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another thread since i got closed

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zonatha thartika

Junior Member


Dear Summoner,

Internal audits by staff members of Riot have revealed consistent abuse of the “Report A Player” feature by your account within League of Legends.

Falsely reporting players over a large span of time dilutes the significance of your reports and causes unnecessary distress to the players being reported. Reporting players is a tool used to help improve the community rather than a tool used to threaten or bully other players.

Due to this toxic behavior, your account has been temporarily suspended.

Please note that this is a temporary suspension to serve as an official warning. Moving forward, be mindful of who you are reporting as falsely reporting players is not only against the Summoner’s Code, but also negatively effects the League of Legends community. Failure to adjust your in-game behavior can result in additional punishments............................

well first of all i'd like to say hi im zonatha i play alot ranked games i have 805 Wins i never report player's for no reason but surely i report alot of player's that deserv to be reported so riot reporting trolls on ranked games is agains the rules? or you lazy staff does not want to work too much?

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Senior Member


Read through this thread: