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Rune Market/Leave Button

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If you've been playing League of Legends for a while now you might have noticed the recycle icon on the lower right hand corner of your Rune Page called Rune Combiner.

Now if you don't know what it does its rather simple. Take 2 same Tier Runes and combines them into a Random Rune of the same Tier, or take 5 Tier runes and combine it into 1 Next level Tier Rune also Random. While the desired effect was to turn 5-T1=1-T2 & 5-T2=1-T3 Rune, it really has no true use in the game, unless like some they want to take a game of chance into buying dozens of T1 Runes in hopes to turn them into a valuable T3 Rune, still Random. Why not "Change" it with something rather useful my proposed "Rune Marketer".

Rune Market has 2 potential uses which could benefit the game and provide a more useful option for players.

Rune Converter #1-An option to resell unused or unwanted runes and in doing so regain IP. Of course doing so would mean even if you wish to convert unwanted/unused runes into IP, you will not gain the full buying price for them. Keeping into consideration that Runes are more valuable as you grow in LV, and there being 3 different Tiers I devised a percentage return to be appropriate to each Tier.

*Percentage Return:
Tier 1 Runes - 80%-65%
Tier 2 Runes - 65%-45%
Tier 3 Runes - 50%-20%

*As you can see there's a wide range of Return meant to be flexible if needed.

Rune Exchanger #2-As appealing the first option is, Some Players might want to instead of selling runes for a small lose return to "exchange" their current runes for others of the same price. What do I mean by this? Simply put; say I have 3 Quintessence of Fortitude each worth 2050 IP, giving me +26 Health each, and I want to get 3 Quintessence of Endurance each worth the same, but trading the +26 Health for 1.5% Increased health instead. Well now you can.

Now while this a very good Idea it can however be exploited very easily thus some restrictions need to be put in place to ensure its still used like its meant but not taken advantage off.

#1 Can only exchange same cost runes.
#2 One time option per runes or sets.
#3 Exchange is made in one of 2 quantities. Singles & Sets(i.e. 3 Quintessences or 9 Marks, Seals, or Glyphs).

*These should ensure that the system is used properly, have and no exploitation occurs.

The other idea I have is adding a Leave Button below the Lock In Button during champion selection. Reason for this being is that while people might dodge for whatever reason they will still get penalized for doing so i.e. Dodge Timer/Elo Loss its a nuisance to close and re open client. While I'm sure the idea is not have to dodge at all, its still done, and I'm sure those who dodge for whatever reason, be it no wanting to play with team, or dodging because a friend logged in and wants to Que with them shouldn't be penalized by closing and re opening client.(Specially Multiple Times).