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Prized Online 1v1 Tournament Sept. 1st, 2012

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Statik Shock



Battle 4 Coin's Official Launch 1v1 Tournament

No of Players: 16
Type: LMS


Tournament Date: September 1st, 2012 at 7:30 PM

Prizes are as follows:
1st Place: $25.00 Riot Card
2nd Place: $10.00 Riot Card
3rd Place: $10.00 Riot Card

It's a 1v1 tournament first one to first blood or first tower played on the proving grounds.
Everyone is required to have LoL Replay running throughout the tournament and winning screenshots will be required.

In the case of a dispute (the winner forgot to take the screenshot) it will turn into a best out of 3. So the first person to win 2 out of 3 games WITH PROOF will move up in the bracket.

It's Single Elimination and the brackets are automatically updated when winners punch in. Keep in mind that those who attempt to cheat will be automatically disqualified and banned from the website.

There is also a 10 minute check in. Those who do not show up will be disqualified from the tournament which will result in an instant win for the opposing player.

Register for the tournament at: http://www.battle4co.in/tournaments.php?t4-Battle-4-Coin's-Official-Launch-1v1-Tournament

Currently it's set up for 16 participants however, if I get enough PMs or requests, I will open up more slots, or run a second tournament.

Good Luck & Have Fun
-Statik Shock

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Senior Member


what time zone? 7:30 wat?

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Statik Shock



It's 7:30 EST, forgot to include it on this post but it's included in the link posted.


However, there is a 1v1 ladder starting on September 1st, 2012. It will run until the 30th and the top ranking player in that ladder will be awarded a $25 Riot Card. So join the ladder when it's open and rank up!

Sepember 1st, 2012 1v1 Ladder: http://www.battle4co.in/ladders.php?l3-League-of-Legends-1v1-Ladder
-Statik Shock

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Statik Shock



The tournament has ended congratulations to the winners and sorry to those who lost or were too late to check in. For future reference, the tournament times will run according to the time on the website in EST, so double check your times to ours as there may be a 1-5 minute difference!


1st Place: SB Chilli
2nd Place: rocheleau4
3rd Place: Shagwelll'

We've got a ladder started where the top player will win prizes each month join by following the link:
http://www.battle4co.in/ladders.php?...nds-1v1-Ladder (http://www.battle4co.in/ladders.php?l3-League-of-Legends-1v1-Ladder)

Current Prize for this month is a $10.00 Riot Card