Idea for a New Gold Per 10 Support Item

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I believe that a support should be in lane to help the carry stay healthy and grow into the late game. Therefore, since the support is not there to kill creeps and gain gold they then to buy gold for 10 items that will usually build into useful support items later on. I have an idea for a new gold for 10 item for supports that rely on their mana pool to support their carry.

Blue Moon: Sapphire Crystal + 450; Passive: 5 gold every 10 seconds and +300 mana

This item will also build into a new item called Bailly's Comet.

Bailly's Comet: Blue Moon + Mana Manipulator + Meki Pedant + 300; Active: deal physical damage equal to 25% of your target's mana (additional 4% per 750 of your mana)(60 second cooldown). +20 mana regen per 5 and +450 mana.