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Creative Design AMA: Rengar, the Pridestalker

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What is the name of this legendary hunter who raised Rengar? Is it Kitae? or Madred?

(just seeing the claw weapon from Rengar reminds me of the icon from the artifacts "Madred's Razor" or "Kitae's Bloodrazor" )

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What does rengar think of Zyra considering they are both predator like creatures would she be an interesting prey for him?

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Question here, where exactly does/did Rengar live, that territory where he found the Cho'Gath-esque creature?

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Thanks for your answers so far Skribbles - I like how much character you've put into some of them.

I think the idea that Rengar isn't the only Regnar is pretty much settled; he's not exactly a plant and he's not a Galka from FFXI so that means two other Rengar-things made him and thus there must be more SOMEWHERE.

I'd like to know how he would view Wukong; another adventurer from the wilder places of the world who, like Rengar, saw mentorship from a human, though in an entirely different capacity. Rengar learned what hunting is, how to survive and live in the wilds from his adoptive father. Wukong dominated his own wild...only to find a creature from the (excuse the Predator reference) "Concrete Jungle" utterly stomped him and he then decided to learn from it for that reason.

I guess that's to say, Rengar learned from another creature and made that his own thing; he took that knowledge and grew up with it to become a power-figure and dominator. Wukong was already a dominant figure in his own land, similar to Rengar and also met an opponent he couldn't beat - but he took something entirely different from it.

What say you about this contrast? How would the clubbin' monkey-man see the scary Reggae lion?

Also, edit - since there's a "long gap" between Rengar's bio and current times - that means that the creature he encountered very well could've been our own Cho'gath since Cho initially didn't live as a captive of the Institute of War? C/D?

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Does Rengar still keep in touch with his father?

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If Rengar is all about pride, what is Urgot's title about then? The Headsman's Pride if you don't remember.

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After training with the hunter did Rengar ever run into him again, and has Rengar always been solo?

How old is rengar?

Has he ever ran into any of the champions outside the league before he joined?

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When you were designing Rengar, did you get any bit of inspiration from Zaroff from The Most Dangerous Game, or was a draft of his lore something similar to the story? It seems like he would be a prime candidate.

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I'm a little bit disappointed that Rengar learned to hunt from a human. Given that a lion creature has all the predatory instincts of a wild thing, you would think that he would the one teaching the human, not looking to the human for knowledge or respect. And it also leaves doubt as to whether he's really as ferocious as he says he is. He's meant to be the archetype of the brutal and ferocious predator, but surely the people of his pride, the ones that were NOT raised by humans, would be even more fierce, more predatory. If there was a question about where he had learned how to hunt, I would hope he had learned from the strongest of the hunters, rather than inferior humans.

I'm sorry that I feel this way, because I really do love the way the champion plays. The playstyle really captures the essence of a brutal and ferocious hunter.

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Opinions on Vladimir and Vayne?
Opinions on Zilean.

Regarding Zilean.
Zilean opinions on him. Is Zilean a Bearcist only or does he hate all antro champs?

Vladimir: Weird guy, would probably need to see some compelling demonstrations of Vlad's skills before he would see him as a worthy target.
Vayne: Neutral, I think. She a worthwhile target, but her method of hunting isn't as well suited for the jungle.
Zilean: I think it's similar to Vlad. Zilean doesn't really come off as dangerous or difficult to kill until you've seen him in action for a little while. Then he might actually turn into really interesting prey.

Zilean is a bearcist only.

Does Rengar respect Vayne because of the many dangerous, dark things she hunts? And likewise, does Vayne acknowledge Rengar as a good hunter? Would she, at least think about, take him along to exterminate a nest of dark creatures she knew she couldn't handle herself?

I'm sure he has a professional respect for all other successful hunters. It's a shared way of life. I don't think Vayne spends too much thought worrying about those things, she seems primarily like a results kind of girl. She might team up with him, but I'm sure it would start rocky. That would be an interesting story.

Dr Toenail:


On topic:
If Rengar is in the League to prove his hunting skills, does he try to focus on hunting animalistic champions such as the void beasts, rammus, skarner, and nidalee?

Also how would he and Udyr get along?

I swear I've sent emails. That artist just recently went on vacation though.

I think Rengar focuses on anyone who presents interesting prey moreso than the bestial champions specifically, but the bestial champs are more obviously that to him. The average human isn't as powerful, so he needs to see them in action first.

I could see him getting along with Udyr, but I think some part of him evaluates everyone as a possible trophy.

How do you think some of the other champions feel about Rengar and his joining the League?

Anyone in particular very friendly/unhappy about it? Even though the League's got all sorts of amazing people and creature in it, I'm sure some of them might have mixed feelings about a ferocious lion-man joining up to stalk them relentlessly on the Fields of Justice and all that.

I have the feeling that the animalistic champs and the hunter champs probably see Rengar as a challenge to their statuses. This is something all champs would need to be accustomed to though. It's a huge accomplishment to make it into the League, but it certainly doesn't stop there, you need to be able to adapt to all the new recruits.

Ross the Red:
So this Lion-Man Predator thinks he can just waltz in to the Rift and suddenly claim himself King of the Jungle? What's the Animal Spirit think about this? And what about our other feline, Nidalee?

Also, since Rengar's power essentially comes from his self-esteem, do you think he's ever tried to give Amumu a pep talk?

Most champs enter "the Rift" thinking they're something special, but the League is the ultimate test. I think veteran champs delight in disillusioning the rookies. Udyr and Nidalee are no exceptions. I don't think that either of them fear Rengar, but I have the feeling that his territory was known well enough that one of them may have heard of him. That would probably make them curious to see what Rengar's really made of (/attack line).

I think Annie's the only one who's ever tried to give Amumu a pep talk, although it probably ended in her "accidentally" lighting his bandages on fire.

must ... answer ... riddle
Oh that was my answer.

His attitude reminds me somewhat of Wukong's ambition. How would they feel about each other? Does Rengar hail from south of the Great Barrier, Fyrone Flats, perhaps?

I think Rengar would have a respect for Wukong, and that he would like to put his staff up in his den. Rengar hails from south of the Great Barrier, although I think he's roamed across great parts of it.

Renekton Bot:
Hmm... A male champion. I... I haven't prepared a list of questions for a male champion.

I, uh. I guess I just proceed as usual and ad lib where I can.

1) I notice that Rengar is a hunter. Surely he respects crocodiles as nature's greatest predator, right?

2) What else does he think about crocodiles?

3) Rengar has a bola. Does he... use it for anything off the fields, if you know what I mean?

4) Would he ever consider teaming up with, I dunno, random champion here Renekton and helping him murder Nasus? Together? You know, by candlelight?

5) What's Rengar's favorite food? If it's "Whatever screamed the loudest" then that's mine, too.

6) What are some of Rengar's hobbies? Ones that don't include hunting, I mean. Those are good too, don't get me wrong, but like, you know.

7) How does Rengar react to being called a "Fwuffy Wuffy Teddybear Button-nose Cutieface?" Because I'm not going to stop.

8) Rengar's Ferocity system: Just who the hell does he think he is?

9) Is Rengar ticklish?

10) Does Rengar have a favorite restaurant?

11) After Nasus is dead, what City-state would he want to burn down with me in celebration? I'd be up for Bandle City and I'm sure he'd agree.

12) Can Rengar still see despite losing his eye? I mean, his eyepatch is glowing which leads me to believe that he has a super-eye in there now.

13) No, really. How does he feel about crocodiles?

Huh, funny, I didn't think Renekton Bot needed to ask for anything with female champions.

1) He definitely respects crocodiles as hunters and afternoon snacks. Not to be confused with Renekton of course.

He would be supper.
2) Scaley. Good purses.
3) Oh sure, tying up small parcels, attaching notes to ostrich legs, unpredictable games of racquetball, the usual. That's what you meant, right?
4) Funny thing, cats don't like dogs. There might be something there. And candlelight was obviously implied with the supper.
5) Rengar follows the Tastiness Triangle for his food preferences. Whatever lives at the intersection of big, adorable, and already-covered-in-barbecue-sauce is best.
6) Well...other than hunting, there's reading (about hunting), hiking (to places where he can hunt), swimming (to hunt pesky fish monsters), and synchronized crochet.
7) You two can discuss that over supper, although FWTBC is also the acronym for the Free and Wanton Taxation of Belligerent Crocs (that new bill that's been gaining momentum) so you might want to change up the order there a bit,
8) For a little while, he thought of himself as a rager, but he decided he wanted to make the life change to ferocious. I guess he liked that better.
9) He does have a lot of fur which only amplifies sensation.
10) Lion A-Round Pizza
11) Bandle City is kind of a no-brainer.
12) He can, more thanks to the other eye than the glowing super eye.
13) He might be up for a whirlwind romance.

Werewolf Link:
Who in the League would Rengar prize as the most... valuable trophy?

How does Rengar feel about Warwick, since Warwick has a similar fighting style of hunting his prey down until he can kill them?

Currently...I'd say Cho'Gath.

Copied from earlier:
Warwick would probably actually interest Rengar less, although I think he's still a worthwhile target. To me, Warwick seems like more of a "kill as fast as possible" kind of guy than a clever, unpredictable prey. He certainly is strong though.

I'm sorry, but I can't agree with it being an elegant solution, quite the opposite actually.

It's a risk/reward mechanic that:
-Carries no risk(it's still gold effective even with just the AD per level).
-Has rewards that could have just as well be a baseline.
-Can be opted out of entirely.

Compared to Viktor, for whom the item is an integral part of his kit, it's pretty lame. There were better ways to have this whole proud hunter theme represented through gameplay(Veigar, of all the champions, has one).

I'd much rather see Rengar be stronger on his own, and an actual AD Caster item(with CDR and armor pen, but without the crit of a Youmuu's) introduced.

I can see how some of those options might be thematically stronger against what I described, but unfortunately I think this is one of those places where certain sacrifices needed to be made for gameplay. With limited item slots, there's a high cost to eating up a spot for the player. Unlike with Viktor, this item would only work thematically if it improved based on performance, but that would just feel like a punishment if you were having a rough game.

It's actually not really so much of a risk/reward item, since you don't lose stacks when you die the way you do with Mejai's. It's more of just a flavor add. The stats could have been baseline, but we wouldn't have been able to build the champ in a balanced way and still make the reward feel impactful. So using an item slot is an effective way of offering the feel for an acceptable price, and we make it opt in so you can build him how you want if you don't like the flavor.

Veigar's gameplay is a bit different since he and Nasus primarily focus on leveling up with creeps, which wouldn't have felt right against Rengar's thematic. I'd also posit that encouraging an assassin to farm his lane til late game might force him into less enjoyable play patterns for his role, but I'm not really the right guy to speak on that point.