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[read the title]

Yes 1 50%
No 1 50%
Voters 2 .

should i appeal if i get banned for this?

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Zion Sheol

Junior Member


in my last game i was placed with a team that seemed to want to make me hang myself.

in char select and for the first 10 min of the game they were silent, i guess they were on skype or teamspeak. they want to help jax jungle, we were purple they went to blue. i'd called top in select and went there. they were quicky counter jungled and i was too far away to help. but it was all down hill from there. jax failed at jungle and died twice and everyone else was feeding. i called for help many times as i was finding it hard to solo top with diana and mudo pushing hard a simple gank would of killed them many times but no jax stayed in the jungle. then top went mia, that i called early. i cautionly pushed and held the lane expecting no help or warning if i was going to be ganked so i held back from the tower. then diana and mudo returned very fed from bot and caused me to lose the lane. that's when the abuse started.

vayne just went nuts, blaming me for everything, calling me a f-ing ****** and spamming all with it too. i kept my cool and nicely told the enermy the situation, which they were cool about. i even called a surrender vote, that failed. they got baron and rushed us.

after the game, i reported vayne and jax but something tells me my whole team reported me. not once did i ask the other team to report anyone, all i said was "gg sorry for my team".