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[Champion Concept] - Ajax, the Arcane Warrior (Tank/AP)

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Ajax, the Arcane Warrior

Sorry its bad and Unfinished. Saw a photo online and like the hulking aspect. tried to capture that.

Gender - Male
Race - Human
Origin - Demacia
Alliance - Demacian
Class: Fighter/AP
Subclass: Tank
Weapon: Swords
Attack Type: Melee
Energy Source: Mana


Ajax is the rarest of mages, an arcane warrior. They channel their innate magical powers into physical prowess. Its gritty, sweaty work, but some mages wouldnt have it any other way. Ajax should be built as an ap off tank, but pure tank is viable as well. Mostly he focuses on turning ability power into usefully tanky abilities.

His swords can be imbued with elemental magic, giving him different playstyle options. His options should look something like this -

AP/Hybrid Fighter - Build balance of AP, defence, and attack speed/on hits. Enhance his natural survivability so you can last in the fight. Ap scales with flame sword, add some attack speed and you have nearly permanent haste, letting you stick to targets. (Think haste, sustained damage, and moderate sustain)

Tank - Build Defensively focus on applying your CC (both knock up and slows) while using your shield to protect your carries. Ajax would fall under the carry escort type of defensive character. (Think CC, Knock up/slows, and Shield for you and allies.)

AP Burst - Focus AP, this gives your Q the most punch, as you gain resist from your ability power via your W let your passive speed up your cast rate. (Think Nuke with CC, and cycling Q/sheen procs while hiding under shield.)

Quick Ability Overview

Passive - Slight cooldown refresh on being hit by auto attacks.

Q - Straight line skill shot damages and knocks up enemies in its path.

W - Passive resist increase aura, Activate for Aoe shield that reduces incoming damage.

E - Toggle between a fire sword that gives you damage and haste on hit, or an ice sword that slows on hit.

R - Toggle blood magic, doubles passive, fuels spells with Hp, costs mana per second which is converted to a shield. Also increases ability power based on max health.


Passive -
Stoic - Ajax has learned to harness pain, allowing it to sharpen his focus, each time he is auto attacked by an enemy champion his cool downs are refreshed by 0.25 seconds.
Passive for a tank. Ajax thrives in the heart of the battle. Taking auto attacks refreshes his cooldowns faster = upping his damage.

Q - Arcane Shockwave -
Ajax unleashes a wave of arcane energy briefly knocking up all enemy champions in its path. Upon casting Ajax fires a slow moving skill shot in a straight line, all enemies hit are knocked up for 0.75 seconds and receive 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.85) magic damage.
Costs - 75 mana
Cooldown - 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Range - 950
His only ranged ability. Shockwave is a brief knock up and damage poke. It is a relatively slow moving skill shot with a fairly small radius. I think it should be roughly just a tad harder to hit then chos rapture. Its speed and width are similar to Morganas Q.

W - Arcane Barrier -
Ajax projects a magical barrier that increases ally resistances and can reduce incoming damage from outside the bubble for 4 seconds.
Passive - A very slightly shimmering bubble appears around Ajax that increases his armour and MR by 5/10/15/20/25 (+0.15ap) and his allies by half that amount. The radius also increase slightly per level.

Active - The shield solidifies for four seconds. Any damage taken inside the barrier that originated from outside the barrier is reduced by 22/24/26/28/30%. Lasts for 4 seconds. (Passive is lost during cooldown.)
Costs - 70/75/80/85/90 mana
Cooldown - 16/15/14/13/12 seconds (after dissipation)
Range - (Aoe) 250-300

Another tanky spell, stat boost. It has the added benefit of helping to protect your allies. This lets Ajax roam around in the thick of the fight, shrugging off damage from enemies attempting to harass him from afar (or think great carry escort). Barrier roughly size of Luxs slow orb

E - Flame Sword/Ice Sword -
(toggle) Ajax imbues his weapon with additional elemental powers. He must choose one or the either at any given time.
Flame Sword - Ajaxs attacks deal an additional 10/20/30/40/50 (+0.25ap) magical damage upon impact and 6/12/18/24/30 (+0.1ap) magical damage each second for 2 seconds. Additionally hitting an enemy champion gives him 8% movement speed for 1.5 seconds (stacks 3 times).
Ice Sword - Ajaxs auto attacks deal 10/15/20/25/30 (+0.1ap) additional magic damage and slow enemies by 3/4/5/6/7% for 2 seconds (stacks 3 times).
Costs - 50 Mana (plus 25 * (number of casts within 12 seconds))
Cooldown - 4 seconds
Range - Self
This mixture of cc and haste allows different rolls to stay effective, ap nuker go fire sword, hit for damage and stick on them. No ap cause youre a tank? Go ice sword, lets your team destroy them while you cc. Counts as a cast and so procs Sheen passive.

R - Blood Magic -
In times of great peril, Ajax calls upon his darkest secret, blood magic. For the duration, he fuels his spells with his own health instead of mana, but gains power in the process. On cast 7.5 percent of his max health is added to his ability power. Since he is using his own blood as fuel, his passive effect is doubled while the ult is active. Additionally, having shed his need for mana, 75% of the mana cost of maintaining Blood Magic is converted to a shield that grows as long as Blood Magic is active.
Costs - 35 Initial Mana per Second
Additional Mana per second - 5 / 6 / 7
Cooldown - Toggle - 8 seconds
Range - Self

I really like Swains ability to turn into a fighter, i wanted to make another Ap bruiser. Activating the ult will give you a decent Ap boost if your building tanky, it will also give you a very powerful shield that keeps building as long as you can sustain the mana, moving the spell cost to HP lets him fight under the mana shield longer. Note the additional mana per second stacks so the spell gets more and more expensive, limiting the ult time.


Damage 55.03 (+3.62 / per level)
Health 440 (+83 / per level)
Mana 215 (+38 / per level)
Move Speed 335
Armor 14.5 (+3.5 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)
Health Regen 7.25 (+0.85 / per level)
Mana Regen 6.45 (+0.52 / per level)

Appearance -
Height - Rather tall
Physical Build - Huge and hulking in plate mail
Hair style and color - Wears a helm
Eye color - Unknown
Weapons - Two swords
Attire - Brilliant plate mail, swirling aura, swords aglow with current toggle.


I think this works alright...

Most mages in Runeterra are identified during childhood and are raised in traditional schools or by learned magical elders. However, some magical talents are revealed only in emergencies, falls from great heights or loved ones trapped by fire. Ajax found his power an instant from death, an enemy sword a hairsbreadth from his throat.

Ajaxs life is defined by brotherhood. He grew up in a well to do neighborhood in Demancia, one of the many sons of a wealthy merchant. Together with his brothers Ajax was the terror of all the nearby streets, no family or passerby was safe from their hijinks. As they grew the brothers companionship became legendary. Reaching maturity, Ajax and three other brothers joined the Demancian military. All four of them became celebrated soldiers, quickly rising through the ranks of the prestigious crown guards. The brothers worked so well in unison that they were kept together as a crack squad in the Dauntless Vanguard. In times of relative peace, the Vanguard is often used for reconnaissance, rescue, and other more clandestine operations.

It was during one of these operations that Ajaxs life changed forever. He and his brothers had been lured into a cunning trap by Noxian agents who were hoping that luring the Vanguard would net them a bigger prize then four relatively unknown soldiers. In the ensuing fight the brothers fought valiantly, but against the overwhelming Noxian numbers they were doomed. One by one the brothers fell, until at last only Ajax stood, his feet astride his dead brothers. Finally, surrounded, assaulted from all sides Ajax was disarmed. As he stood, pierced by many wounds and feeling his life blood leaking into the dirt to join his brothers for eternity, he watched the Noxian commander order his death. As the sword streaked like quicksilver towards him, Ajax braced for death. However, the moment the blade nicked his flesh, out of the depths of despair and helplessness, he summoned more power then he ever thought possible. Magic erupted through him, a shield deflected his executioners blade. A deafening shockwave threw his assailants off their feet. He knelt and grasped two swords, the hilts still warm from his brothers hands. His strength renewed and his enemies in disarray, Ajax threw himself into battle. He became something not seen on Runeterra in ages, soldier and mage in one. Pure martial prowess braced by flowing magics. He became a Battlemage. One sword frozen with the ice in his soul, the other alight with his burning need for vengeance Ajax slaughtered the Noxian company.

Several days after burying his brothers Ajax still sat alone in the woods with the bodies of his slain enemies. After much deep thought he had finally reached a decision. Even with the deep rivalry between Noxius and Demancia, the peace enforced by the Institute of War dictated there was only one place on Runeterra he could find and defeat Noxians in battle, the League of Legends.

This is rough, im polishing all the time. Thanks for reading!!

Please leave some feedback.
If you liked this champion, here is a link to all my concepts in one spot, Dryruns Champion Muster Point (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3021970), so stop on by and have a look, see what you like. There is a champion for every type of sensibility. Review and leave a link for a trade. Good luck with all your creating!


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the ice sword seems a bit op.. and if he is an ap, why does he have a melee buff? but i like the idea
check my idea out

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koolguyy - i lowered the ice sword slow amount and duration, it was like ashes, which i thought was ok, since he is melee, but his is also free on hit, with some damage, so lower it went! good catch. It is a melee buff because that is what this guy is, a mage who uses his magic to make himself a physical fighter. Im keeping it magic damage for balance with ap item costs. hopefully i get some work dont on this guy tonight.

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Passive - Stoic - Ajax has learned to harness pain, allowing it to sharpen his focus, each time he is attacked by an enemy champion his cool downs are refreshed by 2/3/4% and he gains 10 (+0.1 ap) health.

I think refreshing his skills even by that tiny amount is a little OP when used against a ranged AD carry. Perhaps have it stack CDR up to a cap instead of just straight up lowering the CD.

The cost is either max mana or max hp depending on his path

Sooo he kills himself?

E - Flame Sword/Ice Sword

Give it a 1 second cooldown to stop people from accidentally double tapping. IDK just a thought.

R - Crushing Prison

1 seconds in LoL time is way too long to be in a vacuum of death. Orianna's shockwaves takes 0.5 second because if it took 1 second for the animation to complete while you had to sit there and do nothing. It would be extremely annoying to play against her.


Please check out my new champion!
Lady Pauline the Fractured Mind.

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thanks for the review!

thats basically what i meant, it gives him cooldown reduction, up to 40%.

The cost is either max mana or hp depending on his path - referring to the 1.5% cost of that spell...

great idea, toggle cooldown wont get messed up.

yeah about one second, somewhere around .75 to .5 is more reasonable.

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would like to see some feedback before i get finish the lore and the picture. what do you guys think?

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My review of Ajax, the Arcane Warrior

Parts I will cover:

1) Description
2) Base Stats
3) Abilities
4) Blood/Arcane Magic
5) Recommended items
6) Grammatical Inconsistencies
7) Overall Summary

Description: I like you’re description of what Ajax is and how he should be played. I also like the idea of choosing between how you want to pay for your abilities, but I recommend you specify the benefits and downsides of both blood magic and arcane magic earlier in your post so that the rest of the post can make sense.

Base Stats:

Damage: Is fine
Health: His health is a little high compared to other champions of the same role, I recommend lowering the base health and health per level to 420 base health and 83 health per level respectively.
Mana: the mana per level is a little low, I recommend increasing it to between 40 and 45
Move Speed: Is fine
Armor: Is fine
Magic Resist: Is fine
Health Regen: Is fine
Mana Regen: The mana regen per level is a little low, I recommend increasing it to between 0.5 and 0.65 per level.


Innate (Stoic): I like the idea of being healed for being hit, but it doesn’t really scale into the late game, you should have it level either every level or at 6/11/16.

Example: Ajax has learned to harness pain, allowing it to sharpen his focus, each time he is auto attacked by an enemy champion he is healed for 10 (+0.1 ap) health, this increases by 5 per 2 levels.

The other half of his passive is good but I think it needs to be adjusted to how it works. Instead of auto attacks reducing his cool downs by a percentage, have them lower his cool downs by a flat amount like Skarner’s passive.

Example: Each time he is attack by an enemy champion his cool downs are reduced by 0.5 seconds.
Q (Arcane Shockwave): This is a good line skill shot that provides decent crowd control. I recommend that you specify how fast the wave travels in the ability description since readers don’t know exactly what “slow” is. If anything just compare it to another champions ability, like Jayces ball without the gate or 1350 units a second. Also you should lower the cost of the ability, especially since the cool down can get so low. I recommend either 75 mana at all levels or 50/55/60/65/70 health. I understand why you did the cool down the way you did but it should be a consistent drop. I recommend 14/13/12/11/10 seconds. You should also specify the range of the skill shot, I recommend between 500-650.

W (Barrier): I like the idea behind his W but you’d have to be really skilled in order to dodge even slow moving skill shots if you can time his w for when enemies use their skill shots, I don’t necessarily agree with how it slows skill shots.

My recommendation:

Passive: Ajax increases his armor and magic resist by 12/14/16/18/20, nearby allies receive half of this buff.

Active: Ajax projects a magical barrier around himself that reduces incoming damage from outside the bubble on Ajax by 22/24/26/28/30% for 4 seconds and doubles his passive for the duration.

I also recommend increasing the cool down to 16/15/14/13/12 seconds and changing the costs to either: 80 mana at all levels or 40/45/50/55/60 health. Also you should give the bubble a radius, I recommend between 550 and 650.

E (Flame Sword/Ice Sword): A toggle for this champion would be useful but unique in the fact that it would not change whether or not he’s melee or ranged and also determines whether or not you want more utility or damage.

Flame Sword: Since this form should provide more damage you should have it scale better in terms of damage. I recommend increasing the base damage per level to 10/20/30/40/50 and lower the ap ratio to between 0.25 and 0.35 since it is on-hit. I also recommend you lower the movement speed bonus to either 15% or have it stack by 5% every time you hit an enemy that can stack up to 3 times. Also increase the duration to between 2-3 seconds.

Ice Sword: Since this form should provide more utility It should not have as much damage as Flame Sword. The bonus damage it gets is fine but you should lower the ap ratio to between 0.1 and 0.15 also you should either change the slow to 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% or have it slow by 3/4/5/6/7% and can stack up to 3 times.

Also increase the duration to between 2-3 seconds. I also recommend that this ability not have any cost to switch between because you’ll be constantly switching between them, besides Jayce and Nidalee don’t pay any mana to switch between their forms. You should lower the cool down to 4 seconds at all levels so you don’t have to wait too long to switch between forms for anything you might need.

R (Crushing Prison): This is an amazing ability for AoE teams and team fight crowd control, but it feels a lot like Orianna’s ult. If you change the wording a bit it could be a very unique ability.

I recommend: Ajax conjures impervious magical beams in a circle which pull inward. Any enemies caught in their path get pulled in. Once the light hits the center all enemies trapped within take magic damage plus bonus damage based on how many other enemies were affected by this ability.

I think the damage should be changed a little bit, the ap ratio should be reduced and the additional damage should scale with level. I recommend: 250/375/500 (+0.65 ap) magic damage plus an additional 25/50/75 (+0.125 ap) bonus magic damage for each additional enemy trapped with them.

I also recommend that you change the costs to either 100/150/200 mana or 15% of max health. The cool down is fine.

Blood/Arcane Magic: There is an issue with these pair of items. What if someone chooses not to buy either item? Then Ajax has no resource to fuel his abilities, therefore cannot use his abilities. If you make it to where until he buys an item his abilities cost nothing I don’t think anyone would buy either item, no matter what they did for you. I really like the idea of choosing between paying in health or mana and I’m really sorry I have to say this but I’m afraid you might have to choose one resource in order to make it work more sensibly .

If you decide to choose only one I’d recommend choosing to pay in health since his abilities are more oriented toward the defensive.

Recommended Items: You did not actually put down recommended items for Ajax, so if it’s ok I’d like to recommend some:

1) Mercury Treads
2) Frozen Mallet
3) Guinsoo’s Rageblade
4) Trinity Force
5) Randuin’s Omen
6) Guardian Angel

These items will provide a lot of utility, damage and durability which would work well with Ajax’s kit.

Grammatical Inconsistencies:

• None that I could find.

Overall Summary: Ajax is a unique champion that can be very viable in the fields of justice once you get past the item situation.

REMEMBER: This is just a critique and all suggestions are not set in stone. If there is something that I suggested that you don’t like, feel free to ask me about it and you do not have to change your champion. Thank you for letting me review Ajax.

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would like to see what you think dryrun

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Wow, thanks for the best review ive ever gotten. i am mulling over your thoughts, and while i will be implementing a great majority of them i am also thinking of other solutions for any problems you graciously pointed out. thanks for the great review! you have a gift. (i am working 12 to 16 hours on midnights right now, sorry for late posts - the times i am both at home and awake are few and far beetween!)

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Ok, so i got a lot of changes in. You have a much better head for number then i do, thanks! What do you think about how the item works? i think it will make you want to upgrade it first. I dont have numbers for the items stats yet, but i tried to make it what you would need at each stage of the game. I was also thinking that at its middle upgrade it would give % extra damage (bloodmage), or extended cc duration on knock up and slow (manamage), still thinking about it. i hope im done the lore soon, im waiting for some inspiration.

so i changed some scaling, durations and costs.

biggest change was barrier, your very much right, changing from skill shot slow to incomming damage reduction is much more reliable. it also goes from being a bit gimmicky to being a very important part of his kit, popping his barrier once he is in the fight lets him take all kinda of hits from the ranged and the mages while he finds and engages his target. still its not too strong because the people he is fighting are inside with him dealing normal damage. in a weird way it makes him a tank that enemies and allies alike benefit from being close too. i think that would make a very interesting teamfight. friends trying to shelter in the barrier, enemies trying to get inside to avoid damage reduction.

thanks for understanding the kit, ap tank is his basic idea, but you can role a lot of ways because focusing the abilities gives you very different outcomes.

great items! i think it would be mostly ap items with defensive stats, and yeah rageblade for sure, perfect it, maybe in a prefect world rageblade and hextech gunblade, as offensive, then randuin’s omen and frozen mallet for defensive, resist boots of course.

thanks again for the excellent review! if your looking for more punishment...........

- ranged/melee switching vampire jungler who is hybrid can jump into most roles

- AP mid, lightning mage who needs to keep stacking auto attacks to maximize damage

-assassin uses voodoo and high mobility to jump or sneak around casts specific target soft cc to avoid being targeted

- support who can fire spells back, very different support i think

you have any champions you want me to look at?