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The Edge

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My zombie colleagues are raising their expectations.... >.>

I hope.

Anyways MOVING ON!

So chapter 3 is now 94% complete (I'm on a role here!) And will be either posted today or tomorrow.

In fact, yesterday i finished slender! God it was horrifying.

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Here is a remake of chapter 3. No appearance of me or Lux. This time 'Grins' A new OC and two champions!

'They attack me for not asking permission.'
****! Lets go, coke!

'Runs away with coke in hand.'

Cain profile: http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2072

Important Note: The Sarah mentioned by Cain is NOT Miss fortune.
Important Note 2: Don't forget to show some love by decimating that like button! Read and review please!

Chapter 3: Metrocore

God gave to demons what he gave to men.

That was all he knew. He memorized these words as if they were his mantra, his life, and his ultimate goal. There never was a moment he regretted in it. Refusing the demons temptations, meeting Sarah steel, his cruel work, the blood that lay on his hands. All these he never regretted. And never will.
Loading his .357 Magnum revolver, Cain took a deep breath before entering the catacombs.
He most not let the demon escape.

He made a promise. He was going to fulfill it.


Noxus is gone.

Riven could not shake the thought out of her mind.

Nothing remains of it.

"No. Maybe some survivors....."

You did all your work for nothing.

"That is not true."

Riven lay in the darkness, tossing and turning from every word that was said to her. It was like being pierced by spears.

Everyone is dead.

"No! Some are strong enough to live through that!"

They are all dead.

"Shut up!"

And the worst part....

"Dont you dare say it!"

You didn't take vengeance!

"I did! I stabbed that freak to death!"

Did you?

"Of course! I saw that his blood be spilled by my hands!"


Insanity was a key. He had no need for it anymore.

Singed struggled to his feet as the machine turned off. His head was pounding and his hands shaking. He felt the urge to vomit.

And he did. The contents his former self tortured himself with spilling onto the floor.

Did he do all those things? All those horrifying things in the past?

No. He thought. That was a different Singed. That was the Singed who became after I drank the insanity potion. He has been out for, how long? Four years. Or was it fourteen? No, no! Stay focused! I was out for four years after I drank the potion. Some things must not be forgotten, he knew. I locked myself within my mind after that and worked on the structure of the machine to get me out of that state. The potion was a mistake.

Singed took a look at himself through a nearby broken mirror, caused by his struggle to reach the machine despite his insane forms protests.

"My god."
He knew what his former self did, but never did he think he would see it. He was scared and burned all over. What remains of his hair is mere pieces. Taking off his alchemist robe, he looked long and hard at his torso.

I am Singed..... He thought while reading the same carving. It seemed to pierce through him like a spear. He ran towards a nearby table to support his standing position.

"This whole thing was a mistake. All I wanted to do was work in more secrecy, and look now." He clenched his fists angrily.
"All this.... For nothing!" His hand pushed away some potions. They collided with the floor, shattering and leaving a pungent, unpleasant smell.

"What have I done?" He sank to the floor, holding his head. "Just what have I done to deserve this punishment?"

"Believe me, your punishment will be much worse." A feminine voice called form the shadows.

But before singed could finish, Riven leaped, her sword high and ready.

Singed jumped out of the way as the blade struck the floor. Riven pulled it out and swinged it at him.

"Wait! listen!"

"You killed them in cold blood!"
The alchemist ducked and hid under a table as she landed a rupturing strike in the place he was in.

"It was not me! Please, Riven........."

"Shut up and die! You coward!"

"That was not me! It was a mistake I should never have made!"

"You living in this world is a mistake!"
Riven broke in half the table he was hiding in.

She looked upon the alchemist's eyes.

"Now," She said coldly. "Your mine."
She raised her sword.

As the blood splattered and filled the room, Riven came closer to Singe's face.
With the last of his strength, he muttered his last words:

"I am sorry..."

And Singed remembered nothing.


BRB. Just have to go somewhere. Be back in a few hours.


OK, I'm back! just was at my grandfathers house to visit the rest of the family.


Cain pondered on his situation.

The blade was missing, along with the demon. Getting back to Sarah would be a long trip as she resides in Noxus with Punk. Samuel was out of range here, and shufflers swarm the area.

"Well," He said. "I'll just have to find that sword before it corrupts whoever is who took it."

A moan is heard from a distance.

Readying his revolver, Cain waited patiently for the shuffler.


Riven burst open her eyes.

These dreams seemed to worsen these days.
Rising abruptly, she grabbed her bag and put on her hood.

She still had a long way to get to Demacia.


So show some love by hitting that like button, read and review, and I will see you all soon.
Peace, summoners!

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Now, the first thing I have to do to make the characters use their wits instead of their powers. That is one of the essence's of survival. So far, the following things must be made clear:

1. Who I can reduce of power
Deimus is an easy path. His right hand is severed, along with the fact the demon (Who's name is Scure) can turn on him at any given moment. Cain has no need to be weakened, since he already has no magic abilities and can only use his fists and guns.

2. Who I can't reduce
Lux's magic is extremely strong, and cannot be easily weakened by any kind of machine or incident. Riven still has her broken sword, and might as well bash through a horde of enemies.

3. Why I won't kill them off
Because, unlike most writer's, I don't play god in my stories. No one has the right to kill characters without reason. I am realistic when it comes to stories.

4. What I can do about overpowered characters
I can break Riven's sword further. However this might lead to demoralization. Lux may be cursed by some person or the demon who accompany's Deimus. However, that curse could go out of control and render her unable to use her power's. I can make Riven abandon her sword after she killed singed, but she will need another weapon.

5. Why I posted this
I need inspiration and help from you guys on this situation. I will continue writing once this problem is done with.

I hope from some of you to try and help me by giving your own idea's. Thank you for listening.

OH! AND PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! Helps me out a bunch!

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Are you guys trying to get me mad? Because I sense a troll going on.

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Are you guys trying to get me mad?

No, but I don't see what would get you angry. Not many people come to these forums in the first place and the ones that do only come to browse and read. Most aren't even online when they read. Also, this is your story. Do what you want with it, not what other people want to see. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to have Riven beat Lux to death with the pommel of her sword after cutting off her legs, because that would be my suggestion.

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You're back!
Good story btw!

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Your back! Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don't like cheese, true? You've run a maze like a good little rat. But no cheese for you yet. Well, maybe a little.

Anyways are you planning to write that TalonxRiven story cause it'd be great if you did.

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Your back! Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don't like cheese, true? You've run a maze like a good little rat. But no cheese for you yet. Well, maybe a little.

Anyways are you planning to write that TalonxRiven story cause it'd be great if you did.

I am planning to finish this story first before going on to any other projects.


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So I had a dream last night and after playing the walking dead episode 3, I think I can turn the overpowered situation around to my advantage. But it will be conducted in another chapter.

Right now, the reunion!

Chapter 4: The Reunion

There was no way to look at her without disgust. For him, at least.

Deimus had been living with Lux about four months ago since 'The Event', and they did not talk that much about their past since it never mattered now. Nothing in the past mattered now. Even if he was a high ranked necromancer, or Lux was part of the crownguard family, it never mattered. They had no home now. Demacia is a smoldering ruin. And Noxus? Well, it isn't any better. Deimus hoped it would stay like that.

And yet, she is still cheerful. Even after losing everything she is still hoping that something might happen. It disgusted him. He knew there was no such thing as miracles. God was cruel to him as he was with everyone else. He lived a life alone, a cold man who refused to be with him. Acherus was the only person who he could look up to after his sisters death. The memory still ached his heart.

He winced at the sudden pain coming from under his bracer.

His hand is still crippled, even after all these years it is still crippled.


The cell was dark.

The dirty wall's painted with the blood of previous victims who died rather than face punishment. The beds left an awful stench, as if no one had cared to clean it. Deimus dared not sleep in it lest have the same odor fill his clothes. His sister.

Seeing her would make a hard mans heart sink.

She was bound by chains, legs and hands. Her red hair dropping over her face, mixing with the blood that ran down her fair skin. The brown wrappings that clad her skin did little for her.

Deimus sat beside her, trying to sleep and escape to the world of dreams.

"Deimus..." His sister said, choking on blood.

The child looked up.

"I know it might be too late, but this should do."
With her teeth, she pulled out from around her neck and amulet. She lightly dropped it into Deimus's hands.

"What is this?"

"Your present for your tenth birthday. It will keep your condition in check."

"But... You need this more than me."

"No, Deimus. You will live, but I might not."

He tried to oppose those words, but she was right. They will kill her, one way or another.


Pushing himself out of the memory, he held onto the amulet.

This, he thought. Is whats keeping me from going crazy.

Indeed, the arcane hunger was a destructive condition.


Riven arrived at Demacia by night fall.

Running towards a nearby building, she draws an X with her knife on a wall.

Better scout the area. She thought. Make sure there are no shufflers.
Lighting her dynamite, the exile threw it towards a nearby building with great accuracy.


The sound of an explosion reached Deimus's ears. Lux woke up startled.

"What was that?!" She asked.

"Dynamite." He replied.

Stabbing the blade into the ground, he rose, revealing his cloaked armor.

"Get up. Someone needs our help."


Cain never forgot the mark of a distress signal.
He rose from his lying position and loaded his shotgun.

***** who did that better pay me back.


The shufflers came faster than she expected.

Riven chopped through the skull of one before turning her attention to the rest of the charging horde. She opened her bag and took out what seemed to be a canister. She threw it at one of the abominations.

It burst into flames, catching its brothers on fire along with it.

"Singed's firebomb." She said. "Always came in handy."
She threw another before climbing up the ruble.


Vaulting over a rock, Deimus stabbed behind a shuffler and ran over him.

"Whoever made that signal wanted the shufflers to come!" Shouted Lux from above him.

"Obviously." He muttered. "But who?"

Lux stared at the distance.

"I can see someone standing on the roof!"


Cain shot down a shuffler before cracking its skull open with his boot.

He shot another shuffler before ducking away from reaching hands.

It seemed like the signal was a means of calling all shufflers out.


Riven ducked and slashed as the shufflers crowded her towards a corner.

****, she thought. Can't hold them of much longer.

An explosion of light backed away the creatures.

"Riven!" Lux yelled from above her. "Grab my hand!"
The exile obliged. Lux lifted them off the roof.

"Take her back to the castle!" Deimus called out as he fought the massive horde of shufflers.

A loud gunshot is heard. Deimus looked behind him to see a shuffler fall dead from a bullet to the head.

"Save me some skull busting!" Yelled Cain as he came into Deimus's defense.
The duo steadied their stance as the remaining shufflers attacked.


Deimus came back by sunrise.

Lux immediately helped him up the stairs of the castle along with Cain. They laid him on his bed carefully.

"What happened?" She asked Cain.

"Apparently, all the shufflers that inhabited the city have now been dealt with." He points his finger at Riven. "If it wasn't for her relentlessness, we would not have been in that situation!"

"My duty is to purge the former city states of Valoran from shufflers and find survivors!" She yelled back.

"Your duty?" Deimus asked. "Who gave you this duty?"

"The commander of the new city state of Samarak."


I know, I know, its crappy. I was busy playing minecraft when le wild herobrine emerged!
Oh god that was the most epic escape I ever made!

So show some love by destroying that like button, read and review please, and I will see you all soon.

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Next chapter will be uploaded tomorrow. Prepare yourselves!