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How to not lag on LoL

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Step 1: Realize what kind of connection LoL utilizes.

To my knowledge, League Of Legends is a Client/Server game. This means that when playing matches in League of Legends, the quality of the connection between you and any other given person in the room depends on both the server stability and your connection

The reason you may see lag after an update is due to new data being used between players to servers that was not there before. this is why, over time, the intensity of the lag diminishes.

For a better grasp on what a Client/Server model looks like, take a look at the below:

Looking at the model, notice you connect to the server before connecting to other players. If it did not, gameplay would not be as smooth as it is currently, and people with slower connections would experience movement delay.

I will repeat. The server or the type of internet you have is the issue.

In League of Legends, each player's computer is responsible for sending updates each millisecond as to the following:

where the players character moved.
Whether it received damage.
Whether the player is dead or not.

movement delay occurs when:

Someone’s connection to the server is slow, causing data to transfer at a slower speed.

Freezing/gliding people occurs when:

your connection to the LoL server is cut off but your client continues to run. This causes everyone you see to freeze. When you connection connects again, you may notice a jump health or even death. This is because the enemy was hitting you during your frozen state. To them, you will appear to be afk. To you, everything just seems to jump.

Frame rate jumping occurs when:

Someone’s graphic driver or card is out of date. When in the loading screen for a battle, if at the bottom of your screen, you get a notice saying you graphics driver/card is out of date, then it is. You will experience random frame rate drops, especially if you get a Miss Fortune in your game, as the added particles from her Strut takes up more Latency then needed

The bottom line:

Blaming another player for you lag is stupid.
Maintain your connection as well as you can.

How to maintain your connection.

The updates to your health and other status areas are data. because they are data, other programs running in the background of your computer, clutter on your hard drive, and other things can cause lag.

To fix lag:

Use gamebooster.
Gamebooster is spyware free, and shuts down all unneeded processes running on your computer for you until you decide to turn them back on.

Do not download anything while playing.
the more congested your connection is, the longer it’ll take for packets to update. you will cause lag.

Use a decent internet connection.
Decent is relative. Check your Upload/Download speed. Anything above 2.0 megabits per second is good enough for LoL
That should tell you something. The data being sent is miniscule, so download and upload speed just has to be unobstructed enough to let it reach the riot servers

If you are using wireless internet, avoid playing in a different room as your router if you can.
data is lost periodically and has to be resent when it goes through walls. A router is the black/blue/white/plastic, antenna-tipped thingy that gives you internet access.

Avoid playing when people are using your internet connection to do data-intensive things.
This is probably why the connection I had gave me no trouble. Nobody else shares my network consistently, and when they do I play something else. The more people using your connection, the more data the router has to send out, which can cause congestion and slowdown.

Port forward.
research how to port forward on http://portforward.com. It dramatically increases the ease with which RF data reaches your computer.

Don't play in static storms/ thunderstorms.
not only is it unsafe, static messes with your connection. especially if it is wireless.

Keep your router away from things like microwaves, refrigerators, etc.
other electronic appliances can interfere with your connection.
change the channel your router communicates on.
If you are near other routers, they may all communicate on the same channel which can cause slowdown. research how to do this for your router via Google or the portforward link.

sounds complex, no?
all the information you need is here.
how to safely disable it can be found on Google.

Turn off the Xbox360/Wii/ps3.
these systems have online components that receive updates and data even when you are not using them. this can hamper connection speed, too.

turn off instant messengers, torrenters, Youtube videos, browsers if you can.
So some of you need your IM and Ventrilo. that's fine. Make sure you take off the net-using applications you don't need, though.

Disk cleanup/ defragmentation.
clutter is an issue too. not only can unused and accumulating files cause system slowdown, but it can also affect how much you lag after updates and how long it takes you to load. Programs that help with this are CCleaner and Defraggler

Most credit should go to player Smugleaf from the game Rumble Fighters. I just took most of the info from his thread and changed it around to fit LoL

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Thank you. so so much. This is amazing.

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Lv18 Jigglypuff

Junior Member


I have a MAJOR LAG I scaned my computer i check the client/server and i still have a MAJOR LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me fix it my name is Yvonne168

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Senior Member


Where can I download gamebooster? People say its spyware-free, yet if you google it more than fifty alternative links can be found, often coming from suspicious websites.

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Junior Member


Gamebooster is a reputable program that many with slower computers almost worship i love the program due to its ability to just shutdown programs that are not needed.

If you would like to get game booster it can be found at.


although there is a free and pay to use version the free one works almost as well.

Happy Champing
And may the Lol-Hamster be with you...

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Senior Member


So how do you explain why I get random lag spikes in game, yet I do ping tests while I'm lagging on LoL and I get 10 ping to the nearest server in LA with 0% jitter. Yet I get spikes in games randomly which make my ping go up to 50-60ms and in game my character freezes but everyone else is moving... and other people don't lag. I have verizon fios 30mb dl / 25 mb up. *Edit* I'm not on wifi either.. wired connection to my router.

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DIG MakiahTime

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this is a very important thread that all should read

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Junior Member


Thanks for teaching me the wonders of gamebooster

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TSM Nightfright

Junior Member


[QUOTE=Kapucino;6565257]Where can I download gamebooster? People say its spyware-free, yet if you google it more than fifty alternative links can be found, often coming from suspicious websites.[/QUO

Have u tried Razer Game booster? it pretty good