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[Challenge] Champion Creation (Historical Figures, Fictional and other)

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Senior Member


Okay Summoners, put your game faces on! It's time for the Champion Creation Game! Take any character from History, Movies, Literature, Mythology or other and make them into a League Champion!

How it's done:
First: rate the champion above you. Scale of one to ten for what's been given (i.e. Lore, abilities, etc.)
Second: Create a champion, and post their stats.
Third: Take a Brownie Break, you deserve it after all your hard work.
Four: Look at previous entries and have a laugh and upvote your favorite to be nominated for KING OF THE CCG! (That's Champion Creation Game in case you've forgotten)

1. Have fun
2. Be nice and fair to your fellow contestants
3. Any person, real or imagined, from history or fiction is permitted.
4. I think I mentioned this, but have fun!

Bonus points will be awarded needlessly and inconsequentially to those who post particularly funny/useless/OP/UP champions.

I'll start us off with our first Champion:

The Doctor, The Time Lord. (From Doctor Who)
Support, Melee, Mage.

Passive: Regeneration: Upon dying, The Doctor can Regenerate, gainig random stats and a new model and then revives on the spot. (can only be used once per series unless it's a trick and he actually didn't die)

Q: The Sonic: The Doctor points his Sonic Screwdriver at a minion and gives it a boost in stats.
W: Jelly Babies: The Doctor eats some Jelly Babies and regains some health and say a witty comment.
E: Death Speech: The Doctor gives his "You're about to die horribly" speech, lowering the enemie's stats.
R: TARDIS: The Doctor calls the TARDIS down on target enemy, squishing them on the spot.

Let the games begin!

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Tubby Bumpikins



William Wallace
Fighter, Support

Passive: Thunder out me arse - Every 5th attack has a change to arc lightning that reduces enemy champion healing effects and increases allied healing effects

Q: Claymore Cleave - William swings his Claymore around cleaving his enemies and bolstering his allies
W: Ye olde Arse trick - William moons his enemies and stuns them
E: Victory tune - William sings a wee little tune to strengthen his allies
R: A Giant among Men: William Gains and grants armor and magic resist, and increases allies health.