Why Rengar has 3 PASSIVES?? WTF??

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You have to use 5 of his abilities before you can receive the fury bonus. I played him with a good build and he is pretty squishy. As long as you work with your team at a 5th grade learning level, he's not hard to beat.

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Originally Posted by Turbo Sawka View Post
Look at renekton. His fury system is his passive.
Look at Viktor. His item is his passive.

Now ****ing Rengar. Renekton passive for free, Viktor passive for free + probably what has to be most powerful passive in game.

He has fury system that makes his skills better, and unique item just for him and he ****ING LEAPS FROM BUSHES with 0 cooldown? This game is retarded and devs are idiots.

Just.. renekton.. viktor.. whats the point.

FAIL. FORCING PEOPLE TO SPEND RP on OP HEROES. Oh, did i mention he probably will be more than 6.3k IP?

Yeah Apple so OP compared to strawberry.
Dude rly- greatest bullsh i read today.