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complete idiot feeding on purpose

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Junior Member


That's so crazy dude, I had a similar situation recently where someone purposely fed the opposing team after losing his mid tower after seven minutes. Oh wait, that's right. That guy was you! The same dude who successfully managed to make an entire room of strangers hate him is a ****ing HYPOCRITE! Yeah after you trolled your ass off, I decided to take your word for it and see what kind of input you put into the forums only to see that you are a troll on the forums just as much in games. Also, check out my stats buddy: http://www.lolbase.net/us/DJfeces. And compare them to yours: http://www.lolbase.net/us/BMiBudster. I own you. Plain and simple. Also, I found it ironic that your last recorded game was a loss to me, lmao. I beat you, you raged, you added me to ignore. Seems every time I meet you, you manage to make an ass of yourself. Farewell, troll, I hope to go against you some day in the future. Just hope I don't pick blitzcrank because it will make you soil your adult diapers.

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anyone else think budster needs to take his ridilin more often