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Dear Lyte and the PB&J team:

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I love you. I really do love you all. No...I don't know you. But, for what you deal with day in and day out to try to better the community, I love you.

And I thank you. Seriously. Thank you for all the recent steps you've taken to improve the community, thank you for your open and honest communications with players (and for taking all that time to do so, even on days off) and thank you for changes that you're working on to implement in the future. Thank you for sticking to your guns, and putting up with bullying from the forums but not giving in to it.

I was seriously about to uninstall this game, and I was sad about the decision. I love the game itself, but the community...it's just so toxic. And I felt like Tribunal was just not doing anything, that it just didn't matter if I reported or judged because nothing would come of it.

Seeing how dedicated Lyte and PB&J team is gives me hope that the toxicity will keep going down. It encouraged me to get back in Tribunal because, hey, yeah, people are paying attention and Tribunal does matter.

Keep up the awesome work. And ignore the haters, you are loved.