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@Lyte: Feedback on reports

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First of all:
good job banning the "reportspammers". Have had so many of them in my matches (on EUW). Sometimes even for things like taking baron after a won tf when 1 or 2 teammates died and asked to wait (what´s often a bad idea because enemy respawned also) and u explain to them that taking baron now and push is better and they answer "reported".
So many other things when overextended ppl complain about no "ss" in minute 30 (btw never ever buy a ward as supportblitz) and threaten with report cause they cant see they just played bad themselves but think they are great players.

Got reported myself quite often by such kids i´m sure, because i like to discuss with them but i think tribunal can judge who was the offensive one in these "conversations".

now to my point:
Give players positive feedback on justified reports
Like saying: "Congrats summoner - you helped to improve community by helping giving X players tempbans and Y Permabans"
The numbers are the thing which would be interesting because i meet A LOT of bad people and report the majority of flamers (i dont report "Easy" or a single "noob" but repeated insults) and like to know how many are removed from the game.
i receaved a mail some time ago where something like this "congrats etc" was said but no numbers on this.

Tl;dr: pls give Feedback (Numbers!!) on reports, maybe at end of season or something.

btw another suggestion: Most Flamers are premades. They dont blame their friends but flame their random instead (often for no reason). They think they are invulerable to tribunal cause only 1 report for flaming will arrive. They often bully you with reports from them and their friends so maybe do something like a higher reportweight against premades as a solo player. just a suggestion...

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Many players surely like to know how their reports were handled.
Had to see some crazy dudes at a friends account (LV20- even more trolls/flamers there) again yesterday
Kid: i called first noob
Kid again: **** your mother and die

Pregamechat; approx 20secs expired


oh- and we need feedback