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Amumu Looks For Friends

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EDIT: 01/09/2012 (Or 09/01/2012 if you're American)

Decided to add an index with links to other chapters of the story!


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So, yeah. This is the first fanfiction I've tried to write. As you can tell by the title, it's story about Amumu's interactions with various champions in the League. If I get good feedback I'll write more, but for now, hope you enjoy the first one. It's moreso an introduction than anything else.

- - - - - - - -

"No! You can't go!"

Amumu whined as his mouldy arms were clinging around Annie's legs, on the verge of crying (though this wasn't exactly rare). She was staring down at him with her arms folded across her chest and sighing deeply. This always happened whenever she was being summoned to a match, and she had to say the same thing over and over again to soothe her little undead friend no matter how tiring it was growing. At first it was cute, but it was beginning to become an event of mild annoyance.

"Amumu..." She began, choosing her words carefully to delay the inevitable as long as she could. "How many times do I need to say it? I'll be back, I promise!"

The sad mummy shook his head. "But I miss you when you're gone." A single tear ran down the side of his cheek.

Annie had tried to be more firm with Amumu in these situations, but those big watery eyes got to her every time. She was suddenly overwhelmed and as downcast as he was. She pouted as she tried to wrench her ankles free. "Oh, Amumu, stop it! You'll make me cry too! Look, you just need to try find new friends-"

She abruptly faded from sight, the Summoner having grown impatient with these delays. Amumu got onto his feet and sniffled, rubbing his eyes. The act caused a wet bandage to drop onto the floor.

New friends? But... I don't know how to make new friends. What if they don't like me?

He hung his head in dismay as he silently waddled through the empty corridors, occasionally passing a summoner but paying no heed to them edging away from him. It was difficult for Amumu to make friends despite Annie's persistent encouragement. His constant state of depression affected those who were around him save for a few, he didn't smell all that unpleasant in his undead state, and plus he was hesitant to try befriend adults - especially if he had just beaten them in a match. He hated being so alone whenever Annie was gone, though.

No! Today's going to be different. Today, I'm going to find a friend and make Annie proud!

With a rush of self confidence he puffed up his chest and marched through the halls until... he found someone! It was Karthus, who seemed to be humming a song and idly flicking the pages of his book. This was perfect! Karthus was dead, Amumu was dead. Great conversation starter, right? He began to happily shuffle towards him until he stared up at the staff that was gripped in his skeletal hand.

... but... what if he doesn't like me? What if he puts me in his book and writes a song about how he killed me?!

The boldness that was running through him faltered, replaced by fear. He turned around and sprinted as fast as he could, running from the Deathsinger and leaving a rather confused Karthus looking up from the aged parchments. As he pondered on what just happened, he remembered... why should he care?

Amumu had faced him on the Fields of Justice before, even killing him a few times. Why was he so afraid of him now? Why was this so difficult for him?

Just as he continued to question himself further...


Amumu had ran into something headfirst, dropping to the floor like a sack of potatoes. He groaned as he rubbed his head, his fingers running over a dent. Had he been alive, this would surely have been a concussive blow and knocked him unconscious, or making him dizzy at the least. The great sound of steam being released and enormous mechanical feet clanging against the marble floors snapped him out of his daydream. Still sprawled out of the floor, his beheld what he just ran into.

Or rather, whom, depending on your point of view. It was none other than Blitzcrank. How did he not see the massive golden machine?

"Identifying..." Blitzcrank stared into him, his eyes boring into his skull. Amumu flinched. "Hello, Amumu. I heavily advise investigating your surroundings carefully so that you may walk more safely."

Amumu took hold of the hand that Blitzcrank offered to him (that he noted had never really inspected up close unless he was being pulled into the enemy team) and was pulled up. "Um, thanks Blitzcrank." He said nervously. Blitzcrank was someone he avoided most of the time. Robots acting like people unnerved him slightly, especially their voices.

"Why were you running?" Despite having just helped him up, the golem was courteous enough to lower himself to Amumu's level.

When the question was asked, his eyes fell to the floor and he pouted. "Because Annie wants me to make new friends and I don't know how. I got scared when I went to say hi to Karthus..."

There was a long pause before Blitzcrank responded. "Friends have mutual affections for one another. Karthus is not affectionate. Selectivity is key to meeting and befriending individuals with common interests."

"Yeah..." Amumu sighed. "I guess so. ... Hey, wait. You know about making friends, don't you?" He looked to him curiously.

"Correct." Blitzcrank stated firmly. "It is within my capacity to identify fleshling behaviours and mannerisms. My knowledge of fleshling relations is vast enough that I have created a machine that can correctly tell which fleshlings are more compatible with others for courting rituals. You do not appear to need a mate, however. You have shown desire to find friendship."

Amumu blinked as he took in the golem's words, nodding slowly. "Could... could you maybe... um... be my friend? And maybe help me make more friends? Please?"

"Processing commands... .... Yes. I can assist in your endeavour to gain friends. Friends sometimes give each other nicknames. Do you wish to give me a nickname?"

The only thing that Amumu had heard, however, was his response of "yes". Tears of joy ran down in his face as he threw himself upon Blitzcrank and hugging him tightly, even if metal wasn't a warm thing to hug. He withdrew his head as he noticed a handkerchief dangling at the side of his face.

"Your steam is escaping."

So yeah, this is my first try at this. Feedback is welcomed! The basic story here is Amumu trying to befriend other League champions with Blitzcrank at his side to help him. Some interactions work. Others? Not to much...

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" Your steam is escaping " Best line

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Junior Member


Impressive, beautiful and eloquent as ever, Shirvallah. Congratulations! Will be waiting for more, and make sure to tell us all on the Skype group.

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Hah, thanks! I'll likely write another one if not tommorow, then sometime soon(tm).

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A Day of Misfortune - Part 1

"... and he's really, really smart as well!"

Amumu raised his arms in a grand gesture as he chatted excitedly to Annie, running over the day she had missed as they slowly paced through the eerily empty grounds of the institute. Tibbers wanted Annie to point out that making only one extra friend wasn't a big achievement, but he was quickly bopped on the nose by the girl which quickly silenced his cynical grumblings. Although they were speaking as if he wasn't there, Blitzcrank was contently accompanying the children. He did, however, wonder how he could go so unnoticed. His golden feet against the floor made such a racket on solid ground.

Annie was practically squealing. "I'm so proud of you! You shouldn't stop, though. You should keep making friends!"

The mummy's smile quickly faded. "A-are you sure? I mean, having two friends is pretty nice..."

"I thought Blitzcrank was going to help you make more friends! Now you're chickening out?" She gave him a cross look, eyes narrowed.


His tongue was tying knots just trying to voice what he was thinking. Just like how Annie hated how Amumu gave her the sad eyes, Amumu hated that angry pout. It was so ominous, like she was about to set him on fire. Despite all of his crying, he was still very flammable, and it made him incredibly nervous whenever she was mad.

"Okay, okay! I'll make more friends... but I have a match soon." He said with a defeated groan.

"Yay!" She cheered, almost throwing Tibbers into the air.

A shrill scream stopped the conversation dead, however. The trio looked at each other before Blitzcrank scooped up the children with his massive hands and dashed towards the sound. There were dozens of doors along the way, but luckily there was a pretty obvious hint as to who was the culprit was.

A door was left wide open, hanging by a single hinge, and inside the room was Miss Fortune who had upturned her room. It looked as if a bomb had hit it. Blankets were torn apart, furniture toppled over, the contents of her dressers scattered across her room. Like with most champions in the League, his knowledge about Miss Fortune was minimal. He knew that she liked catching bad guys and she was very pretty, so she couldn't have been that bad.

She hadn't noticed them standing in the doorway until she glanced over her shoulder, peering at the pair of children whose mouths were shaped into a perfect o.

"... Yes?!" She snapped, giving her messy hair a blow to get it out of her eyes. If looks could kill.

Amumu stood there in fear, but Annie and Blitzcrank had a totally different plan. They gave him a nudge forward.

"I... um..." Amumu stuttered. "W-what's wrong, Miss Fortune?"

"What's WRONG?!" she shrieked, even causing Annie to recoil. "I'll tell you what's wrong! I have a match in thirty minutes, and someone's stolen my pistols! How can I fight without Shock and Awe?" Her shoulders slumped and she ran her slender fingers through her scarlet hair, taking a seat on the messy floor. Her face was flustered and her brow furrowed in irritation.

"Um... I-if you want, I could... help you look for it?" He seemed to be unsure of the question, but Annie and Blitzcrank gave a friendly thumbs up to signal that he was doing a good job so far.

Miss Fortune's distraught demeanour shifted to a more optimistic one. "I'd... be really thankful if you could."

She smiled weakly. Clearly her weapons meant a great deal to her. So, with his hopes set high that helping her find her beloved firearms would earn her friendship, he stomped out of the room and frantically searched all around the institute, even though time was against him. Blitzcrank, Annie and Tibbers likewise aided in his search and decided to split up. He poked random summoners and champions along the way asking if they had seen a pair of large pistols anywhere, but they had all shrugged their shoulders and said no.

With only minutes away from the match starting, he was beginning to grow sad once more. But alas, there was light at the end of the tunnel! ... Oh wait, no there wasn't. Why is this? It was in the hands of one of the most difficult champions in the League. Shaco. He was practicing some form of juggling trick with both pistols, not caring for the fact they were likely loaded and could accidentally be triggered. Then again, it could be a very deliberate action. He often killed people with his jokes - literally.

Shaco was enjoying the fresh air, oddly enough. He made camp underneath a tree, and judging by the jack-in-the-boxes that were yet to be primed, this was apparently going to be his domain.

... don't ask him why he's here. Just... get the guns from him! You can do this. You'll make a friend, and Annie will like you for it!

He nervously approached the homicidal jester, gulping. He was immediately spotted, but Shaco didn't flee. He just gave him that signature wicked grin and stared him down.

"Well, well, if it isn't ickle Amumu! Has he come to play a game?" He cackled as he jumped into the air, looping his legs around a branch and hanging with a great degree of whimsy... and with the guns pointed right at Amumu's head.

Amumu instantly froze. "U-um! N-no Shaco! No games! I-I was just hoping you... could um... give me those guns? P-please?"

This seemed to only amuse Shaco more. "HAHA! 'P-please'?" He mimicked. "I could give them back... BUT! You must answer a riddle!" He stated matter of factly, dropping down from the tree with impressive dexterity and landing on his feet. That creepy smile, however, was still carved into his face.

A riddle? ... Amumu -did- like riddles, but this was also Shaco's riddle. They didn't tend to have nice rewards for solving them. "O-okay. What is it?"

"What's a cry baby covered in bandages about to be in 5 seconds?" The joker seemed barely able to contain himself, stifling a snicker with all his willpower.

"Um..." He trembled, fearing the word was about to be "deceased" (which was not unlikely).

After Amumu was clearly not about to guess the punch line, he did the honours. "SUMMONED!" He let out a joyful laugh as he tossed the guns right at Amumu before poofing out of sight.

The moment Amumu caught the guns, the world around him began to twist and morph. When his vision cleared, he was standing on a platform, still holding the guns. He panicked as he stared at them, baffled on what to do with them in a match.

"... Oh no!"

(Part 2 will be along shortly!)

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Wonderfully done, I can't find a single thing I don't like about it!
You just earned a reader and some upvotes!

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I'm sure it could do without as many typos! Hehe.

Thanks for reading it! I'm glad you approve.

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A Day of Misfortune - Part 2

Before Amumu could even begin to collect his thoughts, he was greeted with a roaring crowd and the booming voice of the announcer.

"Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to another exciting game! I'm your announcer Phreak with- Wait a minute. Is that... Amumu with GUNS? In fact, those are some very familiar looking guns..."

The crowd grew quieter as every single eye was now peering at him bewilderedly. The mummy groaned, burying his face into his palms. Stupid clown. Why did he have to ruin his day?

"I don't remember the patch notes saying that Amumu got guns! We seem to be suffering some technical issues, but at the same time... this ought to be very interesting!" Phreak chuckled into the microphone, but off the scene he seemed to be shaking his fist angrily at Morello who seemed as confused as everyone else was.

Amumu stared down at the guns in his hands, only now having the chance to inspect them. They were truly a magnificent craft to behold, every part of the gun lovingly polished to perfection and clearly designed for only one holder in mind. Each gun had their name engraved across the barrel, and the handles each had "M.F." etched into it. His gun gazing was brought to an end as he felt a hand grab his shoulder and shake it firmly.

"Hey, kid! Get your head in the game." It was none over than the legendary Draven, with his glorious must have moustache.

Amumu quickly nodded before gathering his items and heading for the jungle. But... there was a problem. These guns were heavy. VERY heavy. But he had to bring them along in case they got stolen again, or worse, lost! The idea no one would want to even take them right now hadn't seemed to have dawned on him. He just wanted to help.

Draven peered at Amumu as the guns were dragged across the floor, almost smirking. "Don't worry, kid. You have Draaaaven! I'm all you need this game. I'll make it up." After flexing his bicep, he began to make his way to bottom lane.

He wasn't sure, but Amumu could've sworn he saw Sona floating past and playing a facepalm tune on her etwahl.

There was a strange advantage to these guns, however. Whilst his speed was slower, his summoner found that these guns were making short work of the monsters lurking within the jungle, so he decided have Amumu keep using them. Ganking, however, was a different story, and was proving to be a difficult task.

As he journeyed to bottom lane to try gank at the behest of his summoner, he saw Miss Fortune herself. Without her pistols, she looked as if she had just lost a part of her identity. It wasn't a woman with guns blazing and strutting her stuff, it was a downtrodden woman who had to use shoddy spare handguns.

When she saw Amumu, her eyes widened. "YOU HAD MY GUNS THE ENTIRE TIME?!" She practically exploded in rage. "Give 'em back!"

Amumu had gone to comply, but he found himself being stopped.

Don't give them to her, you fool! We have a clear advantage here. She's nowhere near as strong.

A disembodied voice hissed at him. It assumed control and began to open fire, utilising Amumu's stun and his area of effect abilities as well as the deadly power of gunfire. Amumu didn't want to play in his match anymore, the stress getting to him. He just wanted another friend. Tears began to run down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Miss Fortune! He won't let me!"

Miss Fortune was forced to retreat from the 3v2 stand off, and in the distance, Amumu heard her howl in fury, the sound making him shiver. He was going to get shot after this match, he just knew it.

The match steadily went on, taking a turn for the worst. The enemy team quickly took advantage of Amumu's speed, and his fool of a summoner was still having Amumu poorly use his guns despite the many complaints throughout the match. It seems he just wanted to make Miss Fortune suffer for some petty reason. Or he was incompetent. The enemy team had pushed all the way to Amumu's nexus, and to his relief, the game was finally over. Everyone had blamed Amumu. He was back at the institute, and he wasted no time finding Miss Fortune and returning what was rightfully hers. He was hoping that Blitzcrank and Annie could stand at his side so he wouldn't be shot to ribbons, but they were nowhere to be found.

Eventually, it was Miss Fortune who had found Amumu. She was glaring down at him, her eye twitching. She held out her hand that looked as if it was about to mercilessly claw him if she didn't get what she wanted. Amumu glumly handed her Shock and Awe.

She was horrified. They looked as if they had been used for clean Trundle's feet. "What... what did you do to them, you idiot?!" She exclaimed. "They're so... so..."

"Shaco... took them a-and... I tried to..."

"These are worth more than your life!" She hissed, her tone changing from anger to icy. "Why would you even..."

Miss Fortune eventually just turned on her heels and stormed off, cradling her guns close to them as if they were her own children. Behind her she heard Amumu sniffling and sobbing, but this wasn't anything new. He cried all the time.

... So why was she wracked with guilt?

She spun back around and eyed him. Amumu was sat on the floor, head hung as low as could be in shame and rubbing his eyes. He was mumbling to himself, but the only thing she could make out of the gibberish was "no friends" and "Annie". With a deep sigh she approached him again, kneeling down on the floor.

"So Shaco took them, huh?" She questioned.

"... He threw them at me as I was being summoned. I was trying to get them back."

Miss Fortune realised her errors in judgement and rubbed her temple. She felt awful. "I'm sorry I yelled, alright? I know you were just trying to help. I'm going to rip Shaco a new one someday... but look. What can I do to make it up to you?"

At this, Amumu looked up hesitantly. "... Can we be friends?"

"... You want to be my friend? Really?" No one had ever actually asked her to be their friend. It was usually... uh, something else. She was right to be confused. "I guess I can, kiddo." She said with a chuckle.

After having her leg awkwardly hugged, she cleared her throat and stood, bidding farewell and leaving to her quarters (that she just remembered was probably still a war zone).

Amumu smiled a little as she left. "... I made one more friend." He mumbled to himself.

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Beautifully written! MUST HAVE MOAR! <3