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[Concept] Celino, the Celestial Guardian

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I am no good at doing ratios, but here is the latest champion concept I have come up with. Pretty happy with the results, if I do say so myself. Lore could use some tweaking, just wrote what came to me.

- - - - -

Name: Celino, the Celestial Guardian

Role: Support (AP)

Heavenly Wings (Passive): While above half health, Celinos wing span is at their peak, granting him increased movement speed. Once below half health, his wings fold in, making him move at normal speed.

Light as a Feather (Q): Celino throws his halo at the target and flys to them, lifting them up and is able to carry them for a short distance. Can be used on allies.

Celestial Volley (W): Celino flourishes his wings at his enemies, shooting a volley of razor like feathers at them, dealing magic damage.

Preservation (E): Celino removes his halo and places it upon an allies head, increasing their health and mana regen by a large amount for up to 5 seconds, or until Celino is out of range. Can be used on himself for half the effect.

Sanctuary (R - ultimate): Celino declares Sanctuary for his allies, placing halos upon their heads, which absorbs the next attack done to them. If Sanctuary prevents a killing blow, the protected ally is healed for a small amount.

Lore: Upon reaching the age of recruitment, Celino joined the Demacian military as most men his age normally do, with aspirations to survive his three year term and go back to helping the needy citizens of Demacia. However, just months before his term ended, Celino met his fate at the hands of the Noxus military on his return trip home. His spirit had reached the heavenly plane, where he thought he would stay. But fate had other plans. The reining heavenly spirits, in need of a champion to watch over the League of Legends, pulled Celino from his afterlife, putting his body and mind through a celestial metamorphosis. Because of his good deeds in his former life, the metamorphosis was a success, and Celino was now the embodiment of all heavenly spirits. With a second life, Celino left the heavenly plane and joined the League of Legends, with hopes of saving lives.

Quote: "Thus all things altered. Nothing dies. And here and there the unbodied spirit flies."