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Relax, All ranked game players!

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All of us that have played in medium-high ELO matches know that there is a whole lot of pressure.
Like, wow, it hurts my head when I played my first few games.
And guess what? I lost on the first 2.

But that doesn't matter, because in the end, League of Legends, for all of its awesome detail, and fun gaming experiences, and all of the hard work that was and still is put into it, it is just a game.

You hear that, raging noob-callers?
Just. A. Game.

Now, just because somebody is dying a whole bunch in that single match, does NOT mean that they are a terrible player.

It means that they just had a bad game.

Refrain from being negative, please. That makes the whole team feel negative, either angry, annoyed, or saddened.
And that causes the entire team's performance to go down.

Next, refrain from pressuring yourself and others when in a "serious" High ELO match.
High pressure always causes mistakes.
Try playing a normal match, being all relaxed, having fun.
Now try a High pressure ranked game.

Notice a difference?

Yeah, watch this video if you are in the so-called ELO hell.
It helps.


One final note: your team does not absolutely NEED things like an AD carry, or a tank (thought tanks are fun and quite helpful).
If you all feel that you need a support, and the last member is not a good support, just let them play what they are good at.

Please, just be respectful of other players.

I am asking for all of us that are good, but get emotionally hurt by butt-hurt teammates that are not very good at all.

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Your name contradicts your message -,-