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@RiotRaven or kitae: Kayle and Morgana, about them and their race:

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They wouldn't be called angels. As they are from another world, they are referred to only as an ancient race of winged beings. We do reference Morgana as the Fallen Angel in her title, but that is only a description.

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions! Kayle and Morgana's race has probably been the most interesting to me out of any in the game.

If it isn't too much to ask, does their race have a name? Or will they be given one in the future? I mean in the sense that we have humans, yordles, brackern and the like, what are Kayle and Morgana? It just feels slightly awkward to describe them with a term that we know isn't completely accurate but we have no better equivelant for at the moment.

Also, I may be just fishing for answers here but how high up the chain are Kayle and Morgana? They have a military standing, but are they actually the ones in charge of each faction, or are there other (older?) people above them?