Premade trolls, wait a fail report system

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Whats the point of a report system when all it takes is 2 people premaking into a 3's game, troll said person then report them.........

Riot needs to punish the trolls who start ****, not the vets who play countless games per day, dealing with countless trolls per day. If someone trolls me they get w/e they deserve nothing more nothing less, i shouldn't be punished for doing what riot fails to do. If riot was doing there job the trolls wouldn't be here to start ****. If someone acts like a *** they get called a ***, u don't like being called a *** or w/e then don't act like one, or don't troll on purpose as premades,

if your trolling for a response and you get exactly what u wanted then why would tribunal get me punished??????

All i can say is this system isn't working, and when u go and start banning your hardcore gamer base due to the actions of trolling mexicans, well thats a sign that you really have no clue.

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Why they gotta be mexicans?

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Lilith Malkah

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Now now, not only mexicans, but brasilians, some asian people and I got this match with a team full of Frenchs typing the whole match in french. ( Identifying the french from other languages it's not hard; and that doesn't mean you know what they mean) in solo queue... No matter if you politely ask them to stop and talk in english so the whole team can cooperate and do a better teamwork, but to do the game more enjoyable
Their reply? "Lolollollol, noob" and they kept talking in french.

These are the kind of cases that the tribunal SHOULD punish; instead of the people that actually wants to have an enjoyable game. So you're telling me that if a WHOLE premade of 4 frenchs kiddos troll me and I report em all, I'm getting banned for actually REPORTING THEIR BEHAVIOUR?

**** logic

I'm not saying to dont allow people from other countries play in the server. But if they are going to play in the NA server, they could at least be polite and if they have a teammmate that doens't talk your language, you could call fors mias, pings if people is ganking etc etc... in english... cause, duh, you're in the NA server, you know...If they want to talk about private stuff, its ok, as long as they play as a team and don't deny people from importante intel about the game, like the next gank or if a champion is invading the jungle etc etc...