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Quick question for everyone!

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This is my suggestion.

Substance > Effects

In the beginning, use Microsoft Movie Maker or...whatever Macs uses... See if you get some support for your Spotlights.

Then use the Demo once you got a little base to jump off on.

Then if it really jumps off, then you can start investing some money into it. Plus, I'm sure those software will pay for themselves in the future if you can get one of those "partnerships" on Youtube so you can make some money off of your videos.

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^ Was about my goal, pretty much if I can get segments together and put my voice over it I'm going to be pretty happy - furthest I'm aiming is some text (maybe item icons if it looks straightforward) on the screen.

Just need to remind people it's "A build" and not "The build".

Hehe, I'm going to do Panth first - cause I love the character and also because I see so many glass cannon and AD carry built Panths -__- I mean, I'm not super high Elo but I'm not at idiot Elo either... you'd think people would understand certain things about certain characters by that point xP

I'm rather opinionated on my build for him - or at least convinced it's a pretty solid entry build.

Prospectors, MR or AR boots, bruta, hexdrinker > MoM, Glacial > FH, Last Whisper. If the game goes on long enough ditch the prospector's for a Frozen Mallet.

Bleh, well thanks for the support everyone who's posted here, going to pass out for a bit, if I wake up before work-time I'm going to put some effort into putting this thing together.