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Lux Help *pro Needed*

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Junior Member


Hey fellow player.
I've been playing lux for a while and id like to think im a good lux player but im in need of a high elo player to give me some tips and maybe teach me some things that i didn't know.

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Aya Shameimaru

Senior Member


hitting any other ability before your ult procs it for a good chunk more damage.

Don't be afraid to waste your ult late game, CD is short enough that it wouldn't really matter too much.

Keeping your E up while in lane can help you land your Q as it blocks off an escape route.

Your kiting abilities are really good, save your q for when you get in trouble, and use your E to slowly rip their healths away.

Keep spamming /j because they are amazing, and if you get the reference you're awesome

Keep spamming /l because apparently people think it's annoying, but imo it's kinda quirky and cute.

Not a 'High Elo' player, but honestly there's not really much a high elo player does, that a low one doesn't.

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Senior Member


High Elo players often do things that is more accurate and more deep into tiny details with much less mistakes.

Just keep practicing.

On a more serious note: Don't go crazy on CDR on lux, building AP is usually better and just get cdr from blue pot, masteries, or blue buff.