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Getting Jayce to work

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Admiral Knox

Senior Member


I understand that Jayce isn't a Jax or Irelia and he won't ever be. He is a very middle-of-the road character. That being said, I really, really like the guy and I'd love to play him frequently to some degree of success. But I'm struggling right now on just about everything.

First off is his full item build. Perhaps at first glance he seems to be a trinity force character, but with all of his superb AD ratios (1:1 and beyond), I can't help but think he's best off with raw damage. Could he be one of the last true atma's users?

Second is his laning item build. I'd like to believe that between his AD ratios and his % health damage, he's got some kind of late game potential. So far I have been thinking about maxing E and building GP10, hitting off as many Es as possible to whittle them down with the immense base damage and transition into some solid items later on. But would it be better just to max Q and try to build AD early, or is all of that situational?

Lots of questions, I know. But answering any of them would be greatly appreciated!

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There are quite a few guides on using him in Solomid. He is kind of hard to figure out though. I love him in dominion but havent played much in SR.

He has fantastic AD ratios so I would think one would build him like a Pantheon or Riven. He needs to be able to sustain his lane both health and mana, and not get killed too quickly so survival is needed. But past that, he wants lots of AD.
Bloodthirsters would seem to be in order.

Triforce is good on everyone it seems but Jayce is a burst caster and uses his abilities all at once like a Panth or Riven. You dont see them going triforce do you? No, because of their AD ratios. The triforce proc wont be triggered but once per combo and the AP/AS are basically wasted. So its kind of a marginal item on him, even though everyone and his dog uses it. It is also incredibly expensive for a whopping 30 AD which means his fantastic Poke that softens up teams is going to be pretty subpar, which is a waste.

He also has the ability to build like an AD carry in some sense which I do on dominion. I start out with lots of AD from BFSword, 2 pickaxes(to last whisper), but then assemble an Inf Edge and get 2 crit cloaks. With his triple shot (3.9 AD ratio)... 4.9 if you use it as an attack resetter, he can do INSANE damage within 1 second. No real sustain of course unless you pack Phantom Dancers (which is wasteful to me), but the burst is soo good. 6 sec cooldown on the burst autoattack too (minus CDR) which makes it pretty usable.