Reports I really care about

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I have been playing this game a little while. A few weeks maybe. It's fun. Great fun.

I have been using the report button. I don't do so lightly. I have just seen that many players destroy the game for others. I don't doubt that I've seen the last games of many new players who were abused and harassed, called names, insulted, put down, and generally given a tremendously negative experience by other players. So I report people.

Generally, I assume this is enough. That the tribunal will work, that reports will add to a record somewhere, and if the behaviour keeps up, offending players will be punished. Maybe they will even change.

But a game I played last night had me questioning the ability of this system to deal with such intense negativity.

In this game I was accused of "feeding" after dying 2 or 3 times.

For the rest of the game two of the players on my team harassed, insulted and abused me, all while screaming at the other players to report me. I'm sure the game log is ridiculously incriminating. I said I was new, right near the start. I asked for advice. I received none from the abusers, and minimal advice from the others. Nonetheless I followed what advice I was given ("don't die"), and was abused for that as well.

I can deal with this. A-holes exist everywhere.

But these a-holes apparently had my teammates convinced that I was somehow at fault. For playing the game. For clicking on the "normal game" button, and selecting the character with whom I have been winning game after game. And yes, I played as I normally do, despite an intense desire to get back at my abusers by sabotaging them somehow. And we won.

I died 6 times over the course of the entire game.

Then I reported them for verbal abuse, being the most apt of the choices.

And now I really care about this report. Partially because it was the worst example I have seen to date of players attempting to cause other players to quit. Partially because they reported me for something I did not in any way do. And partially because I can see the problem.

The problem is enablers.

People who enable other players to abuse, by allowing them to continue, and doing nothing about it.

These players are the ones who keep quiet, and shrug off bad behaviour, who enjoy playing the game so much they just take the bad parts in stride. Who support their team, help others, and think to themselves "maybe they were just having a bad day". And who never, ever, use the report button.

Because abuse is endemic in this game. It's everywhere. Whenever someone is having a bad time (and some people have a bad time whenever they lose - i.e. 50% of the time), whenever someone is playing poorly and wants to blame someone else, they start with abuse, and they pick the newest player to abuse.

And then that player leaves, and never comes back. Never invites their friends to play, and most importantly, never gives any money to Riot, for making this amazing game which is so fun to play. They just leave.

If or when I stop playing this game - this will be why.

Which brings me back to my original problem, the reason I'm writing this absurdly long post even though I'm a noob and have never posted here before and am not even high enough level to participate in the tribunal (currently 17 or so I think).

It's not obvious to me that any of my reports have done anything at all.

Maybe there's some obvious link where I can check what I've submitted, maybe I missed it. But I keep getting directed to the tribunal, and then rudely told by a webpage that I'm not high enough level to participate. I've read all the relevant documents I've found, and all they tell me is that the behaviour I see routinely in matches, every few games perhaps, is supposedly not allowed.


Now I'm happy to leave it at this. I've had my spiel and hopefully gotten this report off my chest. But I absolutely can't leave it without saying one very important thing.

Please, please, please let me report people for being nice. For adding to the enjoyment of the game, in stead of subtracting from it. For helping newbies out. For assisting and supporting other players, in battle and in speech. For being good players, and good sports.

This game has too much negativity already.

What it needs is the opposite.

Thanks for your time, sorry for the long post, and I hope you have a better experience with this game than I have recently.

tl;dr: please use the report button which I wish had a positive equivalent.

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We have been talking about a "thumbs up " or "rewards for well mannered" players for a while... I think Lyte is working on it.

Anyways here's a thread I made while back, if you like it post a comment and upvote.

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Interesting. I think any positive reinforcement system would be beneficial. Just having the option would indicate to players that positive behaviour was something which would be rewarded.

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If you've missed the giant fuss on the forums, a wave of people just got banned for false reporting.

The thing you must remember is that there are millions of players, it takes multiple bans to get perma'd, and the game is free to play, meaning they can make new accounts.

Finally, there are always more people flooding in, and more people who for whatever reason snap, and start raging on people.

There is no way to pre-emptively ban all the ragers/trolls/fill-in-the-blanks-here. We do what we can, and overall, the community is better than many, but there just isn't a way to stop it all.

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I see. I am new to the forums, so I don't yet know what is a new problem and what isn't, it can be hard to tell.

I understand that punishing players is tough, as they can just make new accounts. That's why I like the idea of a positive system, to reward good sports, in stead of punishing trolls who will just troll harder under a new account .

I have some other small ideas for solutions that would improve the situation, but as I'm not sure if they have been discussed already I am reluctant to suggest them.

And if I could link the log from this game I was talking about, I would. They were (at least pretending to be) experienced players who should have known better.