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Sign if you're going to be 'boycotting' the report feature.

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Sakuri Ono

Senior Member



You realize this quote can be applied to the tribunal. Hell, it can be applied to any system, but until you bring up some hard proof that this system is actually banning players who use legitimate reports and don't abuse the system, it's blatant fear mongering.

Then you basically misread my entire post. My concern is not over what the system has done but over what it could do. We know nothing about it.

For example; does it auto-ban you after you reach a certain percent of false reports? If so; what is that percent? Is there a bare minimum number of reports that need to be filed for this percent to even apply in the first place? Are 'false reports numbers' kept permanently or do they wear off over time with no report activity/only 'true reports'? Ect.

These are all important questions the current system does not explain, and need to be before I even consider utilizing it.

Let me paint an example for you.

Say this new system works on a 70% false report ratio; but with no minimum report requirement. Someone new joins LoL and has a few games under their belt, but is still relatively unskilled. Because of that they're picked on by some of the local trolls; the usual jeers of 'noob' or 'uninstall'. Lets say this happens 10 times over a week and the new player reports all 10 incidents.

All 10 cases hit the tribunal, but the following happens:

-3 are thrown out because Cases 2 & 3 (let's assume this one is Case 1) were all false reports; thus the Tribunal decided not to punish because only one of the multiple claims were legitimate.

-3 are thrown out because people decided that the trolling 'simply wasn't that bad'.

-1 is thrown out simply due to the Tribunal passing out pardons where it 'should' be passing out punishes (it happens, the system isn't perfect).

Now despite not abusing the report feature, despite not making false reports; the algorithm kicks in and auto-bans this player. Even though they did nothing wrong; they just happened to have a low number of reports and bad Tribunal luck against their favor. (Yes, supposedly Riot looks at these cases but as with any MMO moderation system there is going to be a back log. It doesn't exactly scream good PR when your system potentially auto-bans newbies who might lose interest before Riot can get around to them and go 'Oops, sorry, technical error!')

That is the theoretical problem with this system and why I refuse to use it until it is explained/clarified.

I have never said that this will always/has happened before. But rather what I am saying is, with the current system, we have no way to tell if something like this is even possible. The potential of this kind of error is what keeps me from wanting to even take the risk.

Really all that needs to be changed is how they handle the information flow.

-Give us the qualifications for what puts you at risk for auto-banning when it comes to 'false reports' (not rough estimates; a hard, factual number percentage).

-Give us a number we can look up on our accounts that keeps track of 'True Reports' and 'False Reports' so we can see when we're approaching that danger zone percentile.

Although it would require more work and isn't exactly 'necessary'; a new system to determine 'false reports' would be preferred as well. You can report someone for committing a proper offense (hate speech, racial slurs, ect.) and still have that odd moment where the Tribunal pardons for whatever reason. Despite you having done the right thing in a non-abusive manner it still gets counted against you. So having a more strict system for false reports (such as controversial pardons not counting towards your 'false report' total) or some way to contest the supposed false report would also go a long ways towards alleviating the concerns I have with this system.

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Will be warning everyone to just forget this function, as I made a lengthy detailed post about some similar and more advanced things here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2504899
I do not see how a person who was clearly afk/ left the game is even up for debate , like 70% of them even had the red name and labled as a leaver, and the rest of the time they were just sitting in the fountain. I might be heavy and less tolerant on what I consider feeding but this only happens 1 report every 2-3 game or not for a while, they really do need a score of like 0-7-0 to receive this or someone who just keeps charging in on a enemy despite they keep dieing and do it anyway. Also it is too easy for someone to have the mindset of feeding, and trying to say they aren't doing it on purpose, as they could be intentionally lying. The only true way to prove anything I find is direct voice communication

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Radiant Glory

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I think the OP should have a poll up instead.