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Amumu Looks For Friends

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Dangerous Liason

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Not sure if this is still going on, but I wanted to say that I very much enjoyed these stories and the style with which you tell them. Charming.

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This isn't dead right?

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What're you talking about? This is completely on time. *shifty eyes*

Metalhead Amumu (Part 2)

Amumu could only remain solid in place as the enormous figure began to take long, powerful strides towards him. The sound of his sabatons clashing into the ground had echoed through the alleyways, drowning out the noises of crows looming overhead. There was only one being that could take the weight of such armour without faltering in his strides, and only one that would wield such a huge mace effortlessly. When it finally stood at about a foot away from Amumu, the little yordle was gazing so high that he almost toppled backwards. Crimson eyes hidden beneath a skullshield were staring expectantly at him.

"... Um. Hi Morde."

"That's Lord Mordekaiser when you're in my domain, little one. Or perhaps... Lordekaiser. I've grown to like that nickname." As he laughed, he let his mace drop onto the ground, causing the earth to shudder.

Amumu didn't know what to say Mordekaiser. Like many champions he was an enigma, but he knew one thing: he wished Annie was in his place. To make her even more of an oddity, Annie's obsessive love for the band "Pentakill" was borderline unhealthy. If there was a piece of music, she had it. If there was an autographed item, she'd get it. There was even a rumour that she had snuck backstage during one of their tours and stolen Yorick Mori's "Pentapants". She had to give them back. Out of fear of getting scorched he never brought it up, but Amumu began to call her Pentacrazy.

"Hey, Morde? Can I ask you a question?"

The giant of metal shrugged nonchalantly. "You technically just did, but I assume this leads to another. Ask away, little one."

"Who's your drummer? I mean, we've seen him, but... he's always in a shadow."

The mystery drummer of Pentakill. Everyone knew he existed because there was drumming in all their songs (and let’s face it, what metal band doesn't have an awesome drummer?). But he had taken every precaution possible to prevent himself from being shown to the public. He had been the subject of much debate amongst the Pentakill fans, but had remained unknown to all of Valoran. Everyone was dying to know why the secret was so well kept.

"... I'm afraid that has to remain confidential." Mordekaiser stated flatly, as if he had been forced to say that line on more than one occasion. "As much as I'd enjoy a conversation, I must be off. Farewell, little one."

"Wait!" Amumu quickly ran after him, glancing around himself uncertainly. "I'm... kinda lost. Could you help me- WOAH!"

Before his sentence could even be finished, Amumu was scooped off the ground by a forceful hand and placed onto one of his shoulders. It felt so high up that he almost felt that he was flying, and he realised just how miniscule he probably looked when he was standing on his own two feet. His hands were gripping a metal spike tightly from rising and falling in time with Mordekaiser's steps like a boat trapped in wave. If he were living, he might've begun to feel nauseous. But it was fun experiencing what it's like to view the world from this height, and eventually the light of day had graced them.

But the moment they escaped, they were swarmed by fans and journalists alike. Mordekaiser was rarely seen outside of the alleyways of Noxus save for on the fields of justice.

"Um... does this happen a lot?" Amumu asked, peering to his right at Mordekaiser, for once actually at eye level.

"When you're in Pentakill, yes. He offered a brief wave to the cameras flashing at him. There were so many screaming fans and reporters bombarding him with questions that he couldn't possibly make sense out of it all.

How the heck did they get here so quickly?!

"... But I enjoy making myself scarce. If I leave you, they'll swarm you with questions as well, and frankly they're quite annoying and make no sense. I was once asked if I'd ever elope with Sona. What kind of question is that?" He shook his head with a scowl. "Do you have anything you left behind?"

"No, I- ANNIE!" Amumu facepalmed. "I completely forgot about her. Can we go to Sinful Succulence? She might still be there. She'd love to meet you outside the League as well."

Mordekaiser waved a hand in the air, brushing away the ground as he stomped through the streets of Noxus. They followed him, though they kept a safe distance. He may have been the famous founder of Pentakill, but he was still a dangerous individual, and to be quite honest a very serious health and safety hazard.

When they reached the Sinful Succulence, Annie was sat on a step with her knees to her chest, looking rather bored. She looked up when she sun appeared to have faded out.

"Hey, what happened to the-" Annie let out a gasp, and her eyes lit up like a hundred stars, her hands over her mouth in shock.

"Hi Annie. We're going to band practice!"

- - - - - - - - - -

A few hours later, they were taken to an underground lair. The trip was largely Annie talking excitedly like a chattering monkey. Half of it was telling Amumu how he's the best for getting them a meeting with Pentakill, the other half was Mordekaiser's ears being filled with noise with her questioning, what items she had collected, what music she had, asking for confirmation of common Pentakill myths such as...

"Hey, Morde! Morde! Is it true that you once tried to start your own jazz band?"
"... No."
"Okay! Is it true thaaaaat... your drummer is secretly Olaf?"
"... No."
"Is it true that..."

When they approached an old and rusted jail cell door, Annie and Amumu began to wonder why they'd choose to live in such an un-prestigious place. But then Mordekaiser whacked his mace against the wall. To their amazement, not only did the wall not shatter under the force, but split down the middle and opened wide for them. Instead of a greasy, aged jail cell, there was a fully pimped out Pentakill chamber. It was full of instruments, sofas, a bar, tables, speakers... almost everything that a band wanted and required on whim.

The first person they saw, however, was Yorick himself, and he narrowed his eyes at Annie. "What’s she doing here?" He muttered to Mordekaiser.

"Oh, get over it! Your precious Pentapants were returned, were they not? We don't have time for your ridiculous business ideas. We have a gig to rehearse for." Before storming off, Mordekaiser turned to the visitors. "Make yourself at home."

Yorick grumbled as he pointed at his own eyes and then to Annie, warning her that she was being watched. As Yorick brushed by the pair and scooped up his guitar, he had revealed the hidden Sona who was in the corner applying makeup to her face. Amumu still hadn't quite gotten used to her wearing dark and spiky clothing, despite seeing her wearing it frequently. When she caught the pair looking at her in the mirror, she turned and offered a silent wave with a warm smile. No amount of gloomy makeup could ever dampen her smile.

The little ones went to follow her into the rehearsal room, but when she noticed she was being followed, she turned and pointed to a sign at the door.


"Bwaah? But why?!" Annie cried, pouting at her.

Sona raised her hand and made drumming motions.

"... Oh." She said glumly, even as she was given a pat on the head. The drummer was not to be seen.

Amumu shrugged. "At least we get to listen to some neat- ANNIE DON'T TOUCH THAT!"

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Dangerous Liason

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Kk next part plz

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Brilliant writing. You've got talent, pal.

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It was pointed out to me by a friend that this thread has over 2500 views, which is awesome! I didn't think it'd get that much attention. I started it about... 26/27 days ago? So that means it's gotten roughly 90 views a day (estimated)! So thanks guys!

Want to know something ironic? I originally was going to say that this would be shorter than it usually is. Turns out it'll be the longest post I've ever written :| Hope it isn't a TL;DR case! So yeah. Sorry for the length, but I didn't want to split it!

Metalhead Amumu (Part 3)

Annie huffed and withdrew the hand that was extended towards the Pentapants that were hung inside a wardrobe. They weren't underwear for 5-legged people; they were just Pentakill themed underpants. Apparently, Yorick Mori was being planning to be remembered as a man with a keen eye for business as well as a damn good guitarist, and these were the prototype. Though they couldn't see anything behind the door, they could see stage lights flaring from the gap underneath. The speakers were blasting so loudly that vibrations could be felt underneath their feet, and Karthus being able to sing above all of it was quite impressive.

When the lights went out and Sona began her epic solo, Annie giggled as she saw Amumu melt into the sofa and stare at the door with oogly-eyes. Leaving a captivated Amumu on the sofa, she jumped off and began to explore the room. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It couldn't be wasted just sitting around! With Tibbers in her hands (who was at this point yelling furiously to never do drugs), she spotted something on the bar counter. It was a rather fruity looking drink, like liquidised rainbows, and the colours were swirling around in the drink.

THIS looked exotic. Tibbers' flailing arms and shrieks of "DON'T DO IT YOU MAD CHILD!!" fell upon deaf ears as she plucked up the glass from the counter, holding it in both hands and taking a gulp.

"... Mmm..." She said dreamily. "This tastes great! Hey, Amumu! Come check this out!"

"Huh?" Amumu was broken out of his Sona induced trance, and his eyes widened as he saw Annie chugged down more of the beverage. "NO!" He cried out as he flung a bandage towards the glass, pulling it out of Annie's grip.

"Do you even know what this is?!"

"Sure I do! It's... um..." Annie coughed. "It's rainbow juice." She said matter-of-factly. Her eyelids fluttered from sudden fatigue for a moment and she put a hand against her head. "I feel woozy." She murmured.

Her hand was grasped by Amumu within seconds, an act she didn't object to, and was slowly guided back to the sofa. "Well that's what you get for messing around with stuff you don't know about." He muttered.

Shortly after, the music had died down in the rehearsal room and the lights were switched off. When the door was opened, the band members emerged (except for the drummer, of course) and were giving their visitors a quizzical look. Yorick, however, was looking to his wardrobe and making sure no one had pilfered his pentapants.

Karthus scowled. "What'd she do? She's looking a little pale."

"I dunno... she just drank something she found."

Annie had suddenly burst into a giggle-fit, her hands covering her mouth. "Hehehehe... Tibbers is such a funny name. It rhymes with... with... FLIBBERS!" She laughed harder at her "witty" epiphany, sprawling out of the sofa and poking Tibbers in the eye.

Tibbers was not amused.

Mordekaiser intervened, shaking his head. "It was just alcohol. A very potent beverage. She'll be fine... though you will need be going, as we're leaving. But if all goes to plan... we'll see the pair of you at the concert in a few days."

Five Days Later

"Amumu! Hurry UP! We need to get good seats!"

Annie was dressed in a decidedly more... dark attire. Her hair was as black as coal, and to replace her purple dress and stripy stockings was a Pentakill t-shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans. Her backpack was discarded and even Tibbers had gotten a makeover. He insisted he looked ridiculous, but Annie was too hyped up to notice.

"Um, Annie? Maybe you ought to calm-"

"BLITZCRANK! GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE!" She shrieked at the top of her lungs.

"... How do your parents even let you do this stuff?" Amumu stared at her with a puzzled look.

She shrugged, blowing a strand of black hair out her face. "Easy. I just remind them we have Tibbers, Blitzcrank and more importantly, that I can burn anything that touches me!"

"Well... when you say it like that..."

The sound of metal feet pounding against the ground had interrupted the silence. Blitzcrank hadn't decorated his steel shell, but he did have a Pentakill banner held up by a pole attached to his back. When he appeared, Annie frowned.

"You didn't dress up?"

"The genre of the music tonight will be metal. I am made of metal. I believed my presence to be appropriately suitable."

Annie held up a finger objectively, but surrendered to his logic. "Good point, I guess. LET'S GO PEOPLE! We gotta get a good view!"

Without wishing to provoke another screech from bossy-boots Annie, the pair agreed that it was time to depart. It was a long trip to Noxus, but they had eventually made it. At any other time there might've been virtually no one on the streets save for stray animals, but the street was bustling with people who, like Annie, were getting to the concert earlier to avoid being stuck at the back and unable to see band in all their glory. The trio were certainly an odd sight and were immediately spotted, the citizens of Noxus giving them alienating looks.

Amumu felt the scruff of his neck suddenly seized and yanked out of the crowd. He didn't appear to be the dangerous sort, however. It was a man, lanky and pale, with a trimmed goatee and clad in a tuxedo. His eyes were hidden from view with a pair of stylish polarized shades, and some odd looking wire was coming out of his ear.

"Hey, what're you-"

"Shhh. Mordekaiser wants to see you. Says it's urgent."

Amumu peered at him, though he only saw his own reflection. He was quick and to the point. "Um... okay? Sure, let's go."

The stranger pressed his finger against the device on his ear before nodding in understanding to the faint voice speaking to him before setting his gaze on Amumu.

"Follow me."

The man in black had lead Amumu through secret passes he hadn't even fathomed. It was as if he was being taken through a new maze that was in front of his eyes, yet completely unseen. There wasn't a soul in sight. His escort was clearly some sort of bodyguard for the band - a very efficient one at that. He hadn't even spared to spark up small talk. When they arrived at their destination, they were backstage. He was lead through a corridor before left in front of a door that said "Pentakill - Band members only!". But despite the sign, the stranger knocked on the door.

When the knock was answered, Amumu was welcomed inside by Sona. They all appeared to be deeply troubled by something, and he noted that there werenÂ’t five members. There were only four, and last he checked, the band wasn't called Quadrakill.

"Um. Hi guys. What's going on?"

Mordekaiser was sat on a throne made of steel, and upon Amumu's arrival, he gestured him to come closer. "Hello again, little one. We appear to have some... difficulties that you could help with."

A sigh echoed through his helmet, not awaiting Amumu's reply as to whether or not he even wanted to help. "Our drummer has had an emergency. Unfortunately, his family couldn't die quietly." At this he grunted. Clearly, he wasn't Mr. Sensitive. "At any rate, without a drummer, we cannot do this gig. Pentakill will NOT flake on our fans because of an inconvenience!"

His fist slammed against the arm rest, living a dent. Amumu jumped at the sudden outburst. "O-Okay... so what do you need me more?"

This time, it was Karthus would answer. "You may not be a drummer, but you are the only one who has heard the songs we practiced for tonight. And because our glorious Lord doesn't want a black mark on his record..." His glowing eyes would glare at the man of metal, "... we have no choice but to find a last minute drummer. This will have to be YOU."

Amumu's eyes widened. "M-me? Playing on stage? With Pentakill? I... um... but uh... I-I don't even know how-"

"Then you will learn." Mordekaiser stated sternly, getting up onto his feet. His personality was like his armour, stubborn and immovable. It didn't look like Amumu was going to be getting any say in this. A bundle of parchments were handed to him, with a series of strange writings that he couldn't make sense of. "You have thirty minutes to practice. Kyle will translate." He waved a metal gauntlet in the air dismissively.

He had to learn all the things he could about drumming and practice as hard as he could... or face embarrassment in front of all of Noxus, and punishment from an uncompromising lord of metal.

Thirty minutes had passed. He had learned all he could, and it was time. The sound of eager, screaming fans could be heard even from outside the city. Night had now fully enveloped the sky, the moon shining radiantly and they were chanting the name Pentakill in unison, and various crew members were pacing around and barking orders to each other. Last minute details were being rushed, and security were getting into position. Despite Mordekaiser being quite able to kill any fans that got into the stage, he didn't particularly enjoy the idea of a lawsuit being filed against him.

Amumu had been taken away into a dressing room by Sona, who was giving him a quick makeover so he would look like the part. It was remarkably similar to his "Emumu" costume that some summoners enjoyed dressing him up in as a joke. A black wig was fixed to his head. It was long, wiry and styled in an iconic rockstar look, plus atop the wig he was given a beanie hat. His torso was wrapped in a sleeveless black jacket with "PENTAKILL" inked onto the back. He flexed his fingers when he pulled on some fingerless gloves, attempting to get comfortable. With all the bandages, it was like wearing a second skin of clothes.

"You sure this looks okay?" Amumu asked as he rolled his shoulders.

Before he could get an opinion, curtains had been swung open and he was dragged onto the stage with the rest of the band members. When everyone had appeared, the crowd had thrown their arms into the air and cheered until their lungs were ready to burst. Their cries of excitement were so loud that Amumu felt the sound slam into his chest, and his knees couldn't help but go a little wobbly. There was a LOT of people. Way more than he had expected, but he couldn't turn back now. If he did, he would have to pay for it later.

In the midst of the crowd, Annie was sat atop Blitzcrank's shoulders, and upon seeing her beloved friend about to be rocking out with Pentakill, she fell into a stunned silence.

Mordekaiser pumped a fist into the air, causing the crowd to scream even louder. "PREPARE YOURSELVES, MORTALS!" He bellowed.

The first chord was struck. The microphone grasped. Strings echoed, and the crowd was roaring. Before he began to pick up the drumsticks with trembling hands, he witnessed Annie holding up her hands and making devil horn signs with them. Her mouth was open and her tongue sticking out, proving to be a comical sight. With a grin, Amumu placed on a pair of sunglasses to be extra cool and played his tune. He couldn't describe the feeling of thousands of people cheering him on, even when he was playing a few notes incorrectly. He was doing a good enough job to convince the city. He felt a rush surge through him that he hadn't felt before in his undead state. The fear melted away and he was becoming one with the music. He was in the zone.

Hours later, the concert had come to an end. Amumu's hands were frozen, unable to let go of the drumsticks until he was guided off the stage. But the fact that a drummer was seen and visible had started quite a panic, and journalists were already at the scene, but quickly brushed away unless they wanted to become children of the grave. Amidst the sea of people, he spotted Annie.

He could only grin widely at her.

... Maybe she'll like me after this.

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You never cease to amaze me!

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A Chat with Fate


The nights were always quiet in the Institute. Sometimes there was the sound of footsteps echoing in the hall, or a raven cawing at a cemetary. On rare occasion there was the faint sound of a drunken brawl after someone had decided to indulge in Gragas' legendary brews, but aside from that the nights were as quiet as they came. It was in these moments of downtime that Amumu enjoyed to pace the corridors and through the outdoors to be alone with his thoughts. The tranquillity was addicting, and a welcome reprieve from the bloody battles that took place everyday. Since Diana's arrival he had noticed her sitting by herself on a lonely hill, gazing at the moon lovingly like it was she was living her life's dream. Amumu had been afraid to disturb her at night, and tonight wasn't any different.

But there was definitely something else that would change from his usual nights. As he took a shortcut through the mess hall, a voice startled him.

"Mornin', 'Mumu."

He jumped and whirled around instantly. In the corner of the dining hall sat Twisted Fate. Behind him were a trio of floating cards that were glowing brightly to illuminate his dwelling area, as well as a fourth in the middle of the table. Despite being the only one present there were three extra chairs. Where in any normal circumstance would be players, there were only more floating cards that were playing on their own accord. Either that, or stealth champions were getting even better at their craft. Fate's eyes were covered by the wide brim of his hat, but the magical lights had revealed a smirk on his face.

"Or should I say... Pentakill Amumu." He sounded amused as he forced the cards to continue their game.

Amumu chuckled nervously. "Oh, uh, yeah... guess you heard about that, huh?"

Fate nodded. "Sure did. Word got 'round quicker than horse kicked with spurs. You in the band, kid?"

"Um... no, not really. Mordekaiser said I did okay, but I wasn't good enough to be permanent. But I'm just glad I wasn't a ghost."

A warm, short chuckle filled the entire room. "Me too, partner." He'd raise a gloved hand in a beckoning gesture, kicking out a chair. "Up for a game?"

Amumu slowly nodded and climb onto the chair which was accustomed to a much more... bigger champion. "Sure. What's the game?"

"Ever heard o' 31?"

"... you mean... 21? I think I heard of that."

Fate's shook his head, and as he did, all the cards on the table formed one pile and began to shuffle. "No. 31. It's real simple. Ya gotta make a total o' 31 with three cards, and they have to be the same suit. Royals are 10, aces are 11. Oh, and if ya wanna get rid of a card, ya put it down then pick up the' card that's face up on the other pile. Ya get it?"

Amumu's head began to work out what he just learned, but just nodded even though he didn't quite get it. He'd learn on the way. "I get it."

The deck of cards stopped shuffling and dealt themselves to Fate and Amumu, each being given three cards. They each took a moment to calculate what number they held in their cards before the game was underway. Cards were being discarded and replaced at a slow pace, and Amumu was sometimes given a pointer by Fate about what not to do.

"So, 'Mumu." Fate eventually said. "I heard you're fallin' for that Annie girl."

The yordle dropped his hands in shock, revealing them all in the process. How did he know his secret?!

Fate's eyes immediately glanced at the fallen cards. "... I'd swap that 9 for the Queen." He replied nonchalantly, amusement laced in his charming voice and the smug look on his face appearing once more.

Amumu quickly scooped up his cards, but his attention was no longer on the game. "How'd you know about that?!" He exclaimed in a tone a bit louder than he had intended.

The smirk had yet to fade, clearly entertained by Amumu's panic. "Let's just say a lil birdie with a thing for puns let the word slip."

Amumu immediately knew who it was, and his blood began to boil. "Shaco!" He hissed, balling his fists. "Grrrr! I'm gonna kill him!" He growled.

Fate held up a palm in the air. "Easy, partner. I did you a favour and paid him to keep his mouth shut. Don't worry. Secret's safe with me." He winked, putting another card down and picking one up.

With a sigh, he kept the game in play and did the same. "Thanks." Amumu mumbled. "Why would you do that though? I haven't exactly done any favours for you."

"Well, ya haven't exactly done anything to tick me off either." He replied with a shrug. "'sides, there's something I think you should know as well before ya go doin' her chores an' pickin' flowers."

"... She likes lillies." Amumu said sheepishly.

He didn't look up from the game, and even as the conversation took a more serious turn, he still continued. "I ain't a believer of many things, partner, but I believe in puttin' a sick pup out of its misery 'fore it grows up. Which I'm afraid is what I'm gonna to do you, 'cept not literally."

The game was reset after Fate had won. Amumu was eyeing him cautiously now. Who would kill a puppy anyway?

"So. Let's say... ya get what ya always wanted. Ya win the girl. What do you think's gonna happen in... say, seven years?"

Amumu furrowed his brow in confusion. He hadn't given this much thought before.

"She's gonna be grown up, and... well. Hate to break it to ya 'Mumu, but ya gonna remain ya same ol' self. You ain't gonna be grown up. Ya ain't gonna be able to do the things she wants to do."

... He was right. He'd remain the same forever if no cure for undeath was found. "But... she'd still like me. Wouldn't she?" It was said with uncertainty, and a pang of sadness hit his chest.

"I dunno. Would she?" Fate returned the question, flicking his wrist and sending a floating card his direction. "I know you ain't really wantin' to hear this, but it's best ya know now 'fore ya heart gets blown to hell. When she grows up, she's gonna wanna be with someone... well. Her age. With an adult."

Amumu didn't respond. He remained in silence, and his hands had lowered to his sides. He felt his rotting heart sink to his stomach. Fate's logic couldn't be denied. Amumu wasn't a person who looked to the future; he preferred to just "live" in the moment and worry about things when he got to them, but in this he had realised one massive flaw that he had overlooked. Adults don't date children.

"I'm sorry, partner. Figured someone had to warn ya before everythin' ya built comes crashin' down."

Even though he apologised, Fate hadn't betrayed any hints as to whether or not he was sympathetic to Amumu's plight. His face was blank like a canvas, his inner thoughts hidden. As a man who made his living out of hustling big time poker players, he had to keep a straight face, but years of exercising this skill had made it almost immune to discern his thoughts even when he wasn't raising the stakes.

A trio of cards were dropped onto the table by a bandaged hand. "Twenty nine." Amumu mumbled before sliding off the chair, shuffling out of the room without a farewell.

Fate offered an informal, two fingered salute as he left. "See ya 'round, partner. I'm always up for meetin' more players."

A smile was the last thing seen before the magical lights had faded out, and the room was engulfed in darkness.

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Twisted Fate

Also, Olaf is the confirmed pentakill drummer. How does this make you feel?