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First Win of The Day Change

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I just posted this on general discussion, but i realized this is probably a better space.

Hey Riot,

I'm not sure if this setting exists, but I would like to be able to set the time when my first win of the day (FWD) counter restarts. I want this change because it will allow me to consistently come home from school, play LOL as a break till I get my FWD, and then continue on to do homework and stuff.

As it is now, the timer keeps getting pushed back, so if I want to get my FWD I have to start playing later and later. I understand the timer reset could be abused, so you might implement a policy to prevent abuse. One preventative measure might be: once you set your FWD counter time, you cant change it for 20 days or so. This is definitely a minor change, but it would be cool.

{If this setting already exists, I would appreciate being shown how to change my timer }

- BB


Found another thread of people looking for a similar FWD change, figured I would post for some diversity..


One idea I really liked in this thread was to make the FWD timer reset on the date.

(i.e you can get the bonus anytime today, 25/08/2012, and the timer will reset on 26/08/2012.)

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Senior Member


I don't see the point in this. If you play after school at the same time every day, you're going to get your win of the day at the same time every day.
And as far as seeing when it comes back, just do basic elementary school math. 10 hours until your next win and it's 1am, at 11am you're win of the day will be back.

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What would be nice, is if instead of the First Win being on a timer for the reset is if it reset at a set time every day, for everybody. Let's say 3:00 A.M. that way you can get your first win bonus without having be on at roughly the same time every day.

It's a pain when you only have time to play in the evening one day, and the morning the next. When that happens the First Win bonus is given up even though it is a new day, and your first win.

Should be renamed from First Win of the Day bonus if it does not truly credit your first win of thee day.

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So basically the problem is when you first start playing you can't win for a couple hours so you can't get the first win of the day to reset... it's on a 22 hour clock? So it means you're playing for more than 2 hours without getting a win every day.