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Suspended for reporting too much.

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I have been suspended many times, due to my bad behavior. Most of the time, I just can't stand the stupidity of players in this community...

Most of the time, I just keep it shut, I dont say a thing.

In both case, I can get reported, and probably got suspended for both. Not communicating with team mates, or using bad words.

I can understand that using bad words can be a suspension matter. But for a week? That seems a little bit excessive. This community hasnt change... People are still trash talking each other. And even banned, it doesnt change anything.

I became so irritated by this community, that at one point, i was just.. Using the mute function on everyone.

Yes... Its bad to mute everyone in your team. But for me it helps. When I dont get to read : "You fu**** ******" or that kind of comment, because I did something wrong (Or [Most of the times] when someone does something wrong and cant find a way to blame himself) I become irritated and can't focus. Frustration lower's people IQ temporary.

So my best way to play, is it mute everyone. But not everytime. When I have a bad day, and I know im going to use bad words or what ever. This is my trick. But yet... I can get reported to that, for not communicating with my team mates. Lame.

But today.........................................................

I got banned, for REPORTING players too much.
For 1 week.

Seriously ? I mean. What is this.

On ALLL my League of legends gaming history. I have NEVER reported someone that did not deserve it.

Everytime, that person was gulty.

And yet, im the one who gets banned today. That's sucks.

Im done with reporting person.

Im done with me, using the tribunal to help solves cases.

Im also done buying RP for this game.

I have loved this game so many times. I had some fun.

Yes I deserved to be suspended, when I was using strongs words to express my self. And im OK with this.

But this time, I dont deserve it.

Maybe some of you guys will say : "But that's a negative attitude !"

Yeah well. If its what it takes to stop being suspended for reporting people. That's is what its gonna be.

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Exploding Barrel

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Thread about the ban waves (best place to learn the details and express complaints):