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I always ignore cs, how to improve this?

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Hey there guys. This thread will be aboit me asking you summoners on what I should do to get better cs.

Well, my problem would be that I always go kills > cs. I'm not that aggressive but when I lookback, I realize I charge in when minions are on low health. Though it's not like I always go for kills for nothing. I can get the kill usually or I harass them so much. But with the cost of that, I lose quite the cs. While my enemy would be high on cs but low on kills.

I got this habit from playing LeBlanc and Teemo on the early days. I would harass over everything. Resulting getting outfarmed.

How can I stop doing this?

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Try to hang back a bit more. Keep out of harrass range. If the enemy walks towards you for harass, let him take that space for as far as it's reasonable. Just make sure you can still hit those minions.
Basically, you just need to unlearn to focus on the champ and more on the minion healthbars. I'm a red/green colorblind person, and although i can differ red from green pretty good, the colorblind mode really helps me see which enemy minions are going to die, so i'll get in range to make sure i can take it.

Leblanc has a pretty good autoattack for last hitting, but her abilities really aren't meant for farming. Morde is totally on the other end, no matter what he does, he ends up farming minions wether he wants to or not.

Basically what you want is to play passively. Don't seek out the fight with the enemy, just focus on getting that last hit(with autoattack if possible). I'm pretty sure with your harass oriented style, you're pretty good at judging when an enemy comes close enough for good and decent harass. So give them that!!! Only go into full harass mode if you know for a 90% sure you can hit your full combo and do more damage to them than they can do to you. If not, just let them eat a little bit, and make sure to dodge their harass.

But keep it to harass. After you combo, you want to go back to farming. If the enemy is low, let them be low. Make it work for your advantage. If you harrassed the enemy and brought them low, they are now in a hard spot. Go back for health and miss gold and xp or try and stay and farm with the liability of dieing. Now if they stay with low health, you're ok to try and get a kill. But only if you can do it within a single combo which is 100% guaranteed of landing. If you're not sure you can get the kill, don't bother even walking up for harass. Let them stay low and you just farm.

Also, it's boring but might be practical: a custom game featuring only you Take your champ of preference, go to midlane and try to last hit to perfection. Keep the minion wave in the middle as long as you can. Once you get the last hitting under control, you notice you still have quite some time for harrassment open.

I'm sure i forgot a couple of points but i hope i gave you some ideas where to start