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Rathren, the possesed marine

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Keala Mensha Kha



something i came up with when watching an ezreal and graves duel

passive- Empowered - has passive movment speed and attack speed increase(1% at lvl 18)

Q- Warp shift- shifts through time and space to a new location, reducing damage taken by (10% at skill lvl 5, and is about the same distance as flash)

W- Corrupted Shells- (passive)Rathrens basic attacks deal additional magic damage(+.6)
W- Corrupted Shells- (active) rathren fires a magic bolt that reduces enemy armor and magic resist by a flat amount, the passive magic damage is reduced by half while on CD

E- Blood Sacrifice- Sacrifices a random nearby minion to increase nearby ally champion attack speed(50%), and gains the gold that minion would have given the enemy, if no minions are nearby Rathren takes some damage and the effect is reduced by half and gains no gold(targets the lowest health minion, enemy or allied.)

R- Epidemic-(passive) Rathrens basic attacks reduce the targets armor and Attack damage by (5/10/15)
R-Epidemic- Rathren loads a toxic canister into his rifle and shoots it into a target location, the cloud slowly expands, and deals 25/50/75(+1) magic damage per seccond, targets in the cloud's movment speed, armor, and magic resist are reduced by 2.5%/5%/6.5%

i have no clue what he is just some stuff that popped into my head felt the need to share my insanity with the rest of you. um i probebly will not write the lore for him becuase the name and the idea is from a book im writting, and im paranoid. i THINK he's best as an ADC but probebly could be played AP/AS as well, i think i will put up a recomended item list at a latter date, and possibly some tips as well.

-recomended items-
berzerker greaves
Inifity edge
Phantom dancer OR Nashor's tooth
Guardian Angle