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"Safe pick" Ranked solo top?

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Mundo seems to be faceroll easy top if you are smart enough to not over push your lane and get ganked.

While he doesn't rack up champ kills, he can stalemate another top early while he build warmog's. He can harrass them away from last hits and slow them for jungle ganks. With warmog's and sunfire cape, he can easily drive opposing teams crazy late game with his health and tankiness.

I think he is a great champ for people learning top. Very safe.

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As far as I know, no single champ can completely zone out Kayle and force her to lose the lane. Although, of course, there are champs that are annoying to her (Yorick, Kennen if he's good, any champ with silence). But zone her out? No.

Although I don't have experience in ranked gameplay, I have the impression that she isn't banned very much. Someone here, I'm sure, will correct me if I'm wrong.

I think Dyrus demonstrated her viability top lane at the latest MLG. She's a good top laner and scales well late game if built as an AD carry. She's also tough to gank once she gets her ulti.

shhh, dont let people find OP

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Rumble has the higher win ratio for solo q top champs.

Yorick, Irelia, Riven, Kennen, Vlad all are great picks.

Shen and Malp are usually banned atm.

My main is Jax and I dominate with him all day.

Just find ur champ u enjoy to play.

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Is olaf viable as a solo top anymore? and who is he a good counter for, I used to only play him and I would like to expand my solo top characters, so I would also appreciate some recommendations for solo tops.