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Sivir bugs

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What about sivir's auto attack bug. Sometimes when auto attacking or using your abilities your boomerang will become almost see through. It is very annoying.

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1. Movement speed decays when you pass certain values, it is to discourage stacking MS items. That's why you're seeing less than +50
2. Their are some very small discrepancies in the targeting indicators for abilities. Designers sometimes make them smaller than what they actually are.
3. That sounds like a bug, are their any other details you can share?
4. I'm not sure what the design intention is here.

There's a 5th bug also. I dont know if its just with PAX sivir (because thats the skin i have) but when you use boomerang, on the return trip it will go invisible sometimes and you will only be able to see the hit particle it makes.

This also happens with Viktors Death ray.