How long will my balls last

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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to be posting this on, but wouldn't it be helpful to know how long syndra's balls are on the field before they disappear? I know it doesn't seem like much difference, but as a syndra main i find it a bit frustrating.

Sometimes my lane opponent is good enough to dodge my q>e as Syndra, so at times i need to put down a ball in advance and wait to use my E. The problem is, my Q disappears after about 6 seconds or so, (and if I use my E too late, I won't be stunning anything). All I want is a buff timers on the balls i put down, so i know when they wont be a use to me anymore.

Do any syndra players out there hear where im coming from on this? or do i have to count those 6-7 seconds every time i put a ball down..
I do understand this is not a huge problem with syndra but it would allow her to be played at full potential IMO.

Give me feedback on this! Do any syndra mains out there feel like they would preform better with this added in? Or is this all just unnecessary towards syndra's gameplay? (since shes already op af)

TL;DR: I want timers on how long syndra Q lasts.

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Honestly, after playing her for a while you just get feels for it. I think its about halfway after you Q twice on cooldown, halfway before your next Q's cooldown is up the old one disappears. Of course, CDR Changes this.

I think playing her will give you a better feel than exact timers. I would say though 6-7 seconds is probably pretty close with her Q's CD being like 4s.