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To everyone that is angry about being banned.

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Are you angry because you can't play and head loads of free time? Well I have the solution for you!

Choose another realm, make a new account. Play.

If you are angry because you think it's unfair and u have been misstreated and you know realise that there is nothing to be done:

Just move on. The one thing with riot is that they don't value the players. You can't even beg for an account suspension, talking directly to a game master is something that doesn't seem right for this system. So, just move on. They got the power, we don't.

Make a new account and see how fast the week will pass. Practise new champions (noone will blame u for sucking at lvl 1)

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Except Lyte has stated very clearly that their CS department was willing to review cases from their latest 'false report' banning spree and would unban them if their ban was an error.

So yes, Riot does value their players. Even more, they value their players by banning the players who abused the report system.