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Morning! I tacked this onto the bottom of the superthread, but I'm certain its buried beyond notice, and I'd like to bring this to the fore.

Copy-pasted this here, because Tribunal Forums seem more appropriate.

Just logged in to find myself suspended. While I do understand the intention with this feature, it is extremely harsh to be banning players on this basis without warning. I have a couple of statements that I would like addressed. Forgive me for not reading the thread, not in the mood.

1. Why is that players who are caustic receive warnings, but I received no such for less severe behavior?

2. If this is a time-out period rather than a ban, will I still be eligible for good-behavior rewards?

3. Why was this feature rolled out with no prior warning? My philosophy behind reports is that I should report all players who make my experience more negative, and allow Tribunal to decide if that is banworthy.

I will take this time to mention that I have never reported a player for playing badly alone. My logs may even reveal me defending players who get "thrown under the bus" for sloppy play. I do, however, report every single negative quip, like "gg, to easy"