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Do you believe that this would be a good addition to the game?

Yeah, let's get it on, baby! 15 55.56%
Nah, I don't think this will help. 12 44.44%
Voters 27 .

☆☆☆ Tutorial For Newbies ☆☆☆

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I think it would be better to just add a small instruction on how to ignore players, and report (responsibly) and a reference to the summoners code (if it's not already).

The summoners code is open to interpretation. It's up to the player(s) to decide if they feel another player is creating a toxic environment for them. I don't think there should be 'examples' shown to new players - they should decide for themselves who and why they report.

While I like the intention of this (helping new players deal with jerks, and trying to educate new, potentially toxic players) I think this is just a band-aid fix - the real problem is (perma) banned players creating new accounts and bestowing their toxic behavior on new players.