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Scolia, The Bones of Fortitude

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Scolia is a solution to the 'whip' character everyone is itching for. Scolia is a Melee Hybrid, though she actually has decent range, and is more of a glass cannon.

Scolia is a skeletal woman, who's bones form more of a human girl with some brittle armor. her whips are actually made of spinal chords, which she has in one hand. Despite being a whip character, I don't want her to be a big dominatrix sexy girl, Eve pretty much fits that trope.

Passive: Brittle Bindings: Scolia's basic attacks consecutively deal a percentage of her Ability Power, dealing up to 20% capping at 5, and then resetting.

Q: Spinal Surge: Passive: Scolia drains life energy, and receives 5/10/15/20/25% Lifesteal
Active: Scolia's lashes in front of her at opponents' mouths, silencing them for 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

W: Ribcage: Scolia summons sharp bones to snare her enemies after a short delay, dealing 80/120/180/200/250 (+ 70% AP) Magic damage.

E: Spectral Blink: Scolia shortly returns to her ghost form, blinking forward a distance. A wave of death washes over her path, dealing 60/80/120/170/200 (+ 0.5 bonus AD) magic damage behind her. She will be momentarily stealthed until the spell ends.

R: Banshee's Calling: Scolia channels and lets loose a sickening scream in a cone, dealing 100/200/300 (+ 0.3 bonus physical damage) magic damage each second for 6 seconds. If an enemy unit is in range of the scream for more then 3 seconds, they are stunned for 3 seconds.


The dead are numerous in number. With the war that the land has, the dead sometimes seem to make up more of the population than the living. And as such, one must care for them. Deep in the catacombs of Valoran, there is an order of monks who look after the tombs where the dead lie. They believe in the order of Death. A quiet life is enjoyable, and a duty. They choose to be neutral, and simply give the dead the respect they need. Though others disagreed. Bandits would pillage the catacombs, taking all valuables they can. Monks were sometimes found dead in the very place they stood their ground.

Scolia was made to stop this. A dying woman, a priestess of the order, agreed that her remains may be used to protect the tombs. Upon her death, her bones were used to build a golem, a guardian to protect the tombs. Scolia, a skeletal guard, was the one who stood her ground in the tombs of the dead. Despite being dead, one could say she had a soul, that she seemed more alive than any member from the order. Scolia had passion for the people she protected, alive and dead. Some speculate that perhaps the woman's soul was still in the skeletal girl, still living on through her own remains. She saw the poor state the monks were in, and she eventually had enough. She decided to take a stand, that the dead have a voice, and went to the League, so that she can bring protection to those who simply wish to sleep.

'The living may have more needs, but the dead only has one; Respect.'


I will bring them peace.
Rest, forever.
I shall quiet the battlefield.
No more suffering.
I will bring them taboo.
They will be left dry.
My voice carries death.


As you wish.
On wings of death.
Death becomes you.
A silent scream.
By these dry bones...

Upon activating Spinal Surge:
Brittle bones!

Upon using Spectral Blink:


Your just like me. Sour, sweet, and dead.
If your ears don't hurt, should I scream some more?

I have a bone to pick- Uhg, I can't say it...
I refuse to say some stupid pun!

I assume she would look a bit like this


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Bump. I edited her Ulti, noticing the obvious OPness.

I also want to know weather I should make her more AP assassin, or more AD fighter.

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