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Chalice of Harmony + Crystal Scar Aura

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As stated, you ALREADY have 2 chalice effects on you. All you need is some MP5 from any ole source and it will take care of any mana problems. If you start out with only 10 MP5 base at level 3, you can see that a meki with +7 will almost double your mana regen.

Chalice seems good because it adds a 3rd chalice effect but mostly its the 7 MP5 that it gives you.

If you are having mana issues, you can consider any of the other items that give MP5 and they will very likely fix you right up:

Pros Ring - very efficient AP, health, as well as the MP5.
Philo Stone - odd choice but it gives health regen as well if you wanted something to take with boots and go bot with. Allows health pots and gives gold. Reverie = health, CDR, active boost which is passible.
Nashers Tooth, Evil Tome, Fiendish Codex
Tear to AA
Disposable Mekis Pendant - super cheap. 7 MP5. Fixed.