When you get teams like these... Anyone else having this problem

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Originally Posted by TeknoWizard View Post
Man. Where are you guys playing? I hear this constant, "Everyone feeds" and I honestly don't get that. Yeah, I get games with... less than stellar players sometimes. But this troll area is completely separate from me.
I get either someone feeding or going afk in maybe 1 in 10 normal games.

I get someone going afk or angrily cursing us all out and then saying "idle bye" in probably closer to 1 in 4 ranked games.

That's why I don't play ranked anymore.

Sequence of events:

Soraka goes 0/4

Soraka begins chewing out the team calling them all bad

Soraka says check out her main account it's 93579385793859 ELO.

Soraka says "gg nubs enjoy loss "and sits at spawn.

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Originally Posted by ewagsdebg View Post
You built nashor's tooth on tryndamere and you say your team is the one trolling you

Uh yea about that...
It's a legit item, his heal and E both scale with AP.