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Alistar Build

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My personal Alistar build is the following:

Boots of Mobility
Glacial Shroud
Spirit Visage
Banshee's veil or Sunfire Cape (usually never get to finish this)

9xCRD by level Glyphs = 8.2% at level 18
Rest don't matter much

This i think makes one hell of an alistar tank and its very cheap

I get 32% CDR from about ~2800 gold not to mention the health, mana and armor bonuses from spirit and glacial. Spirit also buffs alistar's E making it go up to a 6th rank if there was one. so with spirit and a maxed E his E heals himself for about 220 which i think is pretty significant. If you're around minions that are getting hurt you can go from half health to full in a matter of seconds. What does everyone else use and why?

I see a lot of people who get Randuins and soul shroud but how do you have the gold to do that? Glacial chroud and Spirit are cheaper and get you pretty close to that 40% limit. Your runes should take care of the remaining 8% cooldown you still need.

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I use a similar build except I get wriggles first to boost his farming.

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I like Alistar buthe's too dependent on his team. I used a similar build for him with flash and teleport as summoners. I would flash in pulverize headbutt them into my team only to notice that my team is gone. I don't understand how people can put up with that level of aggravation.

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Solid build very close to what I use just a few things I wanted to comment on.

I advise getting the last 8% from your Masteries 9/0/21 that way u max 40% when u get Visage.

For rune page I suggest getting mp/5 for seal and glyphs, they are extremely cheap to purchase IP wise and synergize with your Chalice especially if u spec into meditate in utility. For reds grab armor pen as it helps slightly with DPS but mainly allows you to last hit minions easier. Lastly, purchase flat health qunits.

In regards to the item build I lean towards Merc treads instead of mobility most games because of CC reduction and it allows you to have 100 MR (with CHalice and Visage).

Lastly I suggest trying Ghost, teleport is always a good choice, but having that extra mobility option paired with Flash allows you to maximize your cc'ing during team fights or chasing down enemy heroes