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What kind of staff suspends someone for...

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There is always the possibility that you are simply a jerk who threatened people with the report function and abused it. Did you know that you can get fined for abusing calling the cops? That's basically the same concept because you need to tone it down in this case. If you are legitimately calling the cops, then they shouldn't have an issue just like if you are sending in legitimate reports you won't have an issue. If you are constantly calling them without an actual crime, or are doing it for things that are so small most people wouldn't even care, then you are going to be punished for doing that, same thing with reports.

f someone dies 12 -15 times I am going to report them making use of the poor skill choice. If RIOT did not want us to do so then they should not have put it there an a viable option.

Is a sign that you likely fall under the latter category and that you probably need to tune down your reporting habits.