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How does one play Graves?

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I got him today, and his aggressiveness and passive clicks with me so much.

1. I'm comfortable using smart cast and I am using SC on him. Is it fine to do this?

2. Does he have any combo? How is his Q mostly used? Harass or cs?

3. Is his passive worth stacking always?

4. How is his ultimate used? It seemed like it doesn't do much damage.

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It can be used as cs, pushing or harass depending on the situation and how the game is developing.

For example, you and your support are countered by enemies, and badly outfarmed too, you use your Buckshot to farm the closest enemy minions (2-3 of them).
Or for pushing, you auto-hit enemies minions to low their lifes and buckshot to kill 2-4 of them at the same time to push the lane.
At least, for Harass, use Buckshot as close to the enemy champions as possible, it´s important to hit the 3 shots at the same champeon to make more damages.

Smoke Screen:

Situational: Escaping or harrass.

If you want to escape, just put it in front of you and run into it. Or you can use it to save your teammates.
For Harass, use it to slow your enemies. Blind thing is just a joke most of the time, but slow is very useful.


Never begin the fight with it unless you are 100% sure that you can kill enemy champeons.

It can be used to escape through walls or just dash back to position yourself and gain some attack speed.

Collateral Damage:

Your best partner!

Traditionally, every teamfight begins coz 1 of yours or theirs made a mistake or gets stunned, rooted or grabed. Then all enemy champeons will come in to attack or save, making all them together. That´s the best moment to use your Collateral Damages.

Play style:

Early game: Coordinate with your support, be sure that it´s a support that can play aggresive, a good example could be Blitzcrank. Go last hitting and when it´s the moment to do some harassment or the jungler comes, get positioned first. Run (Do not dash yet) into your enemies and Buckshot them in their face, making sure that they eat 2-3 shots. Then when they are escaping, dash in to re-position yourself or reach them, and keep auto-hitting them to kill or push.

Mid-late game: At beginning of teamfights, go use Smokescreen to blind and slow, once positioned and in close range, use Buckshots and inmmediately your Collateral Damage when they are all together. Normally the enemies except their tank would suffer a great damages just with your Q and R. Dash to reposition yourself or escape from enemy offtank or Bruiser, and auto-hitting to finish them.


1. You can auto-hit an enemy champeon 2 or 3 hits more which can bring you another kill.
2. Prevent unnecessary death coz you are out of your position.
3. Do lots damages and make sure to win every teamfights.
4. Get more farms, believe it or not.

Grave is a very fun champeon. He has lots damages and has to be played aggressive. Get an aggressive support who can grab an enemy or stun an enemy. I love when Collateral Damage and Buckshots hit all them. Or in early game, I might Sniper Collateral Damages to kill low hp enemy champeon just for fun!

Good Luck!

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"One does not simply 'play' Graves..."

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Blind thing is just a joke most of the time, but slow is very useful.

Just had to take exception to this: blind is a unique and very powerful CC - it literally breaks games and team fights.