champions have to get their breakfast from the main hall. Though they cannot eat at the fancy tables and decorated chairs, the food served at the League of Legends tastes better than any other food across Valoran, whether homemade or served at a restaurant.

9:37 AM, the grandfather clock says, and the food is still steamy and fresh. Jericho, along with his Noxian supporters Emilia LeBlanc, Darius, Katarina and Cassiopeia Du Couteau, are eating around the bed. They would have been eating at the dinner table inside Swain's book room, that is if Kennen was not snoring loudly under a pile of books.

Except for Jericho, the Noxian elite converse about something they temporary detest more than Demacia: Kennen. "When that ******* wakes up," the vulgar Katarina mouths, "this knife will be going up in his ass! Do you know how much I itched last night!?"
"I come back in horseback, drenching wet," Emilia speaks, "only to find my dress cabinet at Baron's mouth."
"Whenever he doesn't kill us at Summoners Rift, he pranks us," says Darius.

Katarina grabs the Journals of Justice. While she is reading the news, the other champions turns to face her, observing how she slowly tightens her grip on the edge of the newspaper. She starts to mutter the words printed on the news but the others could not understand her. When she was done reading, she wads up the newspaper and throws it all the way to the lamp, right next to Draven. As the executioner straightens the newspaper, he starts to read out loud:

"Heart of the Tempest Unleashes Prank Chaos. By Kaldera Carnadine. Baron Nashor wreaks havoc on the cafeteria of the Institute of War late last night as Kennen's original prank to put termites in deserts spiraled out of control. The other champions first ran for cover when Baron suddenly trashes the place. The sexually-" he starts to chuckle "-perverted Katarina, traumatized by the events, starts touching her own bosoms-" his announcement is cut short as Katarina leaps up to grab the newspaper, crumbles it, and throws it into the trash. The other champions look in speculation at the seething Sinister Blade. "You're reading from the jokes section!?" she screams with a temperamental face.
"The Joke of the Day!" Draven cracks up, "I'm tellin everybody!" Draven gulps down what's left of his plate and rushes out of Swain's bedroom laughing like a maniac.
"DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" Katarina's anger has reached past her boiling piont, "you get your ass back in this room this instant!" And she storms out of the room, cursing at Draven.

The air is once again still and quiet. The sun steadily climbs up into the sky. After Katarina stormed out of the room, the champions left said nothing, bewildered about Katarina's anger issues. Outside in Swain's book room, Kennen snores loudly, then unconsciously places a book over his head. The guy is a heavy sleeper, Darius observes in his mind.

Cassiopeia resumes the conversation, "Now that my hothead sister and your bling-bling brother is gone, let's talk about something else." She takes a glass of wine and slowly starts drinking it whole.
"I'm wondering," Darius starts, "what happened with you and LeBlanc, Swain?"
"It is something I do not want to mention, Darius," LeBlanc answers.
"You both were supposed to come back to the League in a carriage and instead were on horseback, tired, beaten, and drenched. Looking at the bruises you both received while I was fighting Baron, it seems you were-" the Hand of Noxus pauses for a moment, "-ambushed on the way."
"Ambushed?" Cassiopeia gains interest in Darius' theory.
"He is right," says Jericho, "our driver was killed by two hooded men. They have said nothing like darkness. We fought back but their skills in combat proved better than ours."

Silence fills the room as the three other champions turn to listen to the Master Tactician.

"We were outmatched. The assassins were better equipped and better trained than our own. If Katarina and Talon dueled against them, they would have been dead. We would try to strike, they would regroup and counterstrike. And while I was fighting my enemy, it seems like my opponent was intensifying its speed and attack, as if he suddenly have another arm with a dagger on his hand. That is how furious the assassins are. The only viable option I can muster is reteat. We grabbed the horses and fled back to the League."

Darius pauses for a moment and asks Swain about the identity of the assassins.

"I don't know who they are. I did see their emblems. It is a Noxian crest, but the design is different than the standard one. The Noxian crest the assassins carried did not have the ax and the hammer. The gem was ruby instead of sapphire and in the middle of the ruby gem was a black flame. Surrounding the gem was a gold laurel wreath."
"Maybe someone in the High Command is trying to kill you," Cassiopeia hypothesize.
"No. I know that it is not one of the generals, Cassiopeia. All of our generals support you, Swain," Darius adds, "Why would they just suddenly get rid of him?"
"A Demacian wants to weaken Noxus, maybe?" LeBlanc says.
"Demacia does not have assassins," says Swain, "I know the fighting styles. It has to come from Noxus itself."
"Well what did the symbol looked liked anyway?"

Jericho immediately gets up with his glass of orange juice in his left hand. He walks out to the book room and glances quickly on the sleeping Tempest now with his belly lying on the couch. He grabs a quail with ink at the tip, a paper, and walks back to the bedroom. Sitting down with the pen and paper resting on the blankets, he draws, though poorly, an outline of the symbol.

As he was ready to get the coloring pencils out of his drawers, the two yordles, Teemo and Tristana, burst through the arch doors yelling 'Mr. Swain!' in quick and loud repetition holding a newspaper.

"Your business is not needed here, Teemo and Tristana. Begone," Darius refutes.
"Then Swain won't be Noxus's great leader anymore!" Teemo responds.

The statement grabs the attention of all the Noxians in the room. The omen Teemo has spoken has shut Darius up, for he does not know how to respond to Teemo's ominous respond.

"The paper's here. Read it," Tristana says as she walks up to the Noxian leader with the newspaper. As Jericho takes it from her, he is alarmed to see the headline of Valoran Weekly.


Swain's hands grow cold as he reads out loud the article.

As many have known, after the death of General Boram Darkwill, General Jericho Swain has taken leadership in a night duel against Darkwill's son. But many of the Noxians as well as a considerable amount in the high command has questioned Swain's leadership and has even accused him of cowardice. "Swain must resign if Noxus must be a continuing superpower in Valoran," quoted Noxian admiral Flavian Yanovus. He further states that the health of General Jericho Swain has significantly deteriorated. Despite having important and powerful allies such as General Darius and Emilia LeBlanc of the Black Rose organization, some of the Noxian High Command has declared Swain "unable to rule in terms of health and mental state". If Swain does resign as the leader of Noxus, as supporters of the current leader states, then Noxus would fall into a civil war when generals and admirals would contest each other for the position of Grand General. "Noxus cannot afford falling into a civil war like the Demacians did in the Third Rune War" stated Noxian high diplomat Vaneria Irodius, "Swain must stay in power." The case of Swain's legitimacy of the title of Grand General has speculated Noxian citizens. According to Noxian law, if the entire military personnel do not see the Grand General's legitimacy to rule, he must step down or be executed. See page 6 for more information.

Swain could not believe it. He has done great service to Noxus, dying every time in the Fields of Justice to show his loyalty to Noxus. Why now do they want to get rid of him? The words of the Noxian admiral Yanovus has tainted the Noxian pride in Jericho Swain. The more important question is who can replace Swain? So far, he has found no admiral nor general who can rightfully rule Noxus without reverting back to corruption during Darkwill's reign. The Noxians show an immediate alarm. The yordles know the hearts of the champions in the room; they too are worried about Swain.

"LeBlanc. Darius. We are going back to Noxus. We are going to have an emergency meeting," Swain commands has he frantically packs his bags into his suitcases.
"What's happening!?" Darius asks.
"This is not right! I know something is wrong! I need to go back to Noxus!"
"I'm coming with you!"
"No!" At this point, Darius halts.
"No - um - you will come to Noxus on a different route. At this point with the assassins anywhere, it is not safe if we are together. The chain of command must be preserved."

He turns to Cassiopeia. "You, Katarina, and Talon will train at the Twisted Treeline with the other champions. Meet me back at Noxus soon. We may need to have an emergency meeting. Oh and make sure to not take the same route Darius or I take."

He turns to Darius. "Put your forces on high alert. I smell a disturbance."

He turns to Teemo, bends down to his head and whispers, "Keep a sharp eye in the League. With events unfolding in my eyes, anything can happen at this point. Predict the unpredictable. Expect the unexpected."

He immediately gets up and turns to Tristana. "Megling Gunner. The breakfast leftovers are for Kennen. Watch over him till he wakes up."
"Am I going to take care of Beatrice?"
"At this point, no. Situations have changed. I'm going to take her." He takes the cane and Beatrice and the Noxians are ready to set off.
"I will be back soon. Try to keep the place cleaned." And the Master Tactician closes the door.

Now Tristana is alone with a sleeping Kennen. She goes back to Swain's room and gathers the remaining edible food and groups them into one plate. Then she transports the plate back to Swain's book room where she places it at a table next to the couch. Then she grabs a small blanket (it's still very large for a yordle) and a pillow from Swain's room. To clear out the mess, she closes all the books Kennen has read last night and stacks them behind the couch. Tristana rests the pillow below Kennen's head and blankets him with the blanket. At this point, Tristana could leave right now, but something tells her to stay and watch over the Heart of the Tempest. As she climbs over to the couch, Tristana crawled next to Kennen, sits down upright, and gently places her hand on him. Tristana feels more relaxed when near to Kennen. The heart within her slows down to a melodious beat as she gently caresses his arms. Like a magnet, she cannot let go, obviously because of Swain's orders, but more importantly, a reason that she cannot explain. Something is pulling her in as the Tempest sleeps soundly.

End of Chapter 2

Constructive feedback is appreciated!

At this point, I felt like I want to use chapter two as a foundation to start up the conflict that will arise soon. So in the following chapters, I apologize if you feel like that I'm rushing too fast because I want to start the main conflict, the main part of the story. I hope you enjoy reading it! More chapters will come soon!

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No complaints so far. Keep it up.
A question, any plans for Sion? He's always forgotten in Noxian fics...

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I like it, looking forward to more chapters.

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It's good I'd like to see fizz, as I think he could also be a prankster like kennen.

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Emperor Titus

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No complaints so far. Keep it up.
A question, any plans for Sion? He's always forgotten in Noxian fics...

I checked the lore of Sion. He is an aggressive die-hard champion. The problem to me about Sion is that he is a completely flat character. The lore in the League of Legends franchise only describes him as a barbarian leading the attack for Noxus. But the lore only interprets him as a merciless warrior and only that. No real back story of his previous life or such.

However, the lore said that he is a real human before executed by Demacians, foraged by Katarina, and reanimated back to life. So I may have a prominent plan with Sion.

I like it, looking forward to more chapters.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

It's good I'd like to see fizz, as I think he could also be a prankster like kennen.

You just gave me a new character! But in order to make Fizz work in the plot, I have to make sure that he is a dynamic character as well as he is one of the characters that make Kennen appear more as the main protagonist. Swain and Tristana are going to be the characters that will affect him but I'm having trouble on whether to add more. Teemo, Darius, the Kinkou Order, Yi, or Diana may be the new dynamic characters in spot with Swain and Tristana but I am not sure.

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Chapter 3

Why isn't there a book on my head?

Kennen could not comprehend the time. He only knows that the sun is shining so bright that he had to turn away from the light for a few more minutes, or even hours of sleep.

Can someone turn off the lights?

Even if he close his eyes so tightly, Kennen cannot get just one pitch black moment. He churns and turns but the sun wants him to wake up. He tries to place the blanket on top of his-wait, he has a blanket?

Kennen arises from the couch and scratches his eyes. The first thing he can see is Tristana smiling at him closely. "Morning, sleepy head," she whispers. He turns around to see Swain's pillow behind him and a giant blanket for his size. "What time is it?" he asks.

He couldn't believe it. I've overslept, he says in his mind. "You know, it's not good for you to pull out an all nighter," says Tristana.
"I have enough energy to do it."
"Swain says that you passed out at two when he heard a thump."
"It was two AM when I passed out!? I thought it was six..."
"Hahaha! Kennen, you can never do all nighters!"
"Can so!" he says with a snobbish attitude, "I've been patrolling Valoran with Shen and Akali every night!"
"Yeah but that was two years ago! Now you only do daylight missions!"
"Because it was with Shen and Akali relationship scandal, and the baby thing, and things with failure-oh forget it!"
"Fine, cranky head!" Tristana giggles for a moment. "Come on! You should eat your breakfast! Swain left some for you!"

He falls back to being mesmerize by Tristana's smile in her face. He couldn't help himself, Kennen finds Tristana radiant. Especially when the sun dramatically increases the glowing hair on her face. Kennen really likes Tristana but the relationship right now with her is not enough for him. He wants something more, but he does not have the courage to say what is in his heart. Little does Kennen know, Tristana nearly feels the same way.

The breakfast may look messy from all the leftovers the Noxians left but it's still delicious enough to eat. As Kennen consumes the food on the plate, he and Tristana gave one look at each other. Then they start to crack up for no reason. Both expect to be a great day. What could go wrong, he asks as he gobbles up the remaining food.

But everything goes wrong. The moment Kennen steps outside, he is met by angry champions and summoners who want his head. As he runs back, or darts back using his Lightning Rush, to Swain's room, Kennen can only think but to bunker down. Possibly for a day. Maybe two.

But it would take two weeks before the champions and summoners can forgive him for his antics. The first day, Kennen would be slouching in Swain's chair with nothing to do. He would see Fizz trying to spear Lulu for whatever reason. He wished that he can get down there and play. A yordle needs social time and Kennen is being deprived of it every day. The second and third day, Kennen starts to see things in a positive light. Sadly, Piltoverian technology that allows to see events at a blink of an eye called the television malfunctioned and now Kennen is forced to resort to read chess books. Four days since Swain left, Kennen uses his electric powers to power up the television. It finally works and Kennen can watch missing episodes of his favorite shows. Sometimes he would expect for the League or the Kinkou to send him important messages but what he found out is that the League is punishing him but not letting him participate in matches and the Kinkou is only sending out Shen and Akali without him.

But being in Swain's room does not mean he is alone. One week after Swain left, Tristana comes into the room. The other yordles are at Bandle City to celebrate the festivities but Tristana decides to visit Kennen. She thinks he might need some company.

"Hiya Kennen..." she rushes inside the office, hoping to avoid the other Kennen-hating champions and summoners.
"H-h-hi Trist. Are- uh -you supposed to be at that festival?" One week of chess books and isolation has made Kennen into a nerd.
"Yea but I thought you need company. How are you?"
"I'm great! I got some food for ya." She presents him pasta from the lunch line at the Reflecting Chamber. The place that normally serves Judgement to new incoming champions is now the cafeteria since Kennen destroyed it with Baron a week ago.
"Uh-thanks Trist." Kennen is still shy when near her. He can feel his cheeks blush but he accepts it.

Kennen and Tristana eat their dinners at Swain's bed watching their favorite episodes of Coco. Most of the time, the two would end up laughing as the yordle host Coco Brien bash and attack with insulting jokes. His jokes would include Rumble's latest contraptions and Veigar's another sad attempt to steal the Mothership, which he did successfully, only to end up in Poppy's Ambassador Office at Demacia and shrunken down to miniature size. Such bad timing ends Veigar in jail. After an hour of Coco, Tristana says her goodbyes and leaves Swain's office. Kennen wants to go after her but the outside room is still not safe. But an hour with Tristana is worth it. He finally got to have fun with a certain someone he is secretly crushing on. Tired, Kennen climbs to Swain's bed and falls asleep.

About nine days in Swain's office, Kennen's long time friend and surrogate brother Fizz bursts into the room. The two have known each other for a long time. Siblings such as Morgana and Kayle, Luxanna and Garen, and Darius and Draven are prevalent in the League but brothers and sisters can be formed through friendship. For Kennen and Fizz, their bond starts with a prank of their own, which ends up Urgot floating down the river as a result. Their pranks have wreak havoc on the entire League. At one point, even the prestigious Matron LeBlanc was considering to call it quits and leave the League when Kennen replaces all of her mirrors with the mirrors at the fun house, which made her look fat, skinny, short, and extremely tall.

"KENNEN!" he hollers as the Tidal Trickster enters Swain's office.
"FIZZ!" Kennen hollers back.

The two get closer and does the most complicated handshake ever. It's the special handshake only Kennen and Fizz can master. In public, the only thing people can describe as something either unique, crazy or convoluted. But it's also a sign that their brotherly friendship has been deep. Kennen and Fizz would fist bump each other, flip each other trying to clap each other hands, spin three times, then more hand clapping, then they would grab each others arms in a form of an handskae, twiddle their thumbs, and let go and fist bump again.

"Still trapped in Swain's office?"
"Yea and it's awesome! Bath tubs, beds, television, and lots of books to read in case I'm really bored! Plus I relearned how to play chess!"
"What did you do with Trist? Did you get to kiss her yet?"
"Uhhh..." Kennen begins to blush a bit. "No."
"Kennen!? Why didn't you do it?"
"We were too busy laughing about Coco. Plus it's...inappropriate to do it while watching it in bed."
"Well you could have gone a bit touchy there, Kennen." He giggles about that thought.
"Dude, that's rude..." He catches Fizz's innuendo.
"Rude? Not kissing her is rude!" Then Fizz starts to make crazy assumptions. "I mean look, did you see Trist's eyes? You know you want her.. There was the bed. You know she needs you-"
"Fizz, just stop! Where are you getting all of this?"
"What? Three thousand years in the sea and I learned a lot!"
"Can we get into a different subject?"
"Fine...but to finish it, don't be afraid to like her. Just...confess. Otherwise you're gonna have a boring life."

The last statement actually gives Kennen relief and hope that one day, she can call Tristana his girlfriend if he wants to. The two were planning to do something. Kennen thinks he's fine to step outside but an outside conversation between League Champions Jayce and Rengar give him food for thought. What Kennen can pick up between the two is how their rooms got destroyed by Baron, they were sleeping in campfires, as well as Rengar's first day in the League without an apartment. Even at nine days, Kennen is still the most hated person in the League. With nothing to do, they start to do what bored people do: play chess.

Twelve days in Swain's office and Kennen is proud to proclaim it his fourth home. His first one is in Bandle City, the second one is in the Kinkou temple in Ionia, the third and fourth ones are his own apartment and the Tactician's vacant one. Kennen finally uses the ventilation shaft to good use. He can wander around the League without getting caught. He appears in Fizz's room and asks for another game of chess but Fizz throws him back to the shaft. The Tidal Trickster is mad that he has a 123rd losing streak against Kennen. About twelve days from being in Swain's office, Kennen has become a chess grandmaster.

One day later after Fizz shot him down from an already one sided game of chess, Kennen's 'hunch' comes back when he realizes that he can easily answer all fifteen questions on the Demacian television game show, Who Wants to be a Billionaire. His 'hunch' was not present when Kennen pulled the Baron Nashor prank but it just suddenly came back to him at that day. To Teemo, who is watching with him, it is shocking to see how Kennen is able to answer easily all of those questions. He has not seen his 'hunch' for a long time ever since in elementary school in Bandle City.

"Woow," Teemo says, "when the kids called you a nerd, they were really right."
"Haha..." In fact, Kennen can remember his child days. The yordles called him a nerd for knowing everything and getting good grades all the time. He would get picked on but he would respond with his notorious pranks, which now becomes a habit of him when he comes to the Yordle High School. Even after he graduated, he still commits pranks, even when he became the Heart of the Tempest and joined the League.
"Remember that time in middle school when you did that to Jenny?"
"Oh yea! Good times...good times-"

And the two high five each other.

The next day, Kennen is finally able to go outside. Fourteen days in Swain's office has clouded his outside senses. The moment he is able to enter a League match, his fellow champions paraded him when the Heart of the Tempest kills five enemy champions all at a same time. For Kennen, that means that they have forgotten about the prank. Later, he would play games with all the other champions. His energetic attitude runs off to the other champions and summoners and they would keep going till the sun sets. Once done, he joined with his friends Teemo and Fizz, who were waiting for him at Swain's office. Usually during that particular day, he would join with Shen and Akali to discuss missions but with the two at Ionia, Kennen is free for the night.

"You're gonna miss it! The new episode of The Steady State Theory!" Fizz gestures Kennen to come to Swain's bedroom before watching the episode.
"Hey guys. Do you think Swain's gone for too long?" Kennen asks.
"He's fine. He's on newspapers," Teemo reassures, "though he's not doing so hot right now. Look at his popularity."

But for the first time, Kennen's 'hunch' is telling him something is bad. Swain is usually back by now, whatever he is doing. But with rumors circulating the League that two weeks ago, Swain was ambushed in the middle of the road, forces Kennen to raise the red flags. It is only then that he tries to ignore it by watching The Steady State Theory. His 'hunch', however, keeps bothering him. There is something definitely wrong, Kennen concludes.

After watching the episode, Teemo and Fizz look at Kennen with contemplation. Fizz asks if there is anything wrong but Kennen remains unresponsive.

At one mission in Noxus, just weeks after Swain rose to power, Shen, Akali, Kennen, Katarina, and Talon were on a cooperative mission. After murdering a person who threatened to use biological terrorism against Noxus, Kennen searches through the the scientists' files. Kennen decides to keep it as safeguard and good information for the Kinkou but the paper was rebuffed by Shen and Akali. And it is still inside his outfit for the entire time. He opens it up and it shows a room with circles and squares and what it appears to be rows of chairs and a table.

"What's this?" Kennen signals Fizz and Teemo to come.
"Hmm..." Teemo ponders for a moment. "That would be the room of the Noxian High Command."
"Kennen..." Fizz groans. "Tell your 'hunch' that it's a fun-killer. I mean what do you want to know about Noxus anyways?"
"Something...I sense something is wrong. The balance in Valoran is about to be shifted violently somehow...Hey Teemo tell me about the map."
"Looks like the squares are where Noxus' top generals sit at. I can recognize the tables," Teemo says.
"And the circles?" Kennen points out. "They point to the squares and other crowds too."
"Hey..." Fizz observes. "There's a lot of circles. I know it in Bilgewater during those naval exercises ships would do. Ships would draw the line to show that they're going to fire at that other ship. Here. I'll show you."

He takes out a drawing on the table next to Swain's bed. He draws ships and draws one line connecting one ship to another.

"This shows that they're targeting it."

Kennen compares the two together. Then he makes an assumption. "Maybe this is an assassination plot," Kennen concludes with uncertainty. "Looks like it," Teemo responds. Then under a light, he notices a sketch in the back of Fizz's drawing. As he turns around to see it, he finds an emblem drawing. A laurel wreath, a blood red gem, and in the middle of the gem is a drawing a flame.

"Oh no.." Then his 'hunch' starts to piece the puzzle together.
"Kennen?" Fizz is concerned.
"I need to get to Noxus!"
"Swain is in danger!"

Teemo and Fizz just froze in shock. Teemo asks Fizz if his 'hunch' is usually wrong but Fizz, knowing his best friend, knows that it is never wrong. Kennen bolts out of the room.

Out in the halls, "Arm yourself guys! You guys are now the replacement Kinkou! I'll try to get Trist!"

Kennen tries to rush to Tristana's room only to see Rumble about to make a move on Tristana with his lips...Kennen responds with a swift punch.

End of Chapter 3

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Are play chess?
Is grammar good?
I kid, I kid, but seriously, great chapter.
Only major issue is Rumble. Don't most champions not like him because of his bigotism and bad temper? He gets along with no humans and... I don't think any of the yordles like him either, and he doesn't like them I believe, and he hates humans. I'd think Ziggs would be a bit more appropriate then Rumble for this story.
Anyway, it's just my opinion.

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Only major issue is Rumble. Don't most champions not like him because of his bigotism and bad temper? He gets along with no humans and... I don't think any of the yordles like him either, and he doesn't like them I believe, and he hates humans. I'd think Ziggs would be a bit more appropriate then Rumble for this story.
Anyway, it's just my opinion.

I can't put Ziggs in the story. To me, he is too insane than childlike like Kennen, Tristana, Teemo, Fizz, and Rumble.

Chapter 4

Noxus has a dark history. The first historical accounts of Noxus is ruled by the Black Rose organization, a powerful society clan that has its members on top government and military positions. When Darkwill took power away from the Black Rose, the city state undergo a massive mobilization. His immediate conqusts has gave Noxus dominance over Valoran for a long time. But his biggest mistake was declaring war against its counterpart, Demacia. This has caused the First Rune War and it has ended badly for Noxus. The four other Rune Wars have ended in a series of stalemates and a ruined Valoran. Darkwill was forced to do battle against Demacia through the League of Legends.

Noxus, being an antithesis, does not have a welcoming atmosphere. The moats, the environment, the buildings, and even the mountain that is surrounded by the city has an evil aura behind it. Anyone who nears Noxus is warned. The minds and hearts of other species, especially yordles, are not welcomed.

Riding on a carriage from the League of Legends into the city state of Noxus is not a joyous ride.

"Rumble's a complete butthead!" the fussy Kennen rants. "'We were just friends, it's not like we're bee eff and gee eff, go kiss up to Swain'! He can kiss my butt if he wants to!"
"Calm down, Kennen. Don't lose your cool," Fizz tries to reassure.
"Oh I'll cool down. When he's dead!"
"Kennen, it's not what it seems!" Tristana too tries to quell him.
"I saw you and Rumble making out!"
"Oh my gosh! We weren't making out! We were just having a friendly hug!"
"I saw the lips two inches away! Two inches!"
"We weren't!"
"Then why do I see you two in the dark!?"
"Kennen, shut up!"

Kennen and Tristana continues to argue. Meanwhile, Fizz and Teemo sit together to avoid the bickering on the left side of the carriage.

"If Kennen's right and Swain does get assassinated, then that means that there would be a power vacuum in Noxus," says Teemo.
"Wasn't there infighting when Darkwill got killed?" Fizz asks.
"Yeah but it wasn't something major. Swain was right to step in to calm Noxus."
"Why did Swain went back to the army after he resigned?"
"I don't know. I think that's something Kennen knows. Being in the Kinkou and all."

The two take a quick glance at the Gunner and the Tempest. Both of them are still arguing about Rumble.

"That's no excuse for you to leave him behind, Kennen!"
"He - uh - was going to disrupt the mission!"
"How does getting close and hugging part of the mission!?
"It! Just! Does!"

Fizz and Teemo turn away from the arguing "couples" and refocus back on the plan in Noxus.

"So how are we going to do this?" Fizz asks. "The humans in Noxus hate anything...not human."
"Umm...let me see. I'm look at the map right now," Teemo says.
"The gates. We have to avoid that."
"The gates and the walls aren't the problem. It's positioning ourselves within the room of the High Command that presents the problem."
"We can't get caught."
"Yea. Otherwise we end up at the Fleshing like Xin Zhao."
"This is hard. Who had the guts to get into the High Command?"
"Lux Crownguard. I got her mission objectives, the Noxian defenses, the list of guards, and many more."

As Teemo pulls out the files about Lux's mission, Kennen is losing in his argument against Tristana.

"If you have problems with me and Rumble, back off!"
"I'm trying to protect you!"
"From what!? A romantic relationship? I don't need the Kinkou to protect me from romantic relationships!"

While the two are continually arguing, Teemo points out the key defenses of Noxus. He sees the critical points circled around the High Command. As he notice something, he finds out that infiltrating Noxus may be easier done than said. Being a superpower in the continent of Valoran, the Noxian empire does not do well against infiltration, especially against small yordles and fishes. Teemo sees that the ventilation shafts are not even guarded at all. Any one of the champions in this carriage would be small enough to squeeze in without difficulty. Second is that the Noxian elite guard, the Crimson Elite only guards the obvious entrances and the Noxian generals. They do not guard the hidden passages and the unforeseeable viewpoints. Meanwhile, Kennen and Tristana's voices has died down a little but the heat of the argument fuels their rage.

Teemo chuckes to himself, "This is child's play."
"What?" Fizz asks.
"Infiltrating isn't the hard part. What's the hard part is finding the assassin and where's he or she is gonna strike."
"Everyone's gonna be there, Fizz. Generals, admirals, politicians, any Noxians, you name it. The assassin is one of those people."

Teemo turns around to Kennen and Tristana, "Guys this isn't the time to argue! Help us plan something or be quiet!" But the Scout's words fall on deaf ears.

"You wanna make out with Rumble!? Do it over my dead body!"
"Kennen, you're so arrogant!"
"I'm not! I'm just know that Rumble's a loser and he knows it!"

"Anyways," Teemo turns back to the drawing board with Fizz. "Swain isn't the only one targeted."
"What do you mean?"
"The Black Rose organization. I think it's gonna be targeted as well."

"The Black Rose cannot die just so easily, Jericho. I hope you can pull this off," Emilia LeBlanc says to Swain in a uncertain manner. The two are the first to arrive at the High Command. Darius is only 15 minutes away from the Noxian capital.

"You cannot lose this, Swain. The Black Rose has been underground for hundreds of years thanks to Darkwill. What we did at Kalamanda is about to be undone if you lose your power in Noxus."
"I'm aware of the situation."
"You cannot fail. My members of the Black Rose will be watching you. Though we cannot interfere with the affairs."

LeBlanc dons her cloak to conceal her true identity. As she leaves Swain behind, she turns around to the Master Tactician. "If anything happens at this moment, it will affect all of Valoran. Make sure that this meeting is quickly taken care of."
"You may not need to worry, Matron."

LeBlanc sits down in the chair to see the full view of the Noxian commanders ready to be seated. Surrounding her are a mixture of the Noxian commanders and her members of the Black Rose organization in disguise. The entire room is large. High columns and pillars dominate the place. All of the stones are made of the darkest of obsidian; the color is pitch-dark, only the gems embeded on the walls, floor, and ceiling glow faintly. The Noxian High Command is seats at the top of the raised floor and Swain stands on the top of the podium.

Noxian brigadier general Moradio Astabar is the first to stand. "Swine!" he sneers, insulting Jericho's last name, "what makes you deserve that you can stand on the podium?"
Swain turns around to see Astabar standing up in his defiant tone. But the Master Tactician is calm. He knows the gravity of the situation. But he cannot lose his concentration to keep and solidify his own power. In a calm tone, "The meeting has not started yet and you are already accusing me? The meeting is now called-"
"Step down from the podium, Swain! You do not deserve the right of 'Grand General'!" The raspy voice comes from the Noxian admiral, Decimus Xano. He commands the Noxian central fleet. "You have lost the legitimacy to rule Noxus, Swain!"
"Swain is the rightful person to lead Noxus, Xano! Do not question that!" The person speaking was General Ovidio Remus. He is the head of the Noxian intelligence and the bureaucracy.
"Rightful? Rightful!?" Xano retorts, "Swain's last ten matches in the League of Legends have strengthened Demacia drastically! Our enemy, Demacia, has gained trade rights between many of our surrounding city-states! And we are powerless do act since the League has denied the request of diplomatic intervention!"

The crowd and his own generals and admirals start to murmur with each other. Perhaps this is not how Swain intend to start the meeting. The burden of the situation in the meeting is too powerful to bear. The Master Tactician feels his own political power decline. He feels that some of his own military colleagues are plotting against him. Jericho can feel the walls of his power steadily crumbling down by the trumpets of the Noxian commanders.

"I was summoned to fight for Noxus!" Swain defends. But he could not say any more. The Noxians take position to arm themselves with words. Swain is forced to back down as the commanders of Noxus denigrate each other.

"You were summoned to fight for Demacia in those last ten games!"
"He had no choice but to fight for Demacia! Do you think the summoners care about the champion's origins and allegiance?"
"What I care about is Noxus! If Swain wants to fight for those Demacian dogs, he resigns now!"
"Look at the dog who is talking! If you swear to Noxus, then why have you lost us the barbarian territories to Freljord!?"
"What about the so-called Master Tactician? He has lost Kalamanda to the League and has allowed our beloved Darkwill be assassinated?"
"What have you done to prevent Darkwill from being assassinated?"
"You have not done anything for Noxus! Maybe you and Swain should resign!"
"I'll have your living body dragged into the Fleshing if you say one more word!"

The uproar escalates into mayhem. Swain has become a nonentity in the middle of the political war raging in the High Command. One after one, the commanders take sides debating whether the Master Tactician should rule at all. Accusations, scandals, and death threats arise from the stinging tongues of the Noxian politicians. LeBlanc's dream of the Black Rose ruling Noxus is shattering all around her. For Swain, Noxus is dying once more. But he will not let Noxus die. Not into the hands of the bickering people he call them his loyal generals. He musters his political stage and walks to the podium.

Teemo and Fizz arrive at the High Command, hidden from view atop the large ventilation shaft with a duct taped and tied up Tristana and Kennen dragged behind them. To save themselves from arguing, upon arriving to Noxus, Teemo and Fizz duct taped their mouths and tied them to the ropes. As the Scout and the Trickster take position to oversee the entire political ramble below, a muffled Kennen tries to apologize to Tristana from the argument they had at the ride but all Tristana can hear from Kennen's covered mouth is a bunch of mumbling and obscene noises coming from both below and from him. But she can see and feel Kennen's usual expression of 'I'm sorry' with a giant smile. She giggles silently and tries to apologize to Kennen as well but all he can hear is a mix of mumbling from Tristana and cursing from the Noxians below.

Teemo arms his blowgun and then releases Kennen and Tristana from bondage. "So...uh did you know what I said?" Kennen asks.
"Yea," Tristana says, "I think it's sweet."
"No time for that," Teemo cuts in, "we have to see what's going on down there."
"I think at this time," Kennen predicts, "the assassin will make his mark."
"What about LeBlanc? She's the leader of the Black Rose," Fizz says.
"Hmm...let's split up then. Tristana and I will go down there and find the Deceiver. Kennen and Fizz stay up on top," Teemo plans out.

As Teemo and Tristana leave, the two pranksters are left on the high place in the High Command. Kennen takes a glance at the floors of the High Command.

"What the? Where's Swain?" the Tempest asks.
"He's somewhere in that crowd," Fizz whispers.
"There he-" But Kennen makes an alarming discovery.

While the general populace in the room are distracted by the political brawl happening below, Kennen sees hooded figures and servants moving in orderly position. Then they stop at key entrances and near themselves to a hooded and hidden LeBlanc, the Grand General of Noxus, and other important commanders and Black Rose members. Below, Teemo sees the familiar maneuver made by the hooded figures and servants. The Tempest and the Scout make a chilling statement.

"I don't think we're dealing with one assassin."

Below, the brawl that is happening at the floors of the Noxian High Command is enough to obscure Teemo and Tristana from view.

"What do you mean more than one assassin?" Tristana asks.
"They're going to behead Noxus by killing the Black Rose and Swain RIGHT HERE!"
"We can't protect them all! Neither Kennen nor Fizz can do it too!"

With no alternative option, Teemo can only think of the impossible. The three servants behind Jericho Swain as the Master Tactician nears himself to the podium ready their hidden daggers inside the vests. The Swift Scout must act, now!

"Trist! You have to aim at Swain!"
"Are you mad, Teemo!? We're here to protect him, not kill him!"
"We have to blast any servants or hooded figures coming near to him or LeBlanc!"

"Oh no, Teemo and Trist has to do something below! I can see the assassins move in to Swain for a kill!"
"Kennen, what can we do!? We're too far away!"
"I'm thinking desperate!"

"Load up your bunker buster shot! Aim it at him and Swain can safely get away even if you're in point-blank range!"

As Tristana desperately loads up the ammunition, Kennen and Fizz from above plot a plan to save the Master Tactician.

"I'll use my shurikens to aim from above. Try to use your magic to summon Chompers to swallow the assassins whole!"
"Kennen, I don't think I can do this!"

"Trist, hurry up with the shot!"
"I still think it's a bad idea!"
"It's the only idea that we have!"

Tristana aims her launcher at the Master Tactician but the heavy weight of the weapon wavers her target so much.
"Hurry Trist!"

"Fizz! It's now or never!"

"Trist, aim and fire!"
"It's too heavy, Teemo!"

Above, Kennen readies and charges his shurikens to aim at the servants surrounding Jericho Swain. Fizz enchants a magical circle around an unsuspecting group of hooded figures. Below, Teemo readies his blowgun but Tristana still has trouble aiming. The assassins dressed as servants move in to the Master Tactician. They pull out their daggers and raises it in the air. Teemo sees the inevitable.

"Tristana! Fire!"

End of Chapter 4

Note 1: I hope you're getting what is actually happening at the last parts of the chapter. Basically Kennen and Fizz are on the top and Teemo and Tristana are on bottom. The spaces divide the chat.