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Look I know this is a team game... PVP rant.

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Is there any form of counter measure for having leavers in your unranked matches (when getting assigned a rank)? (EDIT: So you don't get punished for someone else not playing from the start) Cause I'm about to stop playing this game for another year and quit this ranked season. I'm not a mean player I will be brutally honest when my team doesn't know how to build in a right direction to counter enemy champions in ranked; but, when you do fine in matches then team fights break out and your team turns to absolute *bad players* knowing afking is reportable what can you do knowing your going to lose elo garunteed. Should I care more about my score, or my rating?

Anyhow Cheers,

I know this is just a game and I don't have to deal with this 90% of the time in my normal games.


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The Best Olaf NA

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You are actually put into a pool with other unranked players when you play you're first matches, though you do still play with ranked players you prioritize the players that are unranked.

As far as leavers go there is nothing you can do because this is a team game it cripples you're team to the point of a loss if someone leaves thats why this game is a team game.